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Spectrum Healthcare  Specialised injury management specialists: 🔸Physiotherapy 🔷Sports Chiropractic 🔸Remedial Massage 🔹Exercise Physiology. P 02 9889 3344

Post ACL surgery rehab. Bike with BFR. Nothing but quads today. We’ve been proud to work with beecroft rugby 🏉sorting all of their injuries this season. #cantwaitfornextseason #beecroftrugby #physio #sportschiro #spectrumhealthcare

Neck pain can often be a mine field for the most experienced practitioners. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the eyes 👀 are the missing link. Here we have @matthewmatson_physio working on smooth pursuit with the neck turned. Sometimes the most simple solutions work. #sportsphysio #sportschiro #physio #spectrumhealthcare

BFR - blood flow restriction is a common source for rehabilitation. It allows the patient to train at light loads to achieve the same gains as training at heavier loads. This can be great post surgery when all you need is muscle 💪 #sportschiropractic #physio #rehab #bfr #bfrtraining

The Med4elite from game ready has arrived! First athlete of the ranks is marathon runner @colreavy. The Med4elite allows for compression whilst contrasting heat/cold, making it one of the best recovery tools on the market.

Early Friday morning tutorials on lumbar spine MRI . #sportschiro #4deducation #physiotherapy #sportsphysio #macquarieparknorthryde

It was a pretty in pink day at Spectrum. 🌸

Welcome back to @simonwybenga_physio who spent the last 5 weeks travelling the US tennis circuit and ending up at the US open. #sportsphysio #sportschiro #starriver #physio #livingthegoodlife #spectrumhealthcare

Well done to @zheng_saisai on progressing through to the QF of Citi open in Washington. Looks like @simonwybenga_physio keeps his job for another week 😂#was #tennis #starriver銀河 #physio #sportschiro

Good luck to @simonwybenga_physio who is heading to the 🇺🇸 to work with @zarinadiyas and @zheng_saisai at wta tennis 🎾 #physio #sportschiro #spectrumhealthcare #starriver銀河 #tennis🎾 #wta

Very excited to be supporting 4d education tonight with their presentation of Dr. Ben Gooden. The event is booked out and looks to be a great night

Blood flow restriction also termed VBFR, has been utilised in strength and conditioning circles for a while. More recently the sports rehab community has started to see the benefits for post surgical use. In a nutshell, the premise is that the venous blood flow is restricted which in turns induces intracellular metabolites and swelling. The increase in swelling then is detected by volume sensors which engages mTOR. The mTOR pathway in turn triggers protein synthesis. So in summary, if recovering from injury and you can’t lift heavy this is great way of building strength with low loads. Here we we have @simonwybenga_physio working with post op acl patient in rebuilding VMO strength. #stregnthandconditioning #sportsphysio #sportschiro #sportsrehab

As ageing occurs we undergo a process called sarcopenia. This is defined as age related muscular wasting or atrophy. In the last 10 years the research has shown us that exercise can reduce sacropenia and potentially limit cardiovascular disease , such as type 2 diabetes. It’s never too late to start. #physiotherapy #exercisescience #cardiovascularhealth #diabetestype2

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