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Renee - Soy'nCherry  🥗 Foodlover, 🌱vegan, 🍒veggies and fruitaddict, 👫 in a relationship and 👦🏼 mother of an 8 yr old boy

I’ve had some crazy busy night shifts the past couple of days and màn, I felt like a zombie during the day. Thanks so much 🙏🏻 for #peanutbutter, large #jumpers and #nomakeup 💄.
Are you a peanutbutter 🥜 lover? YES or NO?


Toast with vegan cream cheese and cucumber 🥒 or toast with beetroot hummus and avocado 💕. Which one would you pick?

I bought beetroot powder yesterday, so I’m ready to chuck it in all my food 🤣. Pink invasion!
It’s Friyay!! What are your plans for the weekend? Nothing exciting here: My nightshifts will start tonight and end on Monday, so I’ll probably either work or sleep.. 💤 🙈 Hope your plans will be much more fun! 😘 •

(NL) Fijn weekend alvast iedereen! Xx

We’ve celebrated a million birthdays in December and already a couple in January as well. 🙈
I’m always happy to find some veggies on the table (after I’ve had some cake of course).. Have an amazing Wednesday! 😘

Goodmorning and happy Monday everyone! ✨ Woke up after a good 8 hours of sleep and I’m still so tired! Pffff.. What’s wrong? I have a day off today and my guess is I’m going for a siesta this afternoon.. •
Look at these little banana nocheesecakes I made a while ago, aren’t they cute?
It was the first time I tried to make a ‘cheese’ cake made with soaked cashew. It tasted delicious and creamy, but it took ages to get them to the stage they were firm enough to eat 🤣. Oh well - “failing is just another word for growing”, right?

Tulips 🌷
My moms favorite since I can remember and I took over the love for this flower when I left my family home. Super popular in Holland, but not originally from here. They were officially introduced in the Netherlands at the end of the sixteenth century.
They’re sooo pretty, bright up the house and they come in practically every color.
What’s your favorite flower?

Tulpen. 🌷 Mijn moeders favoriete bloemen en dat heb ik een beetje overgenomen sinds ik niet meer thuis woon. Superpopulaire bloem hier in Nederland, maar hij komt hier officieel niet vandaan, pas sinds het einde van de 16e eeuw kennen wij “onze tulp”. Ze zijn zo lekker vrolijk, makes je huis instant mooi en zijn in alle kleuren verkrijgbaar.
Wat is jouw favoriete bloem?

Loads of veggies for dinner tonight. 👌🏻
Somehow I feel tired, and have been feeling tired for at least a week and my guess is it has a lot to do with all those Christmas festivities and it’s food choices🙈. It has been quite a while since we had a veggie bowl for dinner - so I’m definitely going for it tonight.
How are you today? 😘

Wow. After all that food these past couple of weeks 🐷 I was craving some healthy ‘pastel’ nicecream this morning🍦. And it was goood! How did you start your morning?

It’s made of banana and blackberry with a shot of @personalprotein vanilla flavor, some extra blackberries, figs and puffed quinoa on top.

What a year! Have an amazing day today - see you in 2019! 🎉😘
#bestnine2018 #bestnine

Hellooooo everyone.
I’ve had an insta holiday last week and it was great, totally amazing - I absolutely recommend it 🙃. It has been so busy these days, apart from Christmas, we also celebrated my sons, my boyfriends and my mother’s birthday.. I kind of felt like a zombie at moments, can you imagine?
One of the things we made was this ☝🏽 chocolate cake and it was crazy good. If you feel like you haven’t gained enough weight yet, I could DM you the recipe - just let me know. 🤪
Hope you’re all doing amazing. Big kiss! 😘

Today I got up early to do some Christmas 🎄 and birthday 🎂 BAKING (both my son and my boyfriend have their birthday in a few days). First up: a vegan cheesecake.
I don’t consider myself a great baker (a banana bread is my biggest achievement so far), but I’m gonna give it a go anyway 🙈.

Do you like baking and what’s your best recipe?

Picture: Just some plain soy yoghurt with warm persimmon, orange 🍊and cinnamon, pecans and some granola.

*FAVORITES* Black coffee ☕️ (🇬🇧 below)
Ok dus ik heb even nagedacht en het lijkt me ook wel een idee om zo nu en dan mijn favoriete producten/dingen hier te delen met jullie. Is dat leuk? Gewoon tussendoor. Zo leer je me misschien wat beter kennen. Dus, hier is foto nummer 1. Koffie. Daar start ik standaard de dag mee. En sinds 1,5 jaar is dit merk favoriet hier in huis.
Corleone van Simon Levelt. Denk dat het zo rond de €5,- is per 250 gram. Misschien was prijzig, maar het is een heeeerlijk bakkie!
Wij hebben zo’n Italiaans pruttelpotje en daar halen we twee kopjes uit. Soms zetten we nog eentje en daarna ga ik over op de thee. Kan er op een of andere manier toch minder goed tegen nu ik ouder word (heb ik dat ècht gezegd?👵🏻).
Hoe drink jij je koffie? •
So I’ve been thinking and I like to share some of my favorite products on this feed with you. To get to know me a little better. A lot of the stuff I’ll show you will be from Dutch shops of course, but it’ll be fun nevertheless.
I’ll have a coffee every morning and this is my favorite brand. It’s called ‘Corleone’ from Simon Levelt.
I usually go for black coffee in the morning and I often choose tea during the rest of the day.
How do you drink your coffee?

Starting this rainy 🌧 Monday right with a bowl of porridge with oats, @purechimp matcha, flaxseed, @abbot_kinneys almond start yoghurt and some fruit. i have to say; adding a little yoghurt to your porridge makes this breakfast sooo fresh and delicious! My little boy loved it (and so did I). Im off to bring the monkey to school and clean the house.. What’s Monday going to bring you?

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