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Everyday is national cheese burger day here at @beaverswestheimer this one is our bar burger.. only the best @44farms ground beef 🤠

Can we taco bout how juicy @beaverswestheimer does it?!? Seeeesh y’all.. see y’all boys in Austin for the take down @houbbq vs ATX. Smoked beef cheek & short rib, bacon/brisket fat tortilla, smoke green chile salsa, cebollas. #smokesomethangBissssh

Ducked around and smoked some beef cheeks and shorties for @houbbq this weekend.. we placed 2nd for judges and ppl choice.

Y’all ready for @houbbq throwdown this weekend? Who’s coming?! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Just out here living my best life y’all. We have beef ribs tonight. Come get you some 🤠

Y’all ain’t bout this life.. beef ribs are ready for dinner 🤠 at the one and only @beaverswestheimer #keto #glutenFree

Pop trunk wave just got paid 🌊 #oceanOfFunk #worldPeace

Happy birthday pops! I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for all the unconditional love and support I’ve gotten from ya! #OG

I’ll be slang’n meats at @dearsummerbbq come get u one of these Sammie’s #Rp
Walk it like I chop it 🙌 We can’t wait to chop it up with y’all on September 9th at @sawyeryards! Have you RSVPed yet? It’s FREE through the link in our bio. Tag your squad 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ #DearSummerHTX

If you missed the beef ribs today I’m running them back tomorrow for dinner. @beaverswestheimer