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Long Post Alert- As most of you know im not a huge fan of social media and all that comes with it, this man here Simon Grillo who owns @earndclothing is one of my oldest and closest mates. We dont have to see each other very often but anytime we do its always a life learning lesson for me. He"s a self made man who says it how it is and runs his own race. Now to the point of this post, Simon has been sick for over 18 months now, he suffers from a condition called Streptococcus sp at level of 99.7, now most people with this disease are bedridden at 20 percent, hes not a sook nor does he want anyone's sympathy, all i ask anyone who follows me is if anyone can help him with this condition he will be forever greatfull. Before u ask why doenst he just go to a doctor/specialist/gastroenterologist well hes exhausted all those options and 80k later still no success, hes contacted a few instagram "gurus" lol and didnt even get a reply which i find disgusting. If you cant help just msg back saying "im not qualified enough in this area" that takes 1 min. So if anyone out there knows of anyone that can help Simon please dm me or him and well take it from there. #truemate #ificanhelpiwill #urmymotivation #toughasnails

Throwback Thursday at its best, Swipe right to see the greatest ever on the cover of the Australian Ironman July 2006 , and few younger physiques including myself and in the 3 man pose off we have @rickbrennanfitness_wffpro @themeataxe and the legend himself @suntanon1 , social media is great to make u feel close to your idols of today but nothing beats going through old magazines and seeing these pics. The bodybuilding scene was so different back then and it was the time of my life, not a care in the world lol #25yearsyoung #3weekprep #still smiling

Fast foward 4 years from The Age photo shoot ,pic taken night of winning the IFBB Mr Victoria Novice 2001 . 22 years old and hair all over the place lol #79.8kg

Now heres a flashback, the year october 1997 , The Age newspaper came to my school @footscraycitycollege and u can call my first official photoshoot lol 21 years later and im still loving my training and its a part of me:) #memories #18yearsold #year12 #longhair #nochest

To my dear mumma wishing u a happy mothers day:) Although u are on the other side of the world atm visiting Greece for the first time, we love u and miss u and u mean more to us than u will ever know:) xxx #enjoyurtrip

Pic taken backstage by @easyjuke literally 30 sec before i jumped on stage and won my class at the @pca_official PCA Southern show a couple weeks ago . Ive competed over 20 times over nearly 18 years and this was my longest prep by far .... 9 whole weeks to be exact, and probably my best look so far . For all you younger competitors stop this dirty bulk shit and stay semi lean. Ive had a saying for many years now "If ur under the age of 30 and cant at least see 4 abs then your just lazy with food and your training intensity is rubbish" Theres no point "bulking " up and gaining 25 rubbish kg then having to diet a thousand weeks to lose it all lol Train smart eat smart and above all have fun:) #compsarntforeveryone #3showsin9weeks #stillhavingtunashakes #wolf #vet #nextyearbigchrisandyoungchris @mishmagliolo @christopherdimitriadis @xxthiaxx00

3 hours after winning last weeks @pca_australia Southerns and consuming enough ive cream and food for 5 people @legrandesign thought it would be a good idea to do a shoot on the beach at coolangatta as the sun went down. I felt bloated as fuck but pic turned out ok:) thanku @easyjuke for holding my clothes lol #nosurferhere #waves #sunset #illsticktobodybuilding #noabs

Awesome exercise to finish off triceps, elbows tight, weight moderate, reps till failure, thanku again for a great sess @christopherdimitriadis , u motivated this old 🐺 today :) #maz #gav #arosti #levendi @mishmagliolo @xxthiaxx00 @easyjuke @cutscutler71 @christhomasalphaethos @christopherdimitriadis @tocfitnessstudios

@christopherdimitriadis todays session was crazy as it always is but this is a post to thank u for all u have done for me during the past 9 weeks and 3 shows, ur a brother to me and as u look up to me with things i look up to u with how u go about your life, u have grown into an amazing young man and watching it happen has made me so happy, out friendship is only 4 years old but our bond is unbreakable:) shit people have come and gone in our lives but we are still here stronger than ever, keep doing your thing and one day as promised we will share the stage together, grandmasters for me:) #tinakanoume #levendi #justbenormalman #happy #arostos #brother #waterfindsitsownlevel #loveure #mazisback

Nice write up for the show in 2002 southern states, i even highlighted my write up lol things were very different back then, we used to have to wait 3 months post comp for any magazine pics lol #howtimeshavechanged #misstheolddays

Australian Iron man 2006, random photo shoot lol back when bodybuilding was bodybuilding!! #breitling #ratstookit #shithappens #lifegoeson

The pic u find when u find magazines from Australian ironman magazine 2002 at home:) #young man #hair #stacynotsteve #stilnotfamouslol #butstillgoing #was22there

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