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-',Lynn,'-  |✨ 🍑 🌿| -j u s t f o r f u n- ☾ 2 commissions slots open

I'm sorry for all the messy sketches lately. I'm working on a surprise thing so I'm not going 2 be doing a whole lot of digital art. But b exited.😏. Or not. It's okay.

I got bored waiting for my mom at the nail salon. I'm kinda proud of this :)
- UPDATE: the more I look at it the more I hate it okay bye 🙃

the basic fruit study lmao

I hate drawing backgrounds. I got bored so here ya go. Idk how I feel abt this style. It's too anime like. I want to try doing more semirealism but I'm lazy lmaooo. #asuna_bnha_sxp

This is eh but I have nothing else to post. Tbhh the face in the corner looks like @cyarine's eye style😂 I wasn't referencing her art, I was just referencing a picture of some model and the face turned out like that and I was shook.

I feel so blessed 😭 plz follow her she's amazing I'm so happy rn😭 #asuna_bnha_sxp

Daily shitbook post because artblock

My half-assed oc lol. I finally finished it omg I'm so slow #asuna_bnha_sxp

Welcome to my shitbook. Filled with random song lyrics and random noses everywhere

Some bnha wips for my oc :))
-you will be seeing slot of Asuna's because she's the only oc that I have that is adaptable. Like originally I made her for a medieval type role-play with my friends and I also use her in tris's group except mor grown up and now as a Bnha hero :>. All the Asuna's are similar with a few tweaks to them to fit the story :) #asuna_bnha_sxp #bnhaoc #bokunoheroacademia

Turned out better than I expected but not as good as I hoped. -
-don't give me too much credit for this because I traded the outline. This was just a paint study so I just wanted focus on painting :)

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