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  It’s just an account where I post my imagine for fun, so hope you can have fun reading this! Imagine Spam kpop pics Eng/한글/Indo

You : wake up babyyy
Bf : ....
You : ishhh, wake up!!
Bf : huh? Oh, hey babe
You : ya! Wake up!
Bf : what time is it?
You : it’s 6.15 already!
Bf : ahhh, but I still wanna sleep
You : huuhhh wake up :3
Bf : come here, don’t be cranky in the morning / bf hugs you /
You : ok 30 more minutes?
Bf : ok 30 more minutes
/ bf kisses your cheek and sleep again while hugging you /

Bf : hey babe, I’m bored
You : me too
Bf : wanna skip class with me?
You : you sure?
Bf : yeah if you’re happy with that

You : where do you wanna go?
Bf : anywhere with you I’m fine
You : how about my fav cafe near school?
Bf : sure if you happy with that ✨
You : look here
Bf : what?
* cekrek *📸
Bf : why did you take my photo??
You : hahaha cause
Bf : cause?
You : you look handsome right now
Bf : aww yoo too babe

Do hope you enjoy this one!!! If you have any requests just comment or dm!!! Thanks!!
#ulzzangimagine #ulzzang

[ HALU ]
Km : kak DO, boleh tolong bantuin pr aku ngga?
DO : apa? gimana?
Km : aku bilang, kak DO boleh bantuin pr aku ngga?
DO : masa udah pacaran ngomong nya pake kak sih?
Km : ya terus pake apa?
DO : panggil nama aja lah
Km : ngga sopan dongg
DO : yauda klo ga mau manggil nama aku panggil sayang aja
Km : /malu/

Req from @nnnathaniaa hope you like it!! #imagine #exoimagine #doimagine

Bf : what do you want for dinner?
You : I don’t want to
Bf : hey, you have to eat so you can be healthy again
You : I’ll eat later
Bf : no! If you eat later you will not eat
You : I will
Bf : nope! I’m cooking for you so you have to eat
You : alright
#imagine #ulzzang #ulzzangimagine

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