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Body on sick Gal built like a brick shit house #sheesh @jzapalvonkrishna

#Repost @hiphoppeople_officiel with @ #EddieMurphy, 54, is at risk of becoming embroiled in ex #MelB's bitter divorce battle if #StephenBelafonte seeks visitation of the actor's daughter Angel.
On Thursday, a Los Angeles judge ruled Stephen could apply for access to Mel, 42, and Eddie's 10-year-old daughter Angel as a stepparent, in a move that would permit the Shrek actor to join the legal battle.
Mel filed for divorce from Stephen after 10 years of marriage in March and the messy and shocking split has been playing out in public ever since.

Doing a spanish version of #bodakyellow. LIKE WE SAID she gonna get that spot . its so funny people are so fake and born 2hate. When we post objective stuff before about Cardi B we got attacked all day. Now that we say she gonna be the top chick in the game. All I see is people now saying she aint all that. Lmao yo people are funny
#cardib #bodackyellow #bodakyellow #bilingual

Shit shit shit. Prayers go up for @lala and @carmeloanthony today. They loss their superman today . 🙏 full story over at my girl @gossip4days

He is on the come up gotta get all of those "Gay rumors off him so what better way then to have your label/team Look Through that Roladex of Instagram famous models that we told you about in #Icydk and come up with a hot face to put with #liluzivert. #bundleofbrittany just had a post a few days ago about Being single ,Now out of the blue she is in a relationship. With THIS DUDE? Lmao #peepgame #listentousyouwilllearnalot

Shows how much I dont really care about #MeekMill. I had no idea he got arrested. Keep your head up Mill



Who paid that money to see this fight?#mayweather #mcgregor

Maybe @bigsean was right.Maybe he did dodge a bullet because yet another man has allegedly cheated on @nayarivera. Allegedly #DavidSpade and #Nayarivera has split and he was seen kissing another woman. Now I don't know how long they have been split up, Maybe once she saw him kissing another woman.All I know is #nayarivera
Just can't get rightttttttttttt get rightttttt (Jlo voice) when it comes to Men.

#nayarivera #glee #bigsean #Daviddpade
Cc @gossip4days

On a more serious note remember this was before the breakdown. Very similar to Tom Cruise on Oprah @theellenshow is like Wtf.In this situation he has no handler with him. So when Ellen says the trigger word he just freaks out and becomes a different person. Keep in mind these are all events of what happen on the show. It did not all happen in this sequence but you can go watch the real version on YouTube. Memory loss(his memory bank erased) losing memory at his age. He is nervous he is shaking he had to think about answers. They are clearly shooting questions (that they gave Ellen to ask) just to see where his mind was. That is why he is freaking out. Kanye west is not crazy this is part of the punishment this is a part of defaming. Him ... Kanye West is actually a genius Go to YouTube and look up Kanye West MK Ultra breakdown on Ellen

Gina T

#mkultra #kanye #ellendegeneres

So now @50cent. (Even though he has us on block cause of one of the bloggers here he used to fuck but another day for that lol) says now that he did leak the Power episodes. After initially saying He didnt leak them. Well guess what?
WE're calling Bullshit. The only reason #50cent is now taking credit for leaking the episodes is because the ratings are up. Well they are only up 10 percent and working in the production field on my real job I learned a few things. 1. The last 3 episodes of a season are always gonna have more viewers because people are now starting to think about not having the show. 2 The show has been better the last 2 episodes. Maybe that is the reason why the ratings are up. 3 The final 3 episodes are the "anything can happen episodes" so more people are going to watch. 50 please boy.

Bottom line is We love Power but up until 2 weeks ago this season had been the most poorly written season of them all and that is why I feel as though ratings were down. However, we know what 50 cent is about.When things go bad "It's always someone elses fault but when things work out it's because of him. Gina T

#50cents #power #starz #powerstarz

Cc @streetz945atl

Time For Game 2 Get A Taste of his own medicine.

You know I was thinking,  @losangelesconfidential gets away with a lot
of stuff that we would never let other Rappers get away with. It started years ago with his appearance on the game show 'Change of
Heart where his girlfriend at the time told the world she had a change of heart. Is that something Biggie could have gotten away with? How about 50 cent? would we have let 50 live that down? Somehow people just gave him a pass.People glanced over the constant cheating and
humiliation of his child's mother on national tv, the numerous incidents of violence, and threats of violence, the constant trolling of other artists when it had nothing to do with him, the stripper pics  saying Melyssa Ford"drove a Honda accord" (a lie he told that followed her for years)
all of the nonsense that every other artist would get slammed for.Now another alleged under aged girl he contacted, Did we not forget him being with  India love when she was 17?(and rumored to had started fucking her before then.)Why doesn't Game speak on that? why dont any of these artist who he has trolled like 40 glocc,#ChrisBrown and @meekmill come check him on that? _____Because he's loud? because he's tough?because he's a crip and a blood and Piru and Ginsu and Yahoo and all these gang affiliated things? Everyone was all overTyga why is this any different? ---------Listen I don't love Chris Brown, and I definitely have no love for Meek Mill  but truth is truth, they have both been more relevant then Game in the past 7 years and it's not even close.Yet and still every time somebody loses they chick  here is Game Lame self showing up with his "hey big head " routine had the nerve to re -create Chris Brown's shout out of  his ex-girlfriends Name on a record. Yet and still we let him get away with it. I am sorry maybe y'all will but We aren't. As much as I say Chris-N- Meek need 2grow up, after this latest allegation of Game. I truly feel it would be justified for chris brown and meek mill  turned into Petty Pendergrass and Petty Cain Jr and Troll this dude.Because we know if the situation was reverse, his ass would be all in the comments. 'Jayde '

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