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Spawn Lounge Project  🎮 Overwatch-themed cocktails 🍹 "The world needs heroes, but heroes need drinks" 🍻 DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Our original + alcohol-free recipes:

That's how you do it! This was the SQUIRE'S BASH, our #Brigitte inspired #Overwatch cocktail - curious about what's in it? Go check it out on our page @spawnloungeproject! And if you're ready for another round, stay tuned for more Overwatch-themed drinks. Let the experts handle this!

Bättre så? If you really wanna feel better, head over to @spawnloungeproject and check out our #Brigitte inspired #Overwatch cocktail! Trust us, you won't be disappointed 🍻

Alla till oss, if you want to party! We at the @spawnloungeproject will prove ourselves once again with our brand new #Overwatch themed cocktail: here is the SQUIRE'S BASH, inspired of course by the latest hero #Brigitte! Remember our Torbjörn-inspired drink and our Reinhardt-inspired one? Since our Brigitte is Torbjörn's daughter and Reinhardt's squire, we brought those two together and created a pale ale and mead concoction that is perfect to give you a little extra when needed. The Squire's Bash is served in a metal stein, hand painted by yours truly to resemble Brigitte's armor design.
Last minute check - everyone served and squared away? Well then - skål! @matildasmedius

This was our special edition #Overwatch cocktail ELLWAY, inspired by @lupinproductionsllc's original character! Have you watched the amazing Overwatch fan film Shadows yet? Go check it out right now, and visit our profile to see our delicious cocktail!

For those of you who haven't watched @lupinproductionsllc's #Overwatch film Shadows yet, and are still not familiar with the original character that inspired our last cocktail, here is heroic #Ellway! Now, go check out our drink in our profile @spawnloungeproject, and don't forget to watch the amazing film to know more about our favorite Helix Security captain! And of course, drop a follow to the awesome people at @lupinproductionsllc who created such a pearl, too!

You should have checked out @lupinproductionsllc's #Overwatch film Shadows by now, but if you haven't, visit their profile and do it right now! To celebrate the release of this awesomely badass fan movie, we at the @spawnloungeproject created a special cocktail based on one of their original characters - here is the ELLWAY, inspired by the brave Helix Security captain featured in the film! As for our previous Omnic-inspired cocktails, Ellway's drink has a strong herbal aroma, given by Bombay Sapphire #gin. Despite being an Omnic in a human organization, he's quickly gained the respect, trust, and loyalty of his fellow soldiers - tonic water and chinotto in our cocktail give a very likeable flavor, just like Ellway's personality!
With the garnish made with dried orange slices, we reproduced Ellway's head and its distinctive three blue dots.
Here's to Ellway! Cheers to him, and congratulations to the awesome folks at @lupinproductionsllc!

We know who's been naughty... But you all deserve the third @spawnloungeproject's #WinterWonderland #Overwatch cocktail, the PIPERITA! This special drink is the last part of our #Christmas present for you guys, and was inspired by #Sombra's Peppermint skin from last year's event. We used tequila, mint syrup, milk, and almond syrup to recreate her candy cane-like design. Both the original recipe and its alcohol-free version are available on @omnicpost - link in our bio! ¡Salud, y Feliz Año Nuevo!

Ready for some fun in the sun? We at the @spawnloungeproject are, as we bring you our second holiday special #WinterWonderland #Overwatch cocktail! Here is the BEACHRAT, based on #Junkrat's new legendary skin! Delicious mango, fruit passion, and avocado come together with white and dark rum, in the perfect tropical drink to sip on an Australian beach on Xmas day! Go on...give it a shake! Both the original recipe and its alcohol-free version are available on @omnicpost - link in our bio!

No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place. This means you were destined to stumble upon @spawnloungeproject's NUTCRACKER cocktail, inspired by last year's #WinterWonderland #Zenyatta skin! Here is our own interpretation of delicious warm #eggnog, with cinnamon and Nocino, an Italian walnut liqueur.
This is our first Christmas present to you guys, to reward the love you all constantly send our way! Both the original recipe and its alcohol-free version are available on @omnicpost - link in our bio! Joy to the world!

No one left behind... Because we now have a cocktail for each hero released so far! If you haven't yet, check out our whole profile to see our #Overwatch themed cocktails, and follow the link in our bio to get our recipes, both original and alcohol-free, so you can try them at home!
What are our plans now, you ask? Just stick around to find out, because there are plenty of skins, maps, characters, and more to inspire new cocktails!
Thank you guys so much for the support and love you have sent our way, we adore you!

From the shadows... comes @spawnloungeproject's #Reaper inspired #Overwatch cocktail, the BLOODY REYES! Have you checked it out yet? What are you waiting for?

We're not barmen, we're high-functioning barmen... The @spawnloungeproject is back in black, with the last drink in our first series of #Overwatch inspired cocktails! Feeling nostalgic about #Reaper's Soul Orbs? We are, so we decided to celebrate the good ol' days with our BLOODY REYES, our Reaper inspired drink! The tomato juice reminds of a Bloody Mary cocktail, but we used Jack Daniel's whisky and balsamic glaze to add a little edgy darkness... What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost!

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