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Spencer Niemetz  📱really bad at stuff, mostly 📱scorpio if it gets there 📱content manager @consortdesign 📱”Venmo Spencer Niemetz now" — NY Times 📱hey@spencerniemetz.com


idk how to use portrait mode for anything other than mirror selfies bc the only alternative is to take a not-selfie?????? like?????????????? 💿 silver fox moment brought 2 u by @overtonecolor thanx y’all mwah 💿 •

i have 2 put these in the caption now sorry y’all #silverhair #mensfashion #mensstyle #menswear #fashionblogger #dollskill #mensblogger #gayscruff #overtone #silverfox #guysofinstagram #gaystagram #ootdmen #menstyle #jacvanek #cakeboss #losangeles #menstagram #valfre #fashiondiaries #gaysofinstagram

philosophy 101: do i taste like cake or does the cake taste like me? 🎂🍰✨

i don’t really give two fux if ur not here for my week of @wearehappyplace content 💋 i am not here for ur entertainment like come on ppl whaddaya want from me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

honestly i think putting all of ur furniture on the ceiling is rly smart because it makes ur apartment super inconvenient and then u don’t have to worry about having guests come over to eat all ur food and touch all ur stuff 💫

contacting my state reps and sending as many nudes as possible before the net neutrality repeal starts going into effect 📲 posted a list in my insta story of things u can do to help keep the internet open and equal 📲 what are u doing to make ur voice heard?

if ur happy and u know it, do you: 👏 clap ur hands 👏 send some nudes 👏 ghost a dumb boy 👏 sob uncontrollably and contemplate ur own mortality 👏 or other? 👏 plz let me know i have never been happy and would like to be prepared when the day comes

🦆 every 🦆 day 🦆 we’re 🦆 out 🦆 here 🦆 making 🦆 DUCK 🦆 TALES 🦆 shoutout 2 @jbucktales for letting me basically kick him in the head for instagram what a champ ✨

i’ve never gotten a tattoo but part of me feels like it’d be really on-brand to get “live laugh love” inked on my lower back or maybe inner thigh? what do u think? lmk ur tattoo thoughts in the comments below 🗣

comment w/ ur rising sign, moon sign, and credit score and i’ll tell u if we’re compatible enough to hook up 💫

finally went 2 san francisco for the first time, a city almost pretty enough to make u forget about every mediocre dick appointment you’ve ever had ✨

i haven’t posted on instagram in three weeks because i got turnt into another dimension on halloween and then i moved into my first solo apartment and then i turned 24 and had the best bday party ever and then i started a new job and all of that would’ve been fine but then i started breaking out really bad and i’m sorry but i’m a deeply insecure person and facetune can only take you so far but don’t worry y’all i am alive here’s an uncurated bathroom selfie what’s up plz send me nudes and money while i try to figure my life out thnx

team rocket blasts off at the speed of light, i cropped out my friends i hope it’s alright 🌹 happy swalloween y’all, who wants to be my meowth?

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