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Hlc  I'm not your average Mathematics Specialist 💁‍♀️! I love public speaking, pretty things, witty words and fabulous conversation!

I tried telling y’all this cat was not right. #BelieveMeNow? #Nahla #SheWalksLikePeople #CrazyEyes

Nahla.... Adorable one minute and vicious the next! #catsbecrazy

The world is definitely not ready for this many Heathers!😂😬😬

Trying to smile but so many things weighing heavy on my heart.

Show some love and like my summer design for a contest, please! 💜 #nuckees

Happy Hump Day!! Slap on a smile and remember it costs $0.00 to speak kindly to others but the affect it can have is more valuable than you can imagine. #KindnessIsAlwaysInStyle #MakeSomeonesDay #BlessUp

I’m looking forward to the week that’s ahead! No, I don’t have anything special planned. I’m just thankful I have a job and my health that enables me to do it. #Thankful #ItakeTooMuchForGranted ##TryingToDoBetter

Catherine and Catfish have bonded! I can’t see Mimi’s beef ball without thinking of you! Love and miss you!

I’m lookin’ down the barrel of a new week. All I see is a LONG 4 day stretch of training math teachers and even longer nights of writing training for the next day. I have to plan something to look forward to this weekend or I might not make it🤯 #LoveMyJobButImTired #CrunchTime

It never fails that I feel better when I’m wearing red! 🛑💄👠❤️ #RedIsRad

Guessing Game!!! If you could read my mind, what would you guess I’m thinking here?? #ThisShouldBeGood #OrScary

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