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Spencer Harding  Mostly skids and wheelies. Oakland Currently

“It has been said that in our recreation, indeed in our very self-image, we consume wilderness...Unfortunately, each recreational interest and user consumes a little but of wilderness. It may be there is no wilderness capital left in National Parks for American Indian use.” -Sarah Krakoff/ Isaac Cantor #wildernessparking

Im getting real tired of flying away from this human, cant wait for more bike rides to lakes this summer.

Watch for my new online shop launch roadkillearrings.etsy.angelire.net #linkinprofile™️

I saw a lot of wonderful things at May Day yesterday, but this human skating the fenced-in mini ramp on the battletrain wearing lacey gloves and top was the best by far.

Went to take Jasper for his first MTB ride, turns out the trails are flooded, we still partied!

Haven’t posted in forever, so here’s some more forever from forever ago #whateverforever #katbear


Coffee with Carl in Calvin’s Secret Garden

So when this bike came out no one seemed to know what to do with it. After putting my butt on it for a few months I’ve got some thoughts on the matter.
This bike is basically a 650B crosscheck optimized for front loading, yeah? The crosscheck is still an amazing do everything bike that I regularly recommend all the time. I would probably recommend the packrat to anyone tall enough to be in the 650B wheelset size frames for sure, die to the slew of new tire options. Is this bike enough of a change to trade in your old cross check? Probably not unless yer that into the #supplelyfe
After riding this bike around, I realized that the reach seems long even for a long torso human like myself. Which leads me to believe this bike would be better suited for flat/sweep bar duty, especially with a load on that 24 pack rack. Admittedly Im not a huge fan of drops to begin with, I still feel this bike would shine with some risers. .
I think as a frame set this would make a sweet swap over from an old cross bike if someone wanted to drop into this new road plus thingy. Besides the wheelset someone could do parts bin build pretty darn easily for this bike, the saving grace of rim brakes in this instance.
I had more critiques on the geo and such but those all seemed to be addressed in the midnight special, so Ill just say I’m excited to ride that at some point. But, if you want an inexpensive do all the damn things bike or a modern but classy 650B rim brake bike that isn’t a noodle then Surly has got ya with the Packrat.

Hey look cute doggos! Check out my new @theradavist post for cute puppers and stay for the wonderful humans of @transitcycles!

Shredlands with these nerds

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