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Glad to see our girl #JoselineHernandez made changes for the sake of her child she aint out there dressed all ratchet and all crazy anymore. Arent you proud of your baby mama @hitmansteviej_1. Cc @cupofmessy

No caption needed. Something huge taking place for these 3 as #Kuwtk is close to the end. But you know the kardashian girls got a plan b and c at all times. Stay tuned. @kimkardashian @khloekardashian @kourtneykardash. #kuwtk

Fine ass milf @evelynlozada.speaks with @joseline on @therealdaytime

@Regrann from @talkyourishblog - #evelynlozada visits #therealdaytime Monday so excited @joseline cohosting giving us Life all week!! #lhhatl #atlanta #atl #joselinehernandez #therealdaytime #basketballwivesla #Repost @thebaddestputaalive with @insta.save.repost • • •

Cute asf that bitch Kylie


Our spill the sugar Saturday fox of the day

Lmao that girl dont play @badgalriri

Mary fans are loyal they arent crazy and delusuional like #beyhive they arent totally insane like #beliebers but they are loyal and suppirtive fan base and they got Mary's back

Mary J. Blige’s fans were super lit at her album release party!

This video caught Mary on the mic as her fans began to chant, “F*** Kendu” in regards to her estranged husband, Kendu Issacs.

Kendu is being accused of cheating on the R&B diva with their protégé, and he’s also trying to drain her of all her cash now that their marriage is over... Video via @theshaderoom
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Lol @gossip4days dont miss anything we already know how @xocelina187 get down she a savage

@gossip4days " We see you in the Dm

The devil is liar I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus

@alexisskyy_ out here making a bitch wet

Oh no not again

Reports Have Surfaced That Rapper #DMX Has Checked Into Rehab (via #USweekly)⠀
Full Report @ KPClive #Repost @kpc_live with @insta.save.repost • • •

Wow this is some crazy shit. The pepa beating up pink is facts. There. Was also. Whispers around the industry about treach messing with #Adrienne Bailon when she was still. In 3lw one of the things #NaturiNaughton did not agree with. Also there are from what i heard years ago hundred of minutes of sextape footage treach and tupac with well known actresses and models and some groupies which treach is rumored to have those. Tapes
Via @artemusgordon

#AGonIGSoapbox: Sad state of affairs. When you root for a couple before, during, and AFTER marriage and it's still a disaster. Doomed from the start probably as a result of EACH of their over active libidos with or without one another. These two both have championship belts in "Mixing" groupies: non famous and famous(Shiiid, My first time meeting Pepa as a youngster she literally just finished getting mixed by Al B., I've already posted about Treach and Pink which resulted in Pepa's whuppin' her ass all the way out of Black music into Pop, and PAC gave Me bars of all the breezies he and Treach took down). Treach and Pep both hoped to tame the other but how when you're doing the very thing you want the other to stop? Both never backed down from a fight from anyone or one another. This style of volatile relationship is what drove them apart. From husband and wife to Hater and hatee(interchangeable). Treach is giving you facts here BUT she is telling the truth on her end as well. Pep's desire to STAY a star even down to the skin lightening, new nose amongst other body parts is at the core of this. A new her to shed the toxic past but some folks don't want you to change they want you to do what THEY want you to do. The sad part is that the kids are actually the victims. I have so much more to say but let this go away..... (Btw this song applies equally) #Repost @artemusgordon with @insta.save.repost • • •

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