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@joebudden is not with the bullshit I totally agree
@Regrann from @theofficialcheekywiki_ - Joe Budden on beef w/ Migos: "I don't give two f***ks about this Migos sh**...F*** all y'all" [VIDEO]
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Joe Budden might be here for doing a lot of things to further fortify his stain in the industry, but kissing Migos' azzes ain't one of them...
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In the wake of nearly coming to blows with the "Get Right Witcha" rhyming trio on the red carpet of the 2017 BET Awards, the 36-year-old Slaughterhouse emcee explained to his Everyday Struggle co-hosts why he is everything BUT remorseful about storming out on his chat with Quavo, Offset, and TakeOff...
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After trolling the North Atlanta natives for refusing to dap him up prior to delivering what Joe referred to as the "driest, most boring interview," the "Pump It Up," spitter said, "I respect [Migos'] notoriety...But you're not going to come here and give us your ass to kiss. Somebody has to draw a line in the sand. I don't give a f*** about your stardom, I don't care. You're not gonna ... [#Read Full #Story via #Link in #Bio and visit www.Cheekywiki.com for more] .
By @Vavabooom
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Wait for ittttt. @chrissyteigen having a little too much fun with her hubby @johnlegend. Her girls came out and wanted to join in

Best Article so far
@Regrann from @entertainmentforbreakfast - Rihanna unknowingly and unexpectedly took the Internet by storm after private steamy pool photos of her and a mystery man were revealed yesterday. For hours no one had a clue of who he was, his occupation or anything in between. However, every mystery comes to an end. 🔍

Meet Hassan Jameel, a Saudi Arabian businessman whose family own the rights to sell Toyota cars in the Middle East. His Father is the 2nd richest man in the M.E.. He’s 31 with no kids and is worth 2.2 billion dollars. He’s also Muslim and Ramadan just passed, which could explain the sexual intensity in the pics. 🌚 The 2 have reportedly been seeing each other for months and were first photographed together on NYE. They were spotted again on vacation in the Maldives for Rih’s 29th bday and also in Japan right before the Met Gala. His status allowed them to fly under the radar for months. It’s a good thing that they had the chance to form a foundation in their relationship in private before it hit headlines. It took all of 2 hours after reveal for a messy narrative involving Naomi Campbell to be scripted by Stan Twitter.
Someone dug into Daily Mail’s archives and found photos of Hassan + Naomi hanging out at a Stevie Wonder concert last year. Nothing suggests that they were a couple, but the narrative was painted that he was Naomi’s ex and Rih snatched him. However, Naomi was spotted on a yacht the next day getting cozy with an older man. Naomi was also being linked to Idris Elba around this time after photos surfaced of the 2 hanging out, but she denied that they were more than friends. They were spotted again together, except this time it was at Rih's concert in London. Reports suggest that Naomi introduced Hassan to Rih and the rest was/is history. One thing that we do know is that Naomi and Rih did end their friendship over SOMETHING. What that something is, no one can really say at the moment. This was an easy narrative to paint. Daily Mail, of all places, didn’t suggest that Hassan and Naomi were an item, either. In fact, they didn’t even know his name at the time. As with everything, time will tell the truth.

The next day @badgalriri. And her Billionaire boo bear

There is an old saying that goes " dont do the crime if you cant do the time

Ky'Andrea Cook loses it when her 18-year-old daughter is sentenced to 20 years in prison. She was arrested April 27 in connection with two violent carjackings and the shooting of the teen in March. Prosecutors say Cook and her accomplices used the #MeetMe dating app to lure victims to an area where they were carjacked. #Repost @ecrenaissance with @insta.save.repost • • •

Shout out @n_r_d_s_likes
Finally I found his name #rihanna #Badgalriri #hassanjameel >>> give credit <<<<< or I will block you #Repost @n_r_d_s_likes with @insta.save.repost • • •

As soon as we tell the internet to "Hold this L" The Mirror saves their asses as they have Identified @badgalriri. New man. A rich Arab man as rumored to be Months ago
Rihanna's handsome mystery lover named as wealthy businessman - who counts Naomi Campbell as a close pal

The star was seen cavorting with Hassan in a jacuzzi on a romantic getaway


Rihanna's secret lover has been named as wealthy businessman Hassan Jameel - who counts Naomi Campbell as a close pal.

The Sun reports Hassan, whose Saudi-born family own the rights to the Toyota car dealership, and Rihanna's relationship is "the real deal."
A source said: “Rihanna has told friends she’s in love with him and seems completely smitten. they were seen necking and boozing in a jacuzzi on a steamy break in Spain.


And Naomi is only a good pal in his eyes so in Rihanna's eyes she did nothing wrong. I have to agree this man says @iamnaomicampbell is just a close pal. Welp we had one thing right months ago. He is a rich Arab from the U.K. lol congrats Rihanna

They say the Imternet is Undefeated well not anymore. Those pictures have been dropped more than 15 hours and I saw websites and forums staying up all night and not one person has given the correct name of @badgalriri new man. All of you tried it you said the soccer player you said that dude alok. You even got pics of him with #NaomiCampbell a year ago and still. Hasnt found him. And right on cue someone is dming me his name. Sorry Internet you gotta take this L. Lmao took you too long

And you mean to tell me Rappers say they dont like us? Boy bye

Now you see this is what I dont like. Just be happy for #Rihanna why bother #Drake ? Why troll #Drake? They didnt work out yall shouldnt be surprised the momemt she did not even give him a happy 🎂 yall should have known it was done. Leave Drake alone let him do his thing. Concentrate on Rihanna being happy and pray she aint ran into an even bigger playa

#Offset kinda speaking on #chrisBrown. Kinda soughta. #Betawards

#offset on #betawards shenanigans via @tmz_tv #Repost @akadmiks with @insta.save.repost • • •

Remember this? We called it months ago. "Im an actress now"

It all makes sense now 😩 #Rihanna #NaomiCampbell #Repost @ecrenaissance with @insta.save.repost • • •

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