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Spencer Niemetz  📱Venmo Spencer Niemetz - NY Times 📱lousy nudes 📱scorpio if it gets there 📱social media manager @worldofwonder @rupaulsdragcon 📱hey@spencerniemetz.com

#ivoted, send nudes 👑 major snaps to everyone who turned it out to #sissythatvote for today’s midterm elections and take back the House (and if u didn’t then wtf were u doing u literally had all day bye) 👋 rly proud of my community for turning out to the polls today, this just goes to show how much power we have going into the 2020 presidential election in silencing the powers that oppress us 💅 did u vote? did u post ur sticker? comment below if u voted and i’ll go like and comment on ur picture of ur sticker ✌️

“c’mon let’s split up and gangbang” or whatever he says 🔦 hope y’all had a safe halloween but more importantly hope y’all had a fun halloween and ran ur bodies into the ground like i did ☠️ i literally dyed my hair YELLOW this year for my pikachu, bart simpson, and fred costumes (thnx 2 my fav demi-permanent color conditioner in the UNIVERSE @overtonecolor) bc i’m a committed queen 👑 anyway now that October is done IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH and ur all cordially invited to my attendance-mandatory celebration at @evitaparty this Friday 11/2 from 10PM-2AM 💅 was i a hot Fred? are u planning to come celebrate me and cash in on ur tongue-optional hug or kiss? RSVP link in my story + lemme know in the comments 💋

oops almost forgot to post my #DragCon NYC day 3 look, u could say I’ve been... sitting on a secret... GARDEN 🌷 get it, because im wearing florals and stuffed some flowers in my pocket and found some trees to lean against and hide my cigarette butts underneath 🌲 also u can’t tell in this photo but my sneakers were LIGHT-UP SHOES and like the most comfortable ever i swear to god @yru literally saved my feet this entire weekend ✨ also don’t forget 2 swipe right for deets on these 10/10 iridescent @esq.ape shades and then go buy them bc everyone will give u hella compliments like trust me im ugly and ppl were still into it 💅

can u tell i’ve been working on my build 🗽 #DragCon Day 2 look comin’ atcha from my favorite NYC landmark and primary recipient of financial contribution on the East Coast ✌️ y’all literally don’t understand how hard i can throw down at one of these halal carts like they’re the primary reason i never get laid in NY bc i usually only have enough time for falafel or fun and i’m sorry but falafel is ready in like three minutes 💅 anyway i was nervous about doing a full day of DragCon in these @yru platforms but honestly they were prob the most comfortable things i wore all wknd, like i’ve NEVER had platforms i can run in but i was killin it in these so hard and my feet felt so supple and smooth after so yay thank u YRU 💞 did u go to DragCon NYC? did u see me literally running around w/ a slice of pizza in my hand? lmk in the comments lol

omfg i survived #DragCon binch!! 👑 if y’all haven’t been watching my stories that i FINALLY started posting yesterday then ur missing out on the third best coverage of the convention (after @rupaulsdragcon and @worldofwonder which u should be following if u consider urself a true friend of mine) 💅 also could NOT have made it thru this wknd w/o these gorg @yru combat boots from my Day 1 look! they’re made of that 3M material that lights up w/ flash which is crucial for night time photo stunts and they’re so comfy and padded inside and did not give me any blisters at all 💫 should i add my dragcon stories to my highlights or do y’all not care lmao

i’ve rly been trying to flesh out my collection of overalls lately bc when i wear them with a crop they create this really great frame for my third nipple which kinda feels like a window to my soul 💞 honestly tho some of u need to up your third nipple etiquette like the amount of times people have just come up and flicked it and are like “LOL DOES IT FEEL LIKE THE OTHER TWO” is kind of too much, it doesn’t rly bother me that much but y’all don’t know that w/o asking and u should always get permission before touching anyone’s nipples no matter how many they have 👏 anyway i’m heading 2 NYC today for @rupaulsdragcon and if ur there and want to see me u have to buy a ticket (link in my story) bc that’s literally gonna be my entire life for the next 5 days SEE U THERE 👑

i was gonna say “i put the sucker in seersucker” but i mostly just put the suck in seersucker because that joke sucked 🌊 anyway check out me being gay and tired on a BOAT which was very scary for me bc i am not the strongest swimmer and as usual i got wasted so my drown potential was peaking ⚓️ anyway if you have any better seersucker jokes i’d love to hear them, best joke wins the really good nude i took last week or a dollar or idk tell me what u want but i don’t have a lot of money ✨ everything by @riverisland

category is… butch queen first time in drags at a ball (and prolly last time bc this was rly hard) 👑 a few months ago i tried doing drag for the first time and then i forgot to ever post about it lol but oh my GOD was I feeling myself HELLO 👑 make sure u zoom in on the face, beat by the jaw-droppingly talented ICON @glenalen 👑 hair by ME (can u believe this was my first time styling hair, i mean yes but also i did my best to live my erika jayne fantasy) 👑 do u think i looked good? should i try drag again? do u have any tips on dodging razor burn? comment below and let me know ur thots 👑

hey siri??? 📞 lol wow joke of the year anyway, posting once a month is not some new brand moment i’m trying out, i literally just started a rly awesome new job (congratulations to me) and i get anxiety when i have deadlines so oops sorry 4 trying 2 do my best 💅 also LOOK AT THESE JNCO JEANS I GOT they’re the only pants i want to wear for the rest of my life and i think they showcase my fertile silhouette perfectly ✨ anyway if u want to see me IRL and buy me drinks to celebrate my new job or to trick me into signing legal documents u should come to @summertramp in DTLA this sunday, link in my story!!! 💫 •

i have 2 put these in the caption now sorry y’all #jnco #90s #jncojeans #mensstyle #menswear #tumblr #mensblogger #gayscruff #outfitoftheday #genderqueer #guysofinstagram #gaysofinstagram #gaystagram #ootdmen #menstagram #whatiwore #genderfluid #vscocam #omighty #omweekend #yru

does anyone else hate the idea of taking breaks on social media or am i unhealthy lol 🌸 sometimes i do like lil breaks on my grid or go a few days without tweeting but i don’t think i’ve ever just like fully stopped posting and at this point idk if i can ☀️ anyway i went to the huntington gardens last week in PASADENA which is so off-brand for me but i guess taking photos with plants are like my version of doing a 30 day yoga meditation spirit journey retreat (which tbh i feel like is more efficient anyway) 🌸 anyway lmk ur thots and whether u think i should be more worried about my relationship with my phone or if i should just be stoked about having such a great data plan ☀️ •

i have 2 put these in the caption now sorry y’all #gucci #nastygal #pasadena #mensstyle #menswear #destinationearth #mensblogger #gayscruff #outfitoftheday #genderqueer #guysofinstagram #gaysofinstagram #gaystagram #ootdmen #menstagram #whatiwore #genderfluid #vscocam

did u know u can check nudes on ur apple watch? 😸 i literally exercise once a month (other than shopping and clubbing) when my friends with abs trick me into going on a hike so getting a smart watch was never rly a priority for me but then i realized u can also check ur texts and look at dicks and swap out it out with different bands to match ur outfits so i bought one immediately 💅 for example i got this rly cute pastel pink band that matches this qt @riverisland hoodie perfectly (well the pink is a lil off but no one pays enough attention to me to notice) #ImWearingRI #ad 💞 do u have a smart watch? does it yell at u 20x a day to stand up and sit down and breathe and go outside? let me know bc anxiety loves company 💋 •

i have 2 put these in the caption now sorry y’all #riverisland #mensstyle #menswear #hollywood #mensblogger #outfitoftheday #guysofinstagram #hypebeast #streetstyle #ootdmen #menstagram #whatiwore #fashiondiaries #mensstyle #gaysofinstagram #mcm #gayLA #fashionblogger #gaystagram #vscocam

have u ever been minding ur business and u see plants on the street that are so beautiful that u just want to steal them for ur apartment or school project or plant fetish or whatever? 💞 well i hadn’t until i saw these kickass blue cacti on melrose today (i think they’re plastic or spray painted idk) and for the first time ever i caught myself tryna figure out how to dig them out of the earth 🌵 unfortunately it was daytime and i didn’t want to get arrested and have to trade these kickass magenta @riverisland trousers for prison essentials so i just backed off #ad #ImWearingRI ☹️ if u have any tips on how to steal large items in plain sight plz comment below and let me know! ✌️ •

i have 2 put these in the caption now sorry y’all #riverisland #mensstyle #menswear #hollywood #mensblogger #outfitoftheday #guysofinstagram #hypebeast #streetstyle #ootdmen #menstagram #whatiwore #fashiondiaries #mensstyle #gaysofinstagram #mcm #gayLA #fashionblogger #gaystagram #vscocam

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