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🔮🧙🏻‍♀️Elder Jewelmagus🧙🏻‍♀️🔮  ✨Australian/vegan/wannabe writer ✨19th Century art enthusiast ✨Tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist ✨Probably sitting somewhere reading ur horoscope 💞


Yours 🐰

When it’s lit but it’s also very wholesome coz both ya mans is at home and you faithful hoes 💞🥂👭

“You ever been kicked out of a Barnes & Noble?”

There were literally HUNDREDS of amazing stones and minerals at the NHM — like honestly cremate me, crush my ashes into a diamond and put me on display there, that’s how much I loved this particular section — but here are some that were, in my opinion, the most fascinating.

Just checking out dinosaur teeth, wbu?

Less ass than I expected tbh but I’m glad we can all appreciate my feats of flexibility ✨🍑🤸🏻‍♀️ #bestnine2017

Very into the concept of not having to take my own ass photos honestly 🍑✨ #stretchmarks

The slightly less glamorous behind-the-scenes video of that highly staged photo from yesterday. Note also that YES when I set the bottles down they sound empty because YES I had drunk them both by 5.10pm 🎉🍾🤷🏻‍♀️ *also note also that that is NOT the first — and probably definitely not the last — time the words “that got me in the face” will come out of my mouth.

All I want for Christmas is a confetti cannon shot directly into my face 🎉🎄🥂

I just laughed so hard I spat water across at least a 2 metre square footage and all my family did was take this Polaroid in a moment of opportunistic vulnerability ☹️🎄 #litmas 🥂

Anyways back to our regular scheduled programming! 🍑✨#dropitlikeitshot #dropitintheparkinglot

H8 to break it to ya, but my butt selfies and semi-nudes aren’t the real me...laughing til I cry while dancing to the Peanuts Christmas music is the real me. Happy holidays!

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