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Ink Master  The official Instagram of @spiketv's #InkMaster. New season premieres on June 6th!


“People come from all over the world just to check out the shop.” @Crojasart and @Aric_Taylor hail from California's @blackanchorworldwide.

Just a year ago today @Antmikes became the seventh #InkMaster! 👑

"I do a lot of new school, a lot of bright colors, a lot of bold lines." - @Babierytattoo, Thicker Than Blood #InkMaster

“I love doing black and gray realism. The high contrast to me looks classy.” - @JhonCampuzanoTattoo, Thicker Than Blood #InkMaster

"I do mostly realism, whether it be like your grandpa’s pocket watch or his portrait.” - @awesomehogan, @themarkedsociety #InkMaster

"My style’s more illustrative realism. It’s definitely a lot of lines.” - @tattoosbymikep, @themarkedsociety #InkMaster

Three years ago today, Scott Marshall was crowned the fourth #InkMaster!

“I’ve been tattooing for approximately 26 years. I do a lot of everything.”- @Aric_Taylor, @blackanchorworldwide. #InkMaster

"I do more photo realism. Color and black and gray." - @crojasart, @blackanchorworldwide. #InkMaster: Shop Wars premieres June 6th!

The point of Trash Polka is to be able to look at the whole body as a canvas and to stretch those limits. Link to full episode featuring @davidgarnerart, @tattoosbychrisyoungblood and @westfall_tattoo in bio. #ArtOfInk

Mark your calendars! #Tattoosdays return to @spiketv June 6th with the season premiere of #InkMaster Shop Wars and #InkRedemption.

"My style is kind of more photo realistic with like a illustrative touch to it." - @ChaBangna, @tricitiestattoo #InkMaster

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