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@galichious and @withonlyoneleg found @speakthemovie at @vidiots last night! Go check it out! #speak #toastmasters

Hard to believe we're saying goodbye to the camera that shot #speakthemovie . Circle of life. Or circle of Canon cameras?

These @toastmasters were amazing tonight!! So fun. And is this the coolest @toastmasters club logo??? More pics on the way! #toastmasters #speakthemovie

There's our little @speakthemovie flier at the American Palace Hotel. Cooooooool. #speak

speakthemovie.com You're life tells a story and someone out there needs to hear it. -Mark Brown #movie #quotes

www.speakthemovie.com #lyrics "What if I was never here, who will ever know me? When this all fades to black, words will find their way back."

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