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SHOULDERS!!!! In my opinion they can never be wide enough or round enough, now structure pre training years i was not wide at all, years of side and rear lateral work now give the illusion that i have width, i no longer train front delts as they get plenty work from chest and can grow quickly, u want good shoulders people, really focus on side and rear delts. #shoulders #notwideenough #round #wffpro #lollies

If anyone is after a photographer for this years upcoming comps please get in touch with @mishmagliolo lol as u can see she has made an old man look not too shabby, thanku Mish your skills are wasted on me lol @cutscutler71 #wffpro #mishbestpics #shesgotskills #bookherin

Chest day kept going and turned into tricep day, great little finisher for the triceps, change of hand and shoulder position had the triceos screaming great session

Leg cooked, zero squats today, condition great 100 weeks out lol @cutscutler71 and thanku @ben_hytongue for ur camera work and commentary #best

Post leg sess pump, short sharp session focused on hammies as lower back been playing up so gonna spend next month focusing on getting glutes to fire so my lower back can relax. Sometimes u gotta take a step backwards to take 2 steps foward:) thanku as always @mishmagliolo for u pics #mishjustbeapgotohrapher #nopantfridays #lowerbackrehab #skinnylegs #butlean @cutscutler71

Massive chest session with @christopherdimitriadis , as always finished with some cables , strength was high today after resting saturday and sunday and even threw up the 50kg dbells and for anyone that knows me thats heavy for my sore shoulders lol #veins #shoulders #striations #boobies #dry #wffpro @cutscutler71 maybe october?? Lol @spartan666

Little calves but ripped calves lol awesome session today @christopherdimitriadis , reminded me of our old sessions:) #unearlychucked #preworkoutgotya

Another crazy session with @cutscutler71 , some heavy machine work today and pump was crazyyyy. Maybe i should compete Davey? Lol #nocomp #leanforthelove #nandos #gaytime

Forgive me for the weight used and not best form but was the end of quadruple drop set so triceps were fried lol @mishmagliolo thanks again #tries #noweight #doesntmatter #horseshoe #veins @cutscutler71

Trying to turn a weakness into a strength, back day today, awesome session with @denirxp , all the rows were done today:) thanks for ur master camera work @mishmagliolo #back #itwillgetbetter #rowrowrow #veins

Awesome session with @d_wack today, final exercise was lateral cables, super high reps and shoulders are complete. These days i hardly do any pressing movements and focus alot on side and rear delts, things seen to be working fine so ill stick to it. #shoulders #wff #veins #fitfam #motivate #roundelts

Thanku @cutscutler71 for another great session and even better camera skills:) I always like to finish my chest session with high rep cables, plenty squeezing plenty change of angles. #chest #lean #wffpro #oldmengoinghard #veins

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