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Sow Seeds of Love & Kindness even when it hurts... Especially when it hurts! Remember Ruth had also lost her husband but instead of focusing on her own loss & pain she shifted her focus to her Mother in law Naomi who had also lost her husband & two sons!

Strangely enough we heal through healing others by being there for another even as we go through our life's challenges! For all that we experience serves a purpose & I'm learning that with God it's not about in-reach but outreach! He heals us as we give of ourselves to others who need someone to be a blessing in their life.

So next time you're feeling down... make someone else smile & watch your healing begin to take effect.

Stay Blessed😊

#WorshipWednesday #WiserWednesday #WeReapWhatWeSow

Looking into the new Week with a reminder that what we reap is surely what we sow... Sow seeds of Love & you will reap that in double portion! Sow the opposite & reap that in the same measure.

Like Ruth reaped in double portion after showing nothing but love & kindness to her Mother in Law Naomi-she then got it all back & then some & won Favour with Boaz in a land that wasn't even her own.

Vlog on this coming up soon😊 📷 @kimachianator
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#MondayMotivation #WeReapWhatWeSow

Thanx again for watching this Folks🙏🏾❤️😊That which you are holding in your hand is exactly what God can use to do Great & Mighty things if you will only surrender.
The two most important days of our life are when we are born & when we find out why! So go back to God & let Him reveal your Purpose & then surrender it to Him & let Him fulfill His Purpose for you as we're reminded in Psalm 138:8! For it is His Role to fulfill it- not you! but He will use that which you hold to bring it to pass🙏🏾 Get Full clip on YouTube- https://youtu.be/54hFvJ2HySk Direct Link in Bio 📹 @kimachianator
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#TestimonyThursday #ThanksGivingThursday

Like God used the Rod that was in Moses's hand to perform signs & wonders that we still talk about to date! God can also use what you have in your hand to fulfill His Purpose through you! He just needs you to surrender it to Him🙏🏾 Full clip on my YouTube Channel- https://youtu.be/54hFvJ2HySk direct link in bio
Watch, like, subscribe😊🙏🏾 #WorshipWednesday #WiserWednesday #WhatsInYourHand

New Vlog Up- https://youtu.be/54hFvJ2HySk Direct Link in Bio! What's in your hand? You have the tools required to carry out your purpose you just need to surrender them to God🙏🏾Find out more on the Vlog😊🙏🏾 📹 @kimachianator
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"And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?" Matthew 6:30
I grew up hearing & reading this verse over & over but only rings true to me now that I finally learned to trust & depend on Him alone! For when we make room for Him He opens doors no man can & brings Revelation that can only be found in Him & a peace that surpasses ALL! understanding even in the midst of the storm! & indeed He is the God of the 11th hour! The min you are just about to give up- surrender to Him & tell Him very honestly that your strength is done & He will show up in a mighty way! So be encouraged today🙏🏾 His plans are to prosper you always, even in the dark moments be joyful for in everything there is purpose! Trust & Surrender🙏🏾 Smile through the week like He's already done it🤗 📷 @kimachianator
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One of the greatest lessons I've learned in scripture is in Mark 6:11- where we get first hand example of how to handle Rejection! Guess what Jesus told His disciples? SHAKE IT OFF & keep it moving! You see that scripture reminds us that rejection will happen in life- it's a given! but not that we should be broken in spirit but like he told his disciples "shake off the dust that is on your feet & leave that place of rejection" So today if you find yourself in that position- shake it off! block! leave! Whatever it will take never let that be a reflection of you but them & continue existing in your truest form & you will attract that which is meant to be in your life.

Live boldly, Live courageously & shake it off!! Have a Super Weekend🤗❤️🙏🏾 📷 @kimachianator
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#ShakeItOff #KeepItMoving #FactFriday

Sending you positive vibes this dreary morning🤗🙏🏾🤗Smile & be Grateful🙏🏾 Let us not Grow Weary in doing good for in due season we will reap the Harvest- Galatians 6:9💛 📷 @kimachianator
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#Smile #Gratitude #DoGood #ReapGood

Thank you all so very much for the overwhelming feedback with my Waiting on God series🙏🏾I will respond to each of your comments & messages very very soon🙏🏾Humbled & grateful this spoke to you🙏🏾God is ever so Faithful! & doesn't He love it when we surrender to Him for that is when He can begin to really move in our lives.
GodBless you all🤗🤗🤗do subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos coming up every week🙏🏾https://youtu.be/K35y1FSdxDw direct link in bio🙏🏾 It's safe to say happy end week💃🏽 #ThanksgivingThursday #TheWaitingGame

When you feel inadequate for the task ahead- is when you absolutely must go ahead and do it! For when we are weak is when His Power is made Strong in us! God can't do much if we have it all together! but when we need Him is when He shows up to accomplish that which He had set out for you even before you were in your Mother's Womb! Let Him steer your Ship🙏🏾Submit to the process & arrive to the Promise. 🎥 @kimachianator
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Full clip on my YouTube channel- https://youtu.be/K35y1FSdxDw Direct Link in Bio
#TheWaitingGame #WiserWednesday

Morning devotion based on 1st Samuel 16! David waited 20years to be King even after he was anointed!

God will give you a vision so big & sometimes we may wonder when is it ever going to materialize but it's key to allow God to finish what He begun in the Spiritual & not try to attain it in the physical! In His perfect timing He will make it happen! He first must mold you for the Position before He brings it to Fruition.
Whole clip on my YouTube Channel- https://youtu.be/K35y1FSdxDw direct link in Bio!
#TheWaitingGame #MorningDevotions #WiserWednesday

New Vlog Up- https://youtu.be/K35y1FSdxDw Direct Link in Bio!

How long are you willing to wait on God? Conversation on my YouTube Channel Now Live🙏🏾 📷🎥 @kimachianator
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