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rohit maurya  A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.

Hogwarts, the place I considered my abode posters of Harry Potter,
I had a huge board, only if my history professor were Binns; coming drifting through the board,
And my classroom also had a fat lady who asked for a code from Katniss to Peeta to President Snow,
My love for these characters, nobody did know,
Although at poor Prim’s death, I hit a new low,
It taught me through destruction, one could learn to grow,
Thomas and Teresa running for their lives
Their existence dominated by hopelessness and cries
Manipulated by everyone, told endless lies,
Isn’t it strange how everyone they love dies?
Edward and Bella: what a fantastic pair!
Everything seemed so romantic, beautiful and fair.
Filled with vampires, werewolves and many a scare,
They taught me love was truly another name for care,
Then came Khaleesi, the breaker of chains
Cersei, the mountain, drew blood in rains Betrayal and backstabbing, yet and innocent façade everyone maintains,
In the game of thrones,
Who truly hold the reigns?
Jon snow to gale to Ron Weasley
All of them made my survival a lot easy,
Bold and beautiful and vile and sleazy
All the characters made my imagination go crazy
Standing forever by me in every mood
For them my room had now become their hood
Those books took me place that I never could visit;
Amazing were they and so was my childhood..... #books #writeup #reading #coffee

Photo bomber🔥
😌😌Pata hai ajeeb shakal banai maine 😌😌
#farewell2k18 #agnels #school #idk

Farewell 2k17 (2/2)
Memories to cherish forever 💓

#farewell2k18 #friendship
#agnels #schoollife #crazydays #friends #fun

Farewell 2k18(1/2)
Mixed emotions 😌

#farewell2k18 #agnels #schoollife #friendship #memories #10A

Son Goku
🎨Drew this some time ago🎨.
How is it ?
#goku #vegeta #dbs #anime #manga #sketch #art #prismacolor #sakuramicrons #fanart

Attempted a pencil sketch
Is it good?
#sketch #anime #yato #noragami #manga #art

No one is around 
i walk down the streets of a vacant wasteland 
forgotten, discarded, tattered 
red cups drag across asphalt 
with no force pushing them but the 
tired alcohol stained breath of the wind. 
this beautiful sunday morning-tainted 
by the drunken cheers of last night
the life-poured, guzzled, shot 
out of this place 
death hangs over the streets while a
drunken hibernation swallows my "highly esteemed" peers.
shattered glass cracks beneath 
my feet as i follow the pathway...... #writeups #poem #tags #😶

😂If I decide to be an idiot, then I'll be an idiot on my own accord.😂
Killing it with sulochan..😄
#idiotgoals #friendshipgoals
#idiot #crazy

Unlovely city, to which few tourists come 
With squinting cameras and alien hats; 
Left under a cloud by those who love the sun 
And can afford to marry – a cloud of bits 
Of soot more myriad than gnats, a cloud 
Of smoke and rain, an insubstantial threat 
Whose colour is the pigment of long wrath, 
I think of you, surprised to find my blood 
Warmed by a wry desire, a kind of love. 
I see the trams, like galleons at night, 
Of phantom guests – the smells of fish and chips, 
Laborious smoke, stale beer and autumn gusts, 
The whispering shadows and the winking hips, 
The crack of frosty whips, brief summer"s dust. 
And in that city through a forked November 
The city flavoured my delicious misery. 
And so I guess that any landscape"s beauty 
Is fathered by associative joys 
Held in a shared, historic memory, 
For beauty is the shape of our desires. 
My northern city, then, by many called 
Ugly or worse, much like an aged nurse 
Tender yet stern who taught one how to walk, 
Is dear to me, and it will always have 
A desolate enchantment that I"ll love. ~Rohit Maurya
#poem #writeups #citylife #words #latenightreads

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun.
#friendshipgoals #camp2k17 #10agoals

It’s not that I’m watching to see something happen, I just like to look. Stars never really change while I watch them like other things do. People watch clouds to see the faces change, and they watch clocks to see time change, but a stargazer doesn’t watch for change. And even though stars aren’t in constant shift like clouds or time, these is always a certain freshness to looking at the night sky. You may think that you know what the nocturnal sky looks sky looks like, but every time you really looked you are amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty and abundance of stars. No matter how often you do it, it never gets old. The amazement never dwindles.

#motivation #lifestyle#desire #happiness #inspire #confidence#instagood #beautiful #great #greatday #instacool #instalike #livingthedream #wanderlust #ilovetravel #writetotravel #instatravelling #instavacation

Drawing after a long time!!
Hope ya'll like it .
.Follow my anime page @kisame.squad7
#tags #itachi #death #mightguy #vs #kakashi #uchiha #madara #fight #naruto #sasuke #sakura #team7 #kisame #hashirama #tsunade #manga #anime #l4l #ninja #tokyoghoul #touka

There is no heaven or hell. No matter what you do while you're alive, everybody goes to the same place once you die. Death is Equal.... About time I posted one of my favorite artwork by me😁😁 #art #manga #anime #l #light #yagami #deathnote #kira #drawing #sketching

Thus closes another chapter of our lives
Do you ever notice, as time goes by 
The time seems to speed up quite a bit 
So many things that you want to do 
But in a day those things don't all fit?
We slow down, oh yes that's true 
We don't get in much of a hurry 
Our bones seem more tired now 
No reason there seems to scurry.
We look back, as time goes by 
And are amazed at what we've seen 
Technology keeps flashing past 
It is almost like in a dream.
Our friends, well, many we've lost 
Too many, as time goes by 
Way too many funerals 
Too many reasons we have to cry.
But you know, we are so very lucky 
We take time to appreciate the beautiful sky 
Sweetness of nature and lovely friends 
We enjoy so much, as time goes by!

. "A slender acquaintance with the world must convince every man that actions, not words, are the true criterion of the attachment of friends." - George Washington

#friendship #friendshipgoals

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