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마리☄  K-beauty💫 ✨Newbie, 20. 💤sensitive, oily, dehydrated & acne prone skin. ☁︎PIH & hormonal acne. 📍🇵🇭🌞

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Because I like variety in my masks, I tend to buy a lot. And because it's more economical for me to buy packs, I tend to have multiples of the same masks. I've been able to sell and give away a lot of them to my friends. But I've saved some to share with the community! This is a thank you for being so generous with each other and for being so supportive!

The prize:
🍁 Freeset Donkey Milk Mask Healing
🍁 Dermal Pearl Collagen Essence Mask
🍁 Packagekorea Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask
🍁 Naruko Rose Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask EX
🍁 Mimoto Q10 + Lithospermum Essence Mask
🍁 Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask
🍁 Girl's Generation Stem Cell Mask
🍁 My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask
🍁 The Face Shop Mung Bean Mask
🍁 Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask
🍁 Sexylook Superior Moisturizing Black Mask
🍁 Packagekorea Melt Me Softly blackhead nose pack
🍁 The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam
🍁 The Ordinary Niancinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
🍁 Lush Baked Alaska Soap
🍁 And various samples

1. Follow me and don't unfollow if you don't win. That's rude and you will be disqualified from future giveaways. No spam or giveaway accounts allowed.
2. Like this post and tag 2 friends
3. Tell me what your favourite animal is AND why it's your favourite animal
4. 2 extra entries for reposting this post and using the hashtag #flotatoskingiveaway. Tag me so it'll be easier for me to find.

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL as long as Canada Post ships to you. This giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram or any other entities. I am not responsible for custom fees and any other fees once it leaves my hands. This giveaway will end one month from now on June 8th at 11:59 PM EST.

Good luck!

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Also bought another etude house sheet masks to try on!! These are the only ones i have tho hahaha ive used all of my sheet masks i bought last month hahaha. Anyone willing to donate? hahahaha joke i just REALLY REALLY NEED TO SAVE UP

April's empties, samples and all of the sheet masks i've used since i started AB last january! I actually need to focus on sheet masking but im just too lazy to do it sometimes also im trying to save up haha i decided to buy my full sized products first and ofcourse i wouldn't spend the week without masking 2-3x a week hehe. .
💛COSRX Low ph cleanser! My fave! i so so so love this cleanser so much! Its my first time using a cleanser that doesnt leave my skin tight and cleansed my face after a tiring day. My HG cleanser so far! Just ordered a back up of this and its coming tomorrow.
💜COSRX aha bha toner! My first cosrx product. This actually helped with my pimples. It dries out my pimples the next morning (not that completely). It also calmed and heal my pimples fast. I actually stopped using this at the end of March but that just because i tried switching to Klairs and just last week i added this one on my routine again. Would consider repurchasing this one but i gotta save up first haha.
For the sheet mask i'll just list down my faves hehe but over all i love all of these mask they did brighten, lighten, sooth, calmed, healed my skin and made me look feeling fresh the next morning! hehehee.
💕Etude house tea tree and snail mask.
💕Innisfree tea tree and bija mask.
💕💕Tony moly tea tree mask.
💕Klairs rich moist shooting mask.
💕Make p:rem Comfort Me air mask.
💕Moksha dear. tea tree mask.

Time for a sheet mask review!! Lastnight's mask is the Make p:rem Comfort Me Air Mask. "Is made from 100% Eco-friendly vegetable air fabric." It has ingredients like niacinamide, centella, aloe, ceramide np, hyaluronic acid and other botanical extracts that are too many to mention. It is said to sooth and calm skin.
My experience with this mask was a fail lmao. I was suprised that it has this thing called protective film (i did my research haha) which i did not remove and literally slapped it on my face, I was really laughing at myself and thought the fit was weird and i can't even fold it haha. I removed it anyway haha the mask is so thin tho!! I was having a hard time trying to fit it on my face. The essence was thick tho. There was not so much essence left in it but the mask itself was soaked with so much essence so i was okay with it.
I left it for about 45 minutes haha yes it has so much essence that it took me almost 1 hr before taking it off. I must say.. even with a fail fitting with this mask, it left my skin very hydrated! My skin was so soft, it calmed down the redness, and my skin was so plumped! I patted the residue on my face and it was absorded easily. So not bad i guess? haha
Would consider repurchasing this mask and next time i could use it properly hahaha

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Exciting news ! On the occasion of reaching 300 followers a few weeks ago (+400 now, you guys rock!), here is my very first giveaway 😊
This is a little thank you to the lovely #abcommunity ☺️
This giveaway is open internationally ! 😆🎉
The lucky winner will receive everything pictured above : my fav mist and a bunch of masks 😊
✨ Nature Republic Aloe Soothing Mist
✨ Tony Moly Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet
✨ Papa Recipe Bombee Black Honey Mask Pack
✨ Papa Recipe Bombee Whitening Honey Mask Pack
✨ Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask
✨ Jayjun Real 3 Steps Water Black Mask
✨ My Scheming 7 in 1 Brightening Essence Black Mask
✨ My Scheming Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask
✨ My Beauty Diary Aloe Vera Mask
✨ My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask
✨ My Beauty Diary Mexico Cactus Mask
How to enter :
1. Follow me @grweli and like this post (don't unfollow, I will block you and you won't be able to join future giveaways)
2. I love discovering new skincare products for my dry-sensitive-eczema skin, so share with me what you think might work for me 😊 OR your fav skincare product !
3. Tag 3 friends who might want to join !
4. (Optional) For 2 additional entries, repost this picture with #grwelifirstgiveaway and tag @grweli so I can see it !
🔺 Your account must be public, no giveaway accounts allowed (I will check 👀) 🔞 Must be 18y or over to enter ❌ This giveaway is not sponsored by any brands or Instagram 📦 Once I ship the package, I won't be responsible for loss or damaged goods, customs or taxes.
🌎 International giveaway 🌏
🔒 Giveaway running from April 25 to May 24 2017 (end at 12 PM UTC), the winner will be announced on 28 with a random name generator
Good luck everyone 😊💕
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Annyeong! It's summer already which means hell here in PH hahaha. I'm really sorry for being inactive lately, so many things happened, i finally graduated, been to a beach, got sunburn :-) broke out again and again hahaha. But for my routine nothing has changed that much i just added the Klairs toner that im really loving!! Actually tried to add more products but it broke me out :(((( i swear at the cosrx rice mask and centella cream😒😒 never again!! .
So what i am going to do now is just continue with this routine, i realized my skin is good with only few products. Last week my Klairs vitamin c arrived which i've been dying to try but because of my sunburn i guess i wont be using it yet. I will have to treat my skin first as i've said ive been breaking out real bad for almost a month nowㅜㅜ Hopefully everything will be alright soon!! My routine anyway! hehe.
🔅Cosrx lowph cleanser.
🔅Cosrx aha/bha toner.
🔅Klairs toner.
🔅Cosrx snail essence.
🔅Lebaton Aqua hydrating Essence Mask. 🔅Faceshop Aloe vera gel.
The mask is enough for hydration, theres not much scent into it. Left it for about 30 minutes and it still had so much essence left which i will be using the next night hehehe.

First day of April and look what came in today! My first ever althea box! I wasn't really planning to get one this early haha i promised myself to order after my graduation, but ate @skincaremadness dmed me about their 30% and i couldn't control myself and ordered what i needed in my routine, heres what i got!!
☀️klairs supple toner (IM SO SO EXCITED TO TRY THIS TONIGHT!!!).
☀️klairs rich moist soothing sheet mask.
☀️make p:rem comfort me air mask.
☀️lebaton aqua hydrating essence mask.
☀️moksha dear tea tree mask.
☀️Innisfree no-sebum mineral powder.
Been wanting to try these masks and i can't wait to slap them on my face haha.
Also a little update on my skin, im still recovering from the break out i had cos of the cosrx centella cream :( It actually worked on calming my acne but it is also kind of breaking me out :( I still get break outs whenever i use it as a spot treatment, idk what to do with this one😤😤
For the cosrx rice mask, this gave me white heads!!! 😒😒😒 esp on my forehead i could tell the culprit after patch testing it for only 2 nights. Why u do this to me😩😩 Thanks to my holy grail aloe vera gel it helps calm the redness and my irritated skin. I just cant live without it.
Happy April fools anyway! It's already April i can't believe its only 4 days til my graduation and it's actually stressing me out hahaha i need to chill🤓🤓
Have a great day everyone!!

Sheet masks i bought this week!! I'm so excited to try the tony moly's! Especially the tea tree mask! I can't wait to slap this on my face haha. For the innisfree, i've tried the tea tree and i can't say much about this one but it did sooth my skin.

Well.. again 💸💸💸
Another cosrx products i'll be adding on my routine. (Total of six cosrx products now on my routine haha) I've been using the centella cream for about a week now and the rice mask just arrived this week and im still testing this one but im using it on my whole face now lol -
Ok for the centella cream it helps heal my active acne faster and makes the puss come out.. idk but i guess thats ok. i use it either on my whole face or a spot treatment/last step. Also idk if this is the culprit because i've been breaking out :-) this time they are all over my face and i got so many marks to get rid off again huhuhu its stressing me out T___T
For the rice mask i have not really noticed any changes on my face, well its only been days anyway! Let's give this product time to shine haha i also think this suits my oily skin? i'll be checking it out for now and will update you guys!
Now i just need to ask you guys something! I'm thinking of adding the klairs vitamin c on my routine to help with my marks but im not really sure if i can add it now? Or maybe after two weeks? For those who have tried it, please help me decide hahaha also did it help clear your marks and brighten your skin? Hope you guys could help me! Thankyou!
Sorry for being inactive lately i've been busy with grad school :(((( Anyway i hope you guys are all doing well! 🤗🤗🤗u

Congrats danica! Also my fave part of my routine is def sheet masking!! #Repost @sweetenedunicorn with @repostapp
Happy 1st Day of March. It's been awhile since my last post but it's my Birthday Month and I have reached 800 followers recently. It's been harsh for me lately. But to be happier let's celebrate by doing a giveaway. I have an idea of what will be included in the prize. But will keep it a secret for now. ----------------------
Here are the rules:
*Be sure to follow me, Please No unfollowing should be done after the giveaway is over
*Comment on this post where you are from and tag 3 friends that you think would like to join *Repost this photo ONCE on your account, tag me and tell me what if your favorite step in your skincare routine
IMPORTANT: *Make sure your account is public for me to view & that all giveaway rules are followed
*Open to all my INTERNATIONAL friends
*Giveaway ends on my Birthday, March 20th at 4pm CST
Good Luck! Note that this event is not sponsored by any skincare brand or Instagram & is totally hosted by me. I am purchasing everything that will be sent to the winner.

I'm finally posting my routine! This has been my routine for more than a month. Just a basic routine since I was trying to fix my moisture barrier because of lack of moisturize😅😅 And i literally went from oily to dry skin im like self why u do this.😫😫 I think the aloe vera isn't enough to hydrate my skin and recently the weather here in my country has been really cold esp at night im telling you i live in PH tho😂😂 thats why i develop mild peeling i guess but over all i got less break, no more irritated skin, lessened the redness and im feeling more confident lately! I'll be adding the cosrx snail mucin on my routine for 💧💧 and i also started patch testing my BHA Liquid, i hope this wont break me out huhuhu. This is both my routine for AM and PM
☄Cosrx Low pH Goodmorning Gel Cleanser.
☄Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off. (once a week) and this broke me out tho.
☄Cosrx AHA BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner.
☄Sheet mask! (2-3x a week).
☄Nature Republic Aloe vera gel.
☄Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence. (AM)💕.
This also helped heal/brighten some of my marks hehe.

Friday sheet mask!! Second time trying this one and i really love this! I got few pimples after using the Skinfood black sugar wash off the other day and just last night after using it i noticed the next morning my pimples healed and helped reduce the pain! Not that much but i will say this is great for helping your pimples heal.
The fitting of this mask is ok. I left it on my face for like 20-30 minutes haha i love it this much!
The essence is a bit watery, There was still some left on the pack, i put it on the fridge and will probably use it tonight hehe.
I also like the smell! Smells like some kind of fruit!!! hehehe Very soothing and cooling.
Will surely repurchase this.
I'm also on my no buy february hahaha i hope i will be able to control myself! Cos i must do this haha.

Joining #mypointlessgiveaway 💕💕

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