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I Can Destroy Pilots in Every way Imaginable!! Enjoy this sick QuadBike Anti Air Streak!! :D

I Am What You Call... The Aggressive Type. ;) PUBG Duo Squad Wipes with the New DMR!! Enjoy!

One of the Best Attack Jet Clips You'll Ever See!! 3 Amazing Kills in less than 30 Seconds!!

3 Air Vehicles Destroyed in 21 Seconds!! This is Just Insane!! 💥💥💥

First Experiences Parachuting on Noshahar Canals TDM!! Enjoy some BF3 Infantry Action :D playing with @toddster751 @apacheace101 @battlefield_phantoms

Sniping on Battlefield 3 is just too good boys!!! Enjoy some Sick Aggressive sniping! :D playing with @toddster751 @nastychango @battlefield_phantoms

Fun Bathroom Sausage Fest on 4/20!! With the Squad! xD @lfernandogalvis @toddster751 @battlefield_phantoms @aryn_sanders @aburntpotato559

One of my Favorite wins on PUBG XD the excitement when we won that 8 man Squad game XD playing with @aburntpotato559 @nastychango @toddster751 @aryn_sanders @lfernandogalvis @battlefield_phantoms

Best Battlefield 4 Clips I Hit From Last month!!! Enjoy these Beast Clips!! Share, Comment and Like :D

Squad wipes and Snipes on the New map and Desert Map :D enjoy! Playing with @battlefield_phantoms @toddster751 @nastychango @aburntpotato559 @johng_73

Epic 5 Man Squad Wipe on the New PUBG Game Mode!! Enjoy :D playing with @toddster751 @nastychango @aryn_sanders @battlefield_phantoms

The Family Photo on PUBG with the squad! We got the Chicken Dinner During this Match! :D @toddster751 @aryn_sanders @lfernandogalvis @battlefield_phantoms @aburntpotato559

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