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New job in Venture Capital up on the site!
Interested in working in Venture Capital? Heard about the illustrious industry but never knew how to get in? We are looking to hiring an Associate/ Intern to help out with our summer cohort as we bring in 15 new startups

We are a pre-seed/ seed founder-friendly accelerator; we invest up to $250,000 into your venture!
We are industry agnostic, with our primary focus being traction, team, and product. Whether that is a $300,000 Kickstarter campaign or a high monthly-recurring revenue, we want to see that there is some market validation for your venture.

Our goal is to 2-3x you within the first six-months of you starting the accelerator, which means that if we can't help you, we won't bring you-- even if you have an incredible company!

Our entire team has been in your shoes. Each one of us has founded a company and understands the challenges you go through, giving us an unfair advantage into founder insights and the challenges you'll face.

Apply in the link!

😂 #truth

These are the messages that make it all worth it— our mission is and always will be to help you succeed— apply on the site or if you’re USC/ UCLA join us for our soft launch to both universities

Does Monday really count as Monday if you worked all weekend? 🤔

Change that— recruit your team on today!

The main question I get when talking to potential founders is: how do I get started? We've answered that question for you see for the new article or check the link in the bio

Think you know how to run a sales call? See the tried and true technique of selling in a one to one meeting

See link in bio for the site

New blog post: Why no one is trying to steal your idea. Learn why not talking about your venture idea will lead to your downfall

See link in bio for the site

New blog post: Relationships-- who to found with?
Founding a company with friends and family? You might want to reconsider

See link in bio for the site

Splitting equity? Welcome to the zone of contention. A guide on how to avoid common mistakes is now up on the blog link for the site is also in the bio

The first step is networking with potential customers to see if you have a tangible idea-- don't listen to critics listen to what people are willing to pay for

New blog post: Go solo or find help? Founding pitfalls to consider on both sides

Follow the blog and apply now to Spark xyz link is in the bio

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