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And y'all chicks want to go get involved with these community dick NBA and NFL players. Lmao baseball is where the real money is plus they much more low key if you're going to be a jersey chaser you should be chasing baseball players don't believe me ask Evelyn Lozada she set for life

I told you Kraft is one of the elites Remember every body came to Free Meek but when did he get out? When #RobertKraft popped his ass up there also #DonaldTrump was allegedly named as possibly being one of the ppl who were secretly involved so you know this was gonna be covered

I love when my sugar babies pay attention. I told everyone at the end of 2018 that Jordyn Woods would be involved in some kind of ordeal that had to do with Kylie Jenner and she was going to have a big 2019. Now since this so-called Kardashian split (in which Kylie is
still following her ) she is now reportedly getting much more deals everyone wants to work with her now that she seemingly broke away from the Kardashians but here comes the kicker. Do you really think Kylie is that stupid? She has Jordyn signed allegedly to a personal deal where in every single thing that Jordyn makes after she was promoted and pushed Kylie Cosmetics ,Kylie will get a piece of

Y'all think king Kylie is stupid
remember this is only a deal that involves Kylie not the rest of the Kardashian's or Jenners

Lmao my sugar babies are funny

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Attention sugar babies we are taking entries for our sugar baby reporters details coming soon get paid for your sugar

@shadmoss trying to start that long time rivalry with @romeomiller back up or what ???

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Wow the victim dancing to his accusers music? We killed Andrea kelly for playing T Kelly's music on the radio and sing into it but we will come up with every excuse for why wade Robeson is dancing to Michael Jackson's music

Yep great way to show unity guys. Way to uplift our race by going out and jumping and robbing a defenseless kid way to show unity and advancement. Meanwhile plenty of white ppl in the kkk areas of the world that hate black people that could use this ass whooping or how about going to Bath New York or the racist parts of Georgia and Mississippi and go rob and beat up some white racist hateful mother fuckers. Why not do that? Oh you don't want none of that smoke huh? Smh. Damn shame #thatswhyblackpeoplestaybehind

You know if @kingpush says it then it's true right ? Y'all said that when he dropped the story of adidon well keep the same energy when he talking about your boy

when I dropped this sugar on my first IG page Y'all thought I was cappin. When I posted it a few months ago you said I was lying on Bron. I told y'all stop playing with me. My sources are Never wrong. NEVER . FOR THE FULL STORY www.icydk.blog. @joebudden how you done got dragged into this papi?

Ooh you sexy beast I will be tuned in #dynasty @robrileynyc

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