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So this year I may not have been able to go to ComicCon, but a good friend of mine and I have agreed that we'll save up for next year. Hopefully you will to so we can see eachother because I'll be live streaming!

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Spider-Woman or Spider-Gwen?

Would you have liked this?

Who do you perfer Doc Ock or Green Goblin?

So much potential
Creds to @wallcrawlerfacts for the fact

Im making a new shirt design with Spider-Man, but its still in progress. If I did release it would you buy it?

Im watching Homecoming tonight I heard its great! Can't wait!!!

[#336*] Tomorrow's the day guys!! (Ik Homecoming comes out tonight, but tomorrow most people will see it) I won't be able to see it till Saturday tho so I'm not reading Dm's and no comments

I can't wait to see her in Homecoming! And to all my American followers Happy Independence Day!!

Is Spidey too OP or not enough?

Oh yesssss!

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