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Hey Internet! So I'm last minute sitting in with Reggie Karl's set this afternoon. If you're in the neighborhood of Ernie's Tin Bar around 3:30, come get a beer and make us look cool. I'm not saying it's gonna be as epic as this, but it may be...

This guy.

When you know it's gonna be good pizza...#cowabungadude

Hey internet. You can find me at Ernies. Fri-Sun and Tues from about 10:30 til 4. Also, the whole song will be on YouTube soon...ish. Because we all know how much do the computers.

The biggest decision I made today. #permanentlyexhaustedpigeon

Pouring beers and hanging out this guy til 4ish. Come say hey!

Let's do this!!!

A kitchen divided will not stand. #nevertakesides #thestarsbothtrekandwars

When your friends know you too well. #nog

Hey all! Got nothing to do tonight? Come down to the Petaluma's Elks Lodge and enjoy a dinner by the Pasta King and a winter concert to support music in Petaluma schools. No charge but donations are graciously excepted.

So, Christmas starts today, deal? #mulligan