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dillon spicer  Watch the Promo for the cartoon I'm creating. ⬇⬇

Still kinda hard to believe that I get to marry the sweetest and most caring person I've ever met. Our relationship somehow just gets better and better.
You da best 😘

I designed my best friends first tattoo! 😄 @jaxxonwynn
Message me if you want me to design your next tattoo! If it's simple like this I might even do it for free.

anybody fw Joji? @sushitrash

stay weird family.

She actually knew what I wanted and I never even mentioned it 😭 thank you @earthling.paj for my late birthday present. I love you, my sweet fiancee #bad #veryrare #veryexpensive

me, circa 1998

had to pop over to desert villa for a couple days. #totallynotmyhotel

posted up, somewhere on the west coast mountains.

So... @earthling.paj and I have got some big news. 😍💍 I know this is something I should have done a year ago. I'm just glad you put up with me long enough for me to finally grow enough courage to ask. She understands and appreciates every part of my brain more than I ever thought could be possible. I'm just so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone so sweet and pure-hearted.
I just turned our 3 week roadtrip into a pre-honeymoon 😆

achieve inner peace by sitting like this occasionally. #justgirlythings #blackpeopletwitter

WHYYYY. Literally the worst news I could've heard today. You became my favorite artist from the second I heard your music. I've listened to ? about 300 times in the past couple months. At least you'll get the recognition you deserve now 😭 @xxxtentacion #ripx

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