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Species Gym  Open 24/7 #832-427-5770 Hardcore warehouse gym in katy,tx Location: 18703 w. Little york rd #301 Katy, TX 77449 • carrying SPECIES supplement line..

@Regrann from @iamangelgomez - #trainin day 💪👊 - #regrann

@Regrann from @jgrace05 - 👊🏽• SUCCESSFUL SUNDAY •👊🏽
Grind until your idols become your peers
What a Sunday! Had a kick ass whole body workout this evening fueled by the new @hitechpharma ULTIMATE ORANGE & got to woooork (workout below)! It's so important to celebrate success but always be working towards new goals, new levels of success & new opportunities. In the midst of the grind, we must surround ourselves with motivation; thats what @species_gym does for me. I mean staring at the greats like @philheath while I grind certainly keeps the goals in the forefront. That's the key, find ways to stay passionate, motivated & positive. As an athlete, I don't always "feel" like lifting or eating the food but that's the thing, it's not about "feeling" like it, it's about knowing what needs to be done & doing it. Here's to goals so grand they force you to grind. Happy Sunday Funday y'all!
I didn't do any legs today; got leg day mañana....
➖rack pulls
➖bent over rope cable pulls
➖reverse peck deck
➖front cable raises
➖ incline DB curls
➖ toes to bar (started working abs today; will only do bodyweight exercises to ensure my waist stays tiny, don't want to "thicken" my waist by using weights)
➖ hello good mornings - #regrann

@Regrann from @glamfitroxy - Had so much fun today @species_gym it's legit THE BEST gym I have been too thus far!!!😍👏🏽🙌🏽💚🔥 #speciesgym #gainz #gymjunkie #fitfriends #lift #girlswholift #houstongyms #muscles #fitness #fitcouples #isymfs #allkindzofgainz - #regrann

@Regrann from @bryan_torres_88 - #motivation working out with these two ppl #gymbros - #regrann

Last but not least..we also wanna give a shout out to another #speciesfam @frnk_ay ..if you guys wanna see what hard work is..go follow @frnk_ay and check out his transformation..He competed in his first show yesterday at the labrada..competing up against stacked guys...we are very proud of him of how far he has come..watch out guys! he is coming for you..if he can do this in 6 months..so can you!!
@Regrann from @frnk_ay - 1st show is out of the way and on to the next one. Can't be any happier didn't place however went against a great class at the labrada classic. Transformation from hell 6 months and we put this together let's see what I can do from here on out. Biggest shoutout to the guy that transformed my body and never gave up @kyle_wat10 and all of the #speciesfam for all of the support @kinglou_fit @lilyl3east504 @mrhollywood_fit @eclymer85 @kevinwarrenfitness. - #regrann

everybody.. lets congratulate our #speciesfam our new IFBB PRO @jgrace05 !! Her hard work has finally paid off.....she won her class at the USAs ..winning her pro card!!! 👏..we are so happy for you!! ❤

Congrats to another of our species fam @eclymer85 for placing 2nd at her first show! Her hard work definitely paid off!! .............
@Regrann from @eclymer85 - Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this new fitness journey I embarked on a few months ago. Thank you to all my friends, supporters and coaches...especially @kyle_wat10 for taking me on and believing I have what it takes to be successful in the sport. I am truly blessed to be part of such a quality group of people and friends at Species Gym. And congratulations to Frank and Kevin for all their hard training and success! #speciesgym #speciesfam @frnk_ay @kevinwarrenfitness @lilyl3east504 @kinglou_fit @kyle_wat10 @Fred @everybody!

we want to congratulate our #speciesfam @kevinwarrenfitness for placing 3rd in men's physique at the labrada show!! it was his first show and he killed it!! 👏

Have a happy Saturday!

@Regrann from @lilyl3east504 - ⬅️ SWIPE ⬅️...i wanna wish all my #speciesfam good luck this weekend!! they are all on peak weak..@frnk_ay @kevinwarrenfitness @eclymer85 will be gracing the stage at labrada classic this saturday..and @jgrace05 at the USAs..you guys are all killing it..nothing motivates me more to see the transformation from each one of them..this is what Species Fam is all about..we want to be ELITE! not just mediocre..WE ARE NOT JUST A TEAM BUT A FAMILY!! we won't blow smoke up your ass..we get critique to become someone great! I'm definitely happy to call these ppl friends but also, family!! Can't wait for you guys to kill it on stage and then we can celebrate..🍻
Also shout out to our awesome coach @kyle_wat10..not only that he has transform @frnk_ay @kevinwarrenfitness @eclymer85 in amount of time..but i don't know anyone else who would go beyond for their clients to make sure they come on point..i have seen him stay late to train each one of them, even personally will break up knots if needed..who does that?! if anyone wanna find a coach who truly care about this sport and their clients..hit him up..you won't regret it.

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