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SpeX_TV  Gaming BF3/BF4/BF1/CSGO/R6S PS4/PC/XBOX1 EleMentaL | FMG | SDP | KNiF Founder of Team EleMentaL Leader of FMG 👇NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO👇


Having some laughs on #GTA5 poor @toddster751 xDDD his ugly car deserved to drown!!! XD

Fearless on The Battlegrounds!!! Enjoy these sick highlights I got playing with @fearless_hyena @toddster751 #FMG #playerunkownsbattlegrounds #pubg

Shooting down choppers on my new PC! Enjoy some high quality kills :)

PC Battlefield 4 on Ultra 100+ FPS. I'll be recording 4K as soon as I get my new monitor :)

IT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL!!! #NewPC #Gaming #Editing

3 bullets, 3 Kills!!! My sickest clip on #playerunknownsbattlegrounds hope you guys enjoy :D sorry for audio xD my PC has trouble recording this game

EPIC EDIT with some insane clips I've hit in the past and dope cinematics! Enjoy guys :D my editing page! @spex_edits huge thanks to @arox.x_ for being my actor for the cinematics :)

Wiped out 2 whole squads on #playerunknownsbattlegrounds sorry for the audio xD my PC has trouble recording this game. :(

The guy in the ghillie suit got destroyed xD some kills I got during a round of #playerunknownsbattlegrounds :D

SMAW ACCURACY!! Back to backs, stunts and long range SMAW shots! Hope you guys enjoy :D

Aggressive sniping and aggressive Jet takedowns! Hope you guys enjoy these sick clips! :D follow my editing page! @spex_edits

Chill yet fast paced aggressive recon edit!! Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to follow my new editing page for more!! :D @spex_edits @spex_edits

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