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Spent the last 8 days learning and teaching the new ICANS Course.
Got to work side by side with Eoin Lacey and Dr. Serrano on some amazing information to teach you all for health and fitness!

Salad is catabolic. This should be a YODA quote.
It's basically science 🤓🤓.

Pro-Tip: All the booty gains🍑🍑
Now a days you aren't a fitness female if you're not doing hip thrusts with stupid amounts of weight.
Hypertrophy Tip🤓: Hip extension is all good and dandy but add some resistance knee flexion (as seen in video) to bring the hamstring into the game and boom 💥 whole new exercise with a whole new level of hardness.
Your asses will thank me, please no DM booty pics 🍑🍑

When you're low key a savage but gotta keep it on the DL pretty much all the time.
Y'all know who you are 😈😈.

Anybody else ever get up & feel like the Sith?
What Sunday feels like when you're ready to slam some science and some weights with other jacked Jedi's.

📚🙏🏻Studious Sunday's🙏🏻📚
Church always comes first on Sundays, then bossman sends all the papers to read.
Learning is a continuous process and complacency is death...get to it.

Normal is a setting on the dryer.
Fitting in , is for clothes.
Neither, do I strive for.
Be unique.

I have this on a post-it, because it's that real. Everyone will have opinions or expectations of what they "think" you should do. My response, keep it movin.

First banana split of the summer, needed a serious shot of insulin after thattttt.

Western Medicine= Drugs (bandaids)
Preventative medicine= taboo niche
Because healthy people don't make the drug/insurance companies MONEY.

🤓Body Recomp🤓
Some say it's impossible to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time....some people prove that wrong.
That person is Matt.
Less internally rotated/more gains, all positives.
We changed things around nutritionally and slightly tweaked training style on some days and the results speak for them selves.

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