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sara 🕸 #lovefortom  — Holland and Osterfield enthusiast ✨ — 7.12.17 — I post fan fictions — 📍Tom: Montreal, Canada — follow my drawing account: @doodlingholland 🎨


🍿PART 20🍿“Hi... i don’t think we’ve had the pleasure yet.” y/n said smiling at you. You tried forming a smile. She extended her arm and you shook it hesitantly. She gets up from the chair. “Well... i think i have some unfinished business with Peter.” she said turning back to Tony then walking out of the door. You look at Tony waiting for him to yell at you for leaving her stranded. “Yes?” Tony asks confused as to why you were still in his office. “Umm.. uh” you said flustered as to what she told him. “The sliver haired guy?.” you said trying to find a reason as to why you were still in his office. “Quicksilver.” he said. You furrowed your eyebrows. “That’s his name?” you laughed. “It’s Maximoff now, y/n please can you excuse me i have a lot of stuff to do with all these new people in the world and our population doubling.” he said as he escorted you out of his office. You walk out of his office and you lean on the railing, sighing. “You okay?” Quicksilver asked you. You placed your hand on your forehead. Then gave him your attention. “Yeah i’m fine.” you said as you ran down the stairs. Being the clumsy person you are, with many thoughts circling your head, you missed a step and almost tripped. Almost. That’s when you were in the arms of Max. You look around and freak out. “How did you?” you said. “They don’t call me Quicksilver for nothing.” he told you. “Yeah, no kidding.” you said. Peter (Ben) ran up to you. “Uh what’s going on?” he asked. You pushed Max off. “I tripped.” you told him. “Tripped?” Ben laughed. “No, i literately tripped.” you explained. “In his arms?” Ben scoffed. “Yes, now can you stop being such a drama que-“ you stopped half way through your sentence as you saw Peter talking to Y/n. Who you are convinced is evil. They were talking, Peter was crying tears of joy. Just a simple conversation that made you bothered that he was talking to her. “Y/n... hello??” Ben said as you finally looked at him. “Not now Ben.” you tell him as you walk away. “It-It’s PETER IN CASE YOU FORGOT!” he told you. God Peter without powers is more needier than you thought. “Y/n! We have a mission for you and Peter. Suit up.” Tony said running passed you. 🍿

🍿 PART 19 🍿 You pulled up at HQ as Johnny ran up to the vehicle. “Y/n! Where the hell have you been?” he asked. “Getting out of your way and picking up Peter like you demanded.” you snapped at him. “Tony needs you.” he said. “For what?!” you asked. “I don’t know he didn’t tell me but he seemed pretty pissed.” he answered. You look at him with a face full of horror and worry. “Did- did he find out that we opened it?” you asked him. He shrugged his shoulders giving the same face of worry. He then looked over your shoulder and saw Peter and other Peter (Ben). He gave a face of confusion. He puts his hand over his head. “What? Are you okay?” you ask him. “Checking to see if i have a concussion.” he said. “Wha-“ you started “Am i seeing double?” he asked. You sigh and look at the back of you to see Ben smiling widely and Peter standing with seriousness. “Your problem to deal with now.” you said as you ran up the steps. You walked into the building as many people ran in front of you. You backed away. “Not used to so many agents and chaos?” someone said from the kitchen drinking out of a mug. “No...” you said as a reflex, answering a question, not even knowing who you were speaking with. You furrowed your eyebrows and walked into the kitchen. “Uh... who are you?” you ask. “No one.” the silver haired man said sipping from his mug again. “Well... ‘no one’ you should get out while you can before this fist.” you said holding up one of your hands. “is pressed up against your skull... you see i don’t like intruders.” you told him while crossing your arms. He gives you a smirk. “I don’t think Tony would like that.” he told you. “Ask him yourself.” he told you. You give him a weird face as you walk up the stairs. You walk into Tony’s office. He was taking to someone in a huge black chair in front of you. The chair covered the figure of the person who was sitting in it. “Are you aware that there is a witty silver haired man in the kitchen?” you said walking in. He turns his attention towards you. “Y/n... i would like you to meet someone.” he said as the person in the black chair turned around. “Oh shit.” you blurted out. 🍿

🍿 PART 18 🍿 You looked at them back and forth. “What the hell...” Peter from your world said breaking apart from the hug. “Okay this is going to be confusing.” you said. “Um okay... Peter...” you started. “Yes?” they both said in unison. You groaned. “Peter from my world. Your new name is Benjamin.” you told him. “What?! Why can’t his name be Benjamin!” he groaned. “Because I’m the OG Peter.” Peter said. “No, no it’s just because i know you better and i know you’ll oblige.” you told him. They both looked at you. “Can you think of a better plan?!” you asked. “Okay is no one going to mention the fact that there is a duplicate of me?” Peter said. “Uh i have the same question.” Ben said holding his hand up. You sighed. You grabbed the both of them and sat them down. You began explaining everything... minus the y/n part. You hate her. “Wait... so you’re saying that you came to this world... and left me?” Ben asked. You nodded your head. “Then what about the girl that was with me the entire time? She sure as hell is a doppelgänger. I thought it was you.” he said. “Uh... maybe it was a universal glitch cause the one here died...” you said lying. “Why? Did you do something with her?” you asked Ben. He shook his head denying that he had any type of romance with y/n. You nodded your head in disappointment hoping he would be honest with you. Peter looked at the both of you connecting dots. You looked at Peter and he smiled. You furrowed your eyebrows. “We should take you back to HQ Ben.” you said getting up. “We don’t want Aunt May to get home and be confused.” you told them. Peter got up from the couch. “Does Tony know you started the portal?” Peter asked. “Uhhh...” you said airly trying to find words. “I’ll take that as a no.” he said as the three of you walked out of the apartment. Peter took out his keys and locked the apartment. As Ben was walking down the hallway, distracted, Peter stopped you. “You’re in love with him?” Peter pointed at Ben. “My doppelgänger?” he asked you. You looked at Peter and stayed quiet. That gave him his answer. He smiled. “Interesting.” he said. You rolled your eyes at him. “Off to HQ we go.” he said. 🍿

🍿PART 17🍿 You knocked on Peters apartment door. The door slowly opened. There he was in front of you, face to face. The face that you were convinced is your kryptonite. His cheeks were damp. You noticed you were staring at his face for too long and decided to break the ice. “Thank god you answered i wouldn’t know how to explain...” you pointed at your face. ”This... to your aunt.” you finished your sentence. “How did you know i lived with my aunt?” he asked. “Long story...” you said. He nodded his head not wanting to talk details and stepped to the side to let you come in. “Is your aunt here?” you asked. “No she’s getting groceries.” he said. He went to go sit next to a window. You awkwardly stood next to him. “Tony told me to come for you...” you started. “But i also came here to see if you were doing okay.” you said fidgeting with your thumbs. He looked out of the window deep in thought. You studied him and how he didn’t budge. “I’m sorry.” you apologized to him. He finally looked up at you. “It’s just hard.” he said turning back to look out the window. He picked up a bottle next to him and placed it on his lips. “Whoa whoa.” you said snatching the bottle before any of the liquid got in his mouth. You brought it up to eye level. It read ‘soda’. He laughed. “Sorry I thought-“ you started. “Beer?” he questioned you. You gave him back his soda. “Why are you so concerned about me?” he asked as he got up from the window. “Um... I-I don’t.” you said backing up from him but he persisted and walked to you closer. “You said you came here to check up on me.” he said. “I was worried.” you said. “Worried? Why? You don’t know me.” he said. “It’s like the universe gave me back another y/n, a second try.” he said. The door knocked. You looked at the door then back at him. “I’m in love with someone else.” you told him. He looked at you desperately. You walk over to the door and open it only to find the same face you just gave your back to. “Y/n?!” he said hugging you. “Peter?” you said. It was Peter back from your world. You look back at Peter from this world. “Like i said... long story.” you said as Peter stood there entirely confused. 🍿

🍿PART 16🍿 You and... well y/n got into the car. “So you’re y/n too?” she asked. You nodded your head. She started telling you about her life on your earth. “Last thing i remember from this Earth is that i was here wounded and poof i ended up in another Earth, laying down in Times Square, unconscious, awoken by a homeless person.” she said. “And I was very confused, i couldn’t process what was happening and as to why everything was so different.” she continued. You looked at her still not sure if she is real. Not really paying attention to her story. You certainly thought she was dead. “Peter!” she yelled. You jumped. “Jesus woman, you scared me.” you said. “No! Peter! Last thing i remember is that we were going to kiss and then SHABANG i woke up here on the road.” she yelled. “Wait. Wait. Hold on. Backtrack that a bit.” you said getting a little angry. “You and Peter were gonna WHAT NOW?!” you said raising your voice. “Uh... um... kiss?” she said hesitantly. “Peter? Peter Benjamin Parker?” you asked her. She slowly nodded her head. You slowly turned your head at her with a face of anger. “GET OUT OF MY CAR!” you yelled at her. Her mouth drops and her eyebrows furrow. “This isn’t your car it’s property of Avengers HQ!” she yelled back at you. “WELL IM AN AVENGER! YOU’RE NOT! YOU’RE JUST A STUPID SHIELD AGENT WHO HAS GUNS TO PROTECT HER! GET OUT YOU SKANK!” you yelled at her. She scoffed. “FINE! I DONT WANT TO BE IN A CAR WITH A SPIDER-MAN WANNABE! GET YOU’RE OWN POWERS AND IDEAS!” she yelled while getting out of the car. You pushed her out farther, grabbed the car door once she stood out of the vehicle fully, and slammed it. She did a little jump and looked back at the car and gasped. You smile and flick her off and hit the gas, leaving her there on the side of the road. “You don’t see me lip locking with your Peter Benjamin Parker... GOD! Anyone else wanna test me today?!” you said as you continued driving to Queens to do as ordered and get Peter. It was in your best interest and Peters that she remained “dead”. 🍿

🍿 PART 15 🍿 You were just imagining this. This is not real. It can’t possibly be real. This is definitely disobeying the laws of physics or any laws for that matter. You backed away from her slowly. She sat up coughing up blood. You backed up too far that you hit the front of you car causing noise. She looks to her side where the noise came from. You bit your lip and closed your eyes knowing she heard your clumsiness. She looked at you and was confused as well. You both tilted your head to the side at the exact same time in unison. You both freaked out and went back. She struggled getting up but she worked up a sweat doing so. She walked up close to you, studied your face as did you. She extended her hand in front of her and you were as curious as her. You went in to touch her hand. She was real. You were imagining anything. That’s when she screamed. You covered her mouth. “I know!” you told her. Her eyes were so wide as if she had seen a ghost. You nodded your head. “I know...” you assured her. “I’m going to remove my hands but don’t scream.” you tell her. She nods her head again. You slowly remove your hands. You circle around her and notice her outfit. She was wearing a SHIELD uniform. You laugh. She studies you as well and sees your super hero costume. “Avengers?” she asks. “I’m a hero.” you inform her. “Powers and everything?” she asked. You nodded. “Wasn’t born this way.” you laughed. “Shield?” you ask her. “I’m an agent.” she tells you. “Guns and everything?” you ask her. “I dabble a bit.” she laughs. “I thought this was impossible.” you said. She nodded her head. “I didn’t even fathom this at all.” she confessed. “Well... it’s nice to finally meet you... y/n.” you told her. 🍿

🍿PART 14🍿You woke up to Johnny dabbing your head with a damp towel. “Whoa whoa, easy there.” he said as you sat up. You tried processing what had happened and why you were in the state of what you were in. Memories immediately clicked and you shot your eyes at Johnny. He nodded his head. “We may or may not have swallowed Earth-65.” he said. “WAIT WE DID WHAT NOW?!” you panicked. You got up. “Y/n, sit down you just woke up from a blow to the head!” he said concerned. “No! We just swallowed an entire Earth! I have to go an inform someone of our stupid mistake, my mistake.” you said sighing and correcting yourself. You and the gang make your way back to Avengers HQ. You run up the steps and walk in to see chaos emerging. “Whoa!” you yelped as one of Tony’s robots shoot past you. “Y/n! suit up, we need all the Avengers to evacuate to D.C.” Tony said running past you. “Tony.” you started. “Not now y/n! Go find Peter!” he said as he ran away. You look back at Thor, Johnny, and Strange. “We have to go to D.C. just go find Peter and don’t cause anymore trouble y/n.” Johnny says as they run outside. You stood there guiltily. You ran outside. You saw a nearby car and got in. “Don’t cause anymore trouble y/n!” you said in a mocking voice while tapping the steering wheel. You started mocking everything people were saying about you. “GOD WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE THIS FACE?! BECAUSE OF THIS FACE I HAVE MANY PROBLEMS!” you yelled at your car dashboard. You gripped the wheel and closed your eyes for a second trying to remain calm. You opened your eyes and saw something on the road. You squinted your eyes not knowing what it was. At the last second as you approached it closer you realized it was a person laying down on their side. You hit the breaks immediately. You panic as you stood there, foot on the break pedal. You park the car and get out of the vehicle. You ran over to the person laying down. It was a girl. They had a puncture wound on the side of their stomach. Like a bullet hole. You kneel down next to her. You pull her over so she would fully lay down on her back. “Oh my god!” you gasped. You automatically get up and cup your face. That’s when she woke up. 🍿

🍿 PART 13 🍿 Strange motioned you guys to move away from him. He started to concentrate. He positioned himself into a well formed posture. He placed his hands in front of him and formed his fingers into some sort of sign language. He moved his fingers arms length of him and swished them in circle formation. You held Johnny’s hand in eagerness. Johnny looked down at the gesture and smiled at his feet. You were too concentrated on what Strange was doing. Back in your world he is a villain, you can’t help but not trust him. You looked at Strange hoping and praying it would work. A small loop portal was forming. It grew bigger and bigger. Sparks were giving out. Stephen was groaning. “GO GO!” he yelled. You looked at Storm and gave him a smile of hope and broke apart from the hand holding. Storm didn’t want to let go. “Y/n! wait!” he yelled. You ran to the portal ignoring Storm. You didn’t have time. You got in front of the portal but it gave a bang and it looked like it was expanding way too much. The power of its expansion caused you to leap backwards. “What’s happening?!” Thor yelled. “CLOSE IT!” he demanded. “NO! I NEED TO GET THROUGH!” you said. Strange nodded his head. You fought your way to the portal but it’s power didn’t let you go through. “CLOSE IT!” Thor demanded again seeing that you aren’t able to get through. “I CANT!” Strange said. “WE WAITED TOO LONG!” Strange yelled. People from the other side of the portal crowded around. A boy leapt in. As they saw he made it safely to the other side, many people started to pour through the portal. “NO HEY! GET BACK IN THE PORTAL!” Strange yelled at the people. It was getting bigger and bigger. People ran passed you. It exploded and you, Johnny, Strange, and Thor leapt backwards. You hit your head on impact on the pavement, losing consciousness as people stampede passed you. 🍿

🍿PART 12🍿 You, Johnny, and Thor arrived in front of a building in what looked like Nepal. “In here.” Thor said walking into a building. You and Johnny followed closely behind only to find out that it’s very tranquil inside almost like a dojo, very wooden. Johnny pulled out his phone. “Cool they have wifi.” Storm said. You looked at him and rolled your eyes. “Yes, we are looking for Strange.” Thor said walking to some people who look like monks. Thor walked back to you and Johnny. “They are fetching him.” he said. You fiddled with your fingers, anxious. “You alright?” Thor asked. You look at him. “No.” you breathed. “I don’t want to get my hopes up.” you said. “I’ve been away from home for far too long i’m not sure what to expect when or if i go back.” you said. A man with a very well ironed cape walks into the room. Your eyes widen. You shoot a web at him and pin him down. “THIS CAN GO TWO WAYS... STRANGE, EITHER THE EASY WAY OR THE HARD WAY!” you said throwing up your curled fist at him. “Whoa whoa!” he screamed. The monks crowd around holding their fingers around you. “Thor?!” he cried out. Thor was laughing. “She’s a feisty one.” Thor said patting Johnny’s shoulder as he groaned in pain at Thor’s grip. “He is a friend y/n.” Thor said pulling you away from him. The monks stood down. “Well he is no friend of mine only a foe. YOU MADE ME COME TO THIS EARTH!” you yelled at him. “What? What is she talking about?” Strange said. You told him how you ended up here on this Earth and how you are from another sort of universe or realm. “You’re in luck. I can bring you to your new Earth. I just learned about hopping to new universes.” Strange said sarcastically. “Really?!” you said. “No.” he said. A face of anger filtered your face. You curled your fists into a ball. “Is there anything at all?” Storm asked. Strange sighed. “Well...” he started. “There is one thing... but i can’t guarantee it will work. It’s very risky.” he said. “Please. Please do it. Have you ever wanted something so much in your life and was impossible?” you said. “I’m desperate.” you pleaded. Strange looked at his hands. “I’m only doing this because i really want her gone.” Strange said. 🍿

🍿PART 11🍿You went upstairs to your room. You opened it and stood in the doorway looking at your room. You sighed and took a step inside. You grabbed a big duffle bag and opened all the drawers and stuffed all of the article of clothing you owned inside. Once you were done you closed everything and went to your door to get out. You took a last glance at the room and closed it. You ran downstairs where Johnny was looking at his watch waiting for you next to the steps. “Duffle bag?” he asked. You look down at your hand. “I’m saving Tony the trouble of a moving day..” you said. “Moving day?” Storm said confused. “I was kicked off of the Avengers..” you told him. “What?” he said with such surprise and anger. Once you were finally on ground level you saw that Thor was behind him. “Thor...” you said trying to find an excuse as to where you were exactly going. ”I’ve heard from the Human Torch that you, Woman of Spiders, need help finding the Doctor.” Thor said placing his hands on his belt. “Oh...” you said looking at Johnny. “Um... it’s not the kind of doctor you think i’m looking for...” you said. “Oh. Is it not Doctor Strange you are looking for?” he asked. “Strange!? Yes! You know him!?” you ask him with shreds of hope leaking out of your mouth. “Yes, he utterly hates my brother.” he said triumphantly. “Oh?” you said. “Yes, Loki, he is unbearably annoying.” he said. “Um what’s the doctor’s character like?“ you ask him, hoping to sweet talk him into getting you back to your respected world. “He’s an intelligent arse.” he said. “Oh a smart ass!” you said understanding the weird high vocabulary he has. “Right... well do you think you can take me to this.. Doctor Strange was it?” you ask. “Of course!” he said heartedly. He stood there will a tall built figure, puffing his chest out. You look at Johnny with confusion he stares back at you with the same expression. He looks at the both of you. “Well...” he said. You shake your head in confusion. “Oh right! Hold on to me.” he said. “Ohh!” you and Johnny said in unison. You grabbed onto him and so did Johnny, as he placed his hands on Thor the three of you blasted off into a bright light and were gone. 🍿

🍿PART 10🍿 "No! At least not intentionally..." you said looking at your feet. Everyone looked so disappointed. They all adjusted themselves and walked off as if you didn't tell them life changing news. "Wait Tony!" you said chasing after him. "I have a mission that may be in your interest." you said. "Y/n. I have a lot to think about right now. First, is if you even qualify to be an Avenger anymore..." he said. You looked at him as if your whole world came crumbling down. Tony walked away. You looked at Johnny who was leaning on the corner of the room, arms crossed. "I'm the error. Not the old y/n. The universe should've deleted me." you told him through choking tears. "You did the right thing." Storm said as he walked over to you and hugs you. "Ah!" you exclaimed. "Sorry too warm?" he asked. You gave a small chuckle. Many thoughts were going on in your mind. "I don't belong here." you said. "Y/n don't say-" he started but you interrupted him. "Johnny, no one wants me here... I'm a burden. A painful burden to even just look at." you sighed. "I want you here, as stubborn and annoying as you may be." he assured you. You laugh. "Thank you for being like a big brother throughout this insane journey." you told him. "Yeah brother and sister... wait why does it feel like you're saying goodbye?" he asked painfully. You look up at Storm. "You'll always be by my side when i need you the most right?" you ask him. He looks down at you. "Always." he said. "I have an insane idea..." you started. He sighs. "I knew there were strings attached to me saying that i'll always be by your side..." Storm breathed. "I need to find the alien that put me on this Earth from my world... but it will be tricky considering I don't know anything from him on this Earth. Maybe he can help me get back to my Earth." you told Storm. "I've been here a bit longer than you have.. i doubt you'll find the guy. I tried looking for months before you got here and nothing." Storm said. "Well turns out that bath did bring some solutions to other dilemmas." you said. Storm looked at you confused. "I know who i'm supposed to be looking for." you told him. "He goes by Dr. Stephen Strange on my Earth." 🍿

🍿PART 9🍿He falls back onto his hands. He gives you the most confused face but with such anger. His words are stuck in his throat not being able to make their way out. You look at him with such sorrow. He gets up and immediately leaves the room. "Peter..." you say getting up from the tub and wrapping a towel around yourself. "Peter!" you say running after him. He was half way through the steps. You watch him from the top of the stairs, open the front door to headquarters and storming out. You fall next to the steps holding onto the rails. The Peter from this word is a bit different. I guess that's what happens when you get powers. Peter from your world is insecure and closed off making you feel like you have to protect him and you did. You were always by his side.. well that was until this. Tears flooded your cheeks. The thought of him by himself breaking. Made you break. He's all alone. You knew what you had to do. You wiped your tears and got up and changed into casual clothes. No more mask. You ran downstairs and saw the entire gang. Your breathing shuddered. "Um can i have everyone's attention." you said. Everyone was so casual until they came face to face with you. They all dropped what they were doing and went over to hug you. You sighed. "I'm not y/n." you said. "Well i'm not the y/n you think i am..." you started. They all exchanged confused looks. "My name is y/n. I'm from another Earth. Earth-65 to be exact... So is Johnny except he is from Earth-616." you said. Tony interrupted you. "I'm sorry what?" he asked. "There are multiple alternate universes, several Earths. I happened to get stuck here on Earth-199999 as well as Storm." you said. "Jesus anymore 9's?" Black widow said. "How?" he asked. "I'm not entirely sure. I think it's cause i was fighting with an alien from my Earth..." you said. "He knows?" Tony asked referring to Peter. You nod your head. "There's another thing... you don't know, Peter doesn't either." you said looking at your feet. "Because i came into this Earth. Your universe went confused. Thinking the y/n that was originally here on this Earth was an error..." you said. Tony looked at you in horror. "You killed y/n?" Tony asked. 🍿

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