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Marlene🦋  I wear my heart on my sleeves♡

"You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else."💕

Happy Earth Day💚💙🌎


Pc; @candy.loves.candy 4 the first seven pictures⚡

My dab was surprisingly @ the perfect timing when the picture was taken lmao

It was so funnnnnn♡♡♡

People never learn⚡

I’m tired of trying to be something that I can’t be, and I’m tired of fighting for something that I can’t see.

If i find a way will you walk it with me?

And I’ve never really been one for taking second chances on times that I’ve been broken
but sometimes forgiveness needs to be put in place for someone to actually grow from these negative emotions,
and all that constructive use of the pain that’s thrown at you is the only way to find refuge.

I love this picture🌸🖤

As if broken bones hurt more than the names we got called, and we got called them all. So we grew up believing no one would ever fall in love with us, that we'd be lonely forever, that we'd never meet someone to make us feel like the sun was something they built for us in their toolshed. So broken heartstrings bled the blues, and we tried to empty ourselves so we'd feel nothing. Don't tell me that hurts less than a broken bone, that an ingrown life is something surgeons can cut away, that there's no way for it to metastasize; it does.
Pc; @idfcliz


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