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But will I ever finish this? WhO nose?

Such a rare sight to see me use colored pencils? I need to use these more they are so fun. Also my lighting is bad so i think that's why the picture looks so grey and dull but I blame my camera and the lighting in my room

I honestly haven't done traditional in a while. I hate how it turned out but it was fun

I kind of hate this because head is too big but I really wanted to do a quick ootd from the other day bc I was really happy about my outfit😂 I also did a lot of gardening that day so I drew my basil plants (yes I know that's not what basil looks like and they haven't sprouted yet but it's whatever) also I'm really proud bc I actually wore shorts? I never wear anything that shows my legs bc I have ugly scars and bumps all over them so I was really proud of myself :) 😭 (I got really cold when I went into the stores tho 😭)

#DKRAFFLE2 I've followed this guy for a super long time (on my old other mcig accounts too) like ever since 2015? And he's improved so much and ahh

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Lol I'm hhappy with dis so far. Honestly Idk what I'm doing but its fun

I think I like it better as a sketch tho :)

Drew this with procreate on my iPad. I wasn't planning on this turning out good but I'm really happy with it :)b AlsSo. WHAT?? I drew a nose???? WOw who dis?
I feel like the less pressure there is the better it turns out :)

Repost because I actually think this was cute and I kind of want to go back to this kind of style?

What the actual fuck did I just draw mmmm

LOL really quick messy doodle of usagi LOL....o fudge I forgot her eYebrows . I just noticed

This is also a gif so please click the link in my bio to see the gif version!!!!
So this was inspired by primsomnia (she doesn't have Instagram but she's on tumblr)
I was kinda indecisive on whether or not I liked the one with texture or without. Also at the end I took out the lineart because I kind of dig the messy feel to the piece without it's boundaries. |
OH ALSO HE'S a newer Oc so he's kinda underdeveloped... he doesn't even have a name yet so please give me ideas! (And yes he's meant to be in the group tris is also in) [OKOK TY @prettylillostboy for the name BC HIS NAME WILL BE REN]

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