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Spade and Seeds  Food & Medicine Plant Nursery, Biodynamic Style. Plants + Consultations + Garden Coaching + Edible Landscaping Los Angeles


NEEM TREE HUGGING! So so happy to commune with this 30 ft #Neem tree yesterday right here in #losangeles. 💚 Neem is considered “the village pharmacy” in India, providing cool shade, toothbrushes, and is incredibly medicinal for basically everything that ails humans, critters and plants. Rare to see and grow in LA, and feeling blessed I️ got to say Thank You to this plant treasure and give this tree and good hug and nuzzle! The leaves are pleasantly bitter to taste and ingesting or applying neem will make your skin glow. ✨ 🌳#neem #thevillagepharmacy #treehuggers #lunchatKalpanas #neemlove

LOVE POTION: I truly ♥️ these blood red zinnias. This spring I planted 2 red zinnia plants in someone's garden, as a wish for them that they might find their true love. Shhhh don't tell. ;) #lovepotion #plantmagic #bloodred #justaregularspring

HAPPY AF. Happy af to see this sight today, all day. Give me a beach, any fr*ckin beach. 🙏🏽#sunburnt #chillax #finally #neededthis

DRAGONS EGG CUCUMBERS. I'm obsessed with Dragons Egg #cucumbers and have been planting this variety in everyone's gardens this spring. Sweet, delish, prolific and super super #cute. ✨💚 I boldly proclaim them to be the new Persian cucumber!! Oh, and good morning! ;) #yaheardme #dragonsegg #kawaii #cucumbersfordays #2018

FOUND YOU...Found you last night, beautiful Chaya, sweet Mayan indigenous superfood Tree Spinach that has been eaten for centuries if not millennia...easy to grow perennial that provides way more nutrition than other leafy greens. Smack dab in #dtla . Stay close, don't you go nowhere. ;) #indigenousplants #chaya #plantlove #beautiful #aboutlastnight

FIGS. Go figure ;;)) #figs #abouttonight

CURRENT MOOD DREAMSCAPISM: It's Saturday, it's hot, I'm lazy, and all I want to do is sip on rose quartz water and my green smoothie with fresh patchouli leaves from 💚 @cali_farmer 💚 and contemplate the perfection of nature's beauty and sticking my feet in the ocean. 👍🏽💖 Just saying... ;) #patchouli #rosequartz #nature #currentmood #lazy #theocean #dreamscape

SOMEONE'S DINNER LAST NIGHT: Vegetables, herbs and fruits of the earth, why you so beautiful?!! Sweet little still life spread from a rooftop garden yesterday- Spoon and Sungold tomatoes, Mexican Sour Gherkins, Rosa Bianca and Japanese eggplant, green zukes, Kimchi peppers, Lemon and White Cucumbers, Mushroom Plant, Pineapple Sage, French Sorrel and Mint. Had fun impromptu styling this with a garden client peep yesterday- fruits and veggies are like gorgeous jewels that make everyone stop in their tracks and just connect with nature. And you get a yummy dinner and refreshing bevvies too! ;) #natureisbeautiful #natureisamazing #growfood #dinner ✨✨✨✨✨✨

LIL BABY LOVE! Lil baby cucumber love right here. ;) Don't remember if it's Dragon's Egg or Miniature White..🤔 Both adorable and delish heirlooms! 💚✨(Dragons Egg was my favorite last year.) #cucumberlove #dragonsegg #cutiepie

Just in case you haven't heard -we're having a ✨Midsummer's Night Market✨ this Saturday July 15th from 5 PM to 11PM at Fig Earth Supply @figearthsupply ! ✨ We'll have local artists and artisans selling their wares- foodstuffs, kitchen, home, artwork, bath & body, health & wellness, beautiful gifts, sacred items, all made or curated with ❤️ and soul. We'll have the wood fired pizza ovens 🍕going plus other nibbles to nosh on under the summer sky, plus wine and local beers, and wholesome coffee, herbal infusions and punches. Partial proceeds go to our horticultural homies 👩🏽‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾@grow_good ! Live music from local artists, too. We're excited to celebrate summer🌞, sip low key☕️🥛🍺🍷 , shop and drop 😍, and support our human fam with you! ✨🙌🏽♥️🌈#weloveyou #supportlocal #losangeles #funfunfun .
PS: Be sure to check our Fig Earth Supply @figearthsupply insta feed for the latest on our vendors and attendees!

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! Alpine strawberries (so easy to grow), Longevity Spinach (anti-diabetes, anti-high blood pressure perennial, and buckwheat (summertime cover crop that attracts beneficial insects). Polycultural harmony in the garden! Ok now back to work before the heat kicks my ass. ;) #polyculture #harmony #strawberrystrawberry

FIRME FRIDAYS IN FULL EFFECT! My fave way to beat this LA heat is by drinking Jamaica tea and getting texts that say "It's firme Friday, bitchachos!" Also wearing my bday necklace from @amyosburn . ;;)) ✨♥️♥️✨#besos #besties #aguadejamaica #bitchachos #firmefriday #firmeheinas #mivida #gemini

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