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Nice, love, pray, eat, sparkle  Nice based foodie who loves to Interior Design 👩🏻‍💻Photo-blogging life in Nice & other stories. 📸Food | Nice| Travels #myniceguide Work:

We’ve been gifted @jamieoliver new #jamies5ingredients meals book 🙌🏼 and it’s been a lifesaver. Recipes are easy and simple, but you still learn new techniques, and perfect for those evenings when you feel like your brain is no longer functioning and you’re not quite feeling the urge to be the next star on Chef’s table.
Here’s a genuine question and I would love to hear from “y’all”, what’s your favourite cookbook? Always love discovering new sources of food inspiration 🙌🏼

Rossetti blooms.

🤪😂 True story!!
« Quand mes comptes sont dans le Rouge, je bois du Blanc pour être Bleu » 🇫🇷🍷

The other day I stumbled upon this darling little gem up in Borriglione. A Tea room / Antique shop (most of what’s on display is also for sale) full of charm run by the sweetest lady who met us with big and welcoming smile.
A Vinyl was spinning on the turntable, and some french classics filled the the cosy room, along with many other quirky and vintage treasures.
It was difficult to choose among all the appetizing homemade cakes on display. I had the “Gateaux de Pain” (Bread cake) and was instantly enchanted. A few “mmmmm” “mmmmmmmmm” emanated from nearby tables, suggesting that others were equality delighted with their bites.
Coffee, very important, was good too, served in pretty china. Plenty of tea choices on the menu also.

You will not be disappointed! 📍 31 Av Borriglione, Nice
👉🏼 @augoutthedantan

Bonjour!!! Spring Edible flowers bought at at the cours saleya market the other day.
It looked pretty over the dinning table, and our salads. 💐🌸🌼

#bomdia gente!!
#goodmorning y’all!
#bonjour tout le monde!!
#buongiorno a Tutti!
#buenosdías mundo! l
#gutemorgen leute!!

Peas & Asparagus soup with a sprinkle of garlic flowers makes an easy pea-sy Spring supper.

Lazy rainy mornings.

Madeleines biggest fan ♥️


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