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Timo B  🍣Head Chef 🔪 at #rapkitchen 🎤 First Sunday of every month @scribbleslam vs Rap Kitchen 🎤 @zerofoxbne is a good bar 👈🏼

Don't forget we playing a show Friday 5th and it's a triphop party time yes 🆒

Business at the front, Hip-Hop at he back. Show 5•10th at Betty's.
Phot - @milkytingle
Shirt design and art - @metty____

¥ This my first show of the year and probably the last. I'm up with @icherusmc ¥
Bigup @md5k.jpg for getting me active.

Bardsley Party for Mays graduation ❤️️

They have Matcha Beer!! It is exactly what you'd expect but very drinkable.
Also new Rice beer.
May and #koya are the best 😊

Going on holiday soon

We're back again for @scribbleslam 6pm Tonight. Cheap drinks and live art/rap.

I love Ben N Ben love me 😘

HMU for new hats $25 x x