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I don’t need no scales I eye ball werk

Oh dam! It’s smoked fried chicken day here at @beaverswestheimer lunch only! Get yo nalgas over here and get it before we sell out!

Literally f’d up today and took a Wagyu brisket and made some burnt ends. The brisket was accidentally cut into cubes but it turned out that we made it work and ended up with sexy burnt ends. This could turn into a thang here... maybe 🤠 #wagyuBrisket

It’s National Bbq month.. We got something special planned for y’all next week at @beavershtx #OG plan on getting ur beak wet and ur belly full Wednesday 5pm 📸 @packysaunders

I missed my calling.. hand model #tbt 📸 @nasimthedream 😒

Thanks @hardiesfreshfoods for inviting us to y’all’s Htown food show! We had a blast! Get on my IG story to get in on the fun we had today. It’s always great to catch up with chefs and also meet new vendors and local products. #EatLocal #hardies75th 🤠

CultureMap tastemakers was tite.. I made a gravity “smoker” out of a growler then smoked beef tartar in a seedling tray #smokeSomethang 📸 @emilyjaschke

We out here being cute

Wishing all cooks, chefs, servers, dishwashers, valet, bar staff the best of luck tomorrow for Easter brunch. #godsSpeed we are going to battle for the world tomorrow. 🤘🏼🤠 📸 @shootmychef @bensassani @sassaniphotography

Here’s another one, just for good measure. Smoked fried chicken 🤠

Smoked fried chickie for lunch