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Revedamour Prax, The Rat King

"My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlawRussiaforever. We begin bombing in five minutes."

I want to fall into this, and never be found.
I want to close the distance, cover the ground.
Morning meet me when I come to rest,
Get lost in the dreams I'm weaving into your head. @nightjacketsound

Let go, maggot brain.
Let go.

Would you come here and spin with me?
I've been dying to get you dizzy

All seven and we'll watch them fall
They stand in the way of love
And we will smoke them all
With an intellect and a savior-faire
No one in the whole universe
Will ever compare

I've been meaning to look into your eyes
I've seen 'em a half a million times
How have I not seen them like this? Strange...
I've been meaning look behind your smile
Seen it a half a million times
So how did I not notice you had fangs?

My Texas fam, get out there and vote. I'm sad that I can't be there to help.

I'm a sick man
So stay away
And baby stop walking over my grave
I've got half a mind to doubt
That my bad luck is ever running out

Some #seattle pics to stay active so I can stem the tide of my followers leaving. Lol

This explains it perfectly.

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