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Thee Omnipotent Young Gawd 🦋  birthed with the Sun 🌞🎈|🕯Kenneka Jenkins | Book 2018: "Living the Plan Behind the Magic" Chapter 6, Page 29. Vol. 18’

If I had a girlfriend this is how I’d look at her. 💕⚡️ — new music coming soon || but still stream my old shit

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Motion = Heat || .
I’m setting up a bunch of moves that’ll make the brand name, a real brand name. This project is going to reintroduce who I am. I aim to give you a glimpse of who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming. lol one thing I will say for myself is that I SIT ON A LOT OF WORK ! — I’m not entirely proud about this however I’m not shameful about it either. If I’m being honest and I am, I sometimes feel like everyone on my IG doesn’t fuck with me and therefore that’s why people don’t click on links or give me a chance. Here is why I won’t stop: because there’s space for me. because as long as I’m sweating, breathing, thinking, writing, and practicing— God will show me the way. — see I also know that my faith has faltered or has been nonexistent due to childhood traumas, feeling devalued, and negative social interactions and I am aware of how this affects my work, my emotions, my patterns, my thoughts, etc. I’ve been distancing myself so I can zoom in and focus on myself and the areas that I can continue to grow in. Learning about me is an exciting journey that has its challenging moments. I feel it is all necessary because the full weight of the woman I am, is one that the Earth isn’t even prepared for. I am thankful for my responsibilities and a heart capable of loving as fiercely as I do. I am overjoyed by the way I heal and the ways in which I allow myself to heal because they are healthy and are a motif of kindness that I have bestowed on myself consistently throughout my life so far. I am beyond grateful for the support system my friends and certain family members provide. I am truly truly grateful to know myself and being able to articulate vibes and energy. —— I could really go on. The point is. Moves are being made. A Gawd is sweating and propelling forward. Face towels are also my new thing. I’ve been feeling very Brooklyn lately.

I got a island full of family members to put on, you think I’ma bullshit witchuuu ?! ⚡️
( in another life baybee, in another life )

Self comes first. thats why it’s self-love. PERIOD ( no @citygirls ) .
this is not geared towards anyone, so no one go getting butthurt cause I love myself and I said it in different words.
unless. 👏🏾 you. 👏🏾 guilty.
#ThisIsInFirstPersonForAReason #SayItForYourself #SayItOutLoud #MeditateOnThis #ConquerYourFearsWithThis #LOVE

good people who do shitty things. #trashem or #forgiveem

God, so loved the world. He gave the world Soda. ⚡️

The word for today 💯

Are you sensitive?

Fuck em

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