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South Australia  Lonely Planet's 5th Best Region to visit in 2017. Tag @southaustralia, #SeeSouthAustralia or #SouthAustralia to let us repost on our social channels.

Adelaide has just been voted 5th most liveable city in the world…for the 5th year in a row! We think we know why...In the past 12 months, we were voted Lonely Planet’s 5th best region to visit in 2017, designated as a UNESCO City of Music, joined the prestigious @Gwc of the world network and of course won the best festival state in Australia. So, we hope you’re celebrating hard (yet responsibly) with some @AHwineregion vino or some @barossa charcuterie and head for one of the parklands surrounding the CBD. If you’re a little more adventurous hop on the tram and head to Glenelg. Watch the waves roll in, just 20 minutes from the city. Cheers to @badstance for this shot of Adelaide’s Victoria Square. #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ]

This, friends, is what the outback looks like. When @j.a.y_daley visited a few months ago, he couldn’t believe how void of people parts of Australia were. What’s not missing though is endless beauty and historical tales that will keep you entertained for hours around the campfire. Pictured is the old Ghan Railway along the Oodnadatta Track; a 750km dirt track which begins at Marree and stretches right up to the south west corner of Queensland. The track follows a traditional aboriginal trading route and is a 4WD-ing trip of a lifetime. Along the way you’ll find settlement ruins, abandoned stone buildings, the Painted Desert, The Pink Roadhouse (who serve up the famous Oodnaburger) and the original @greatsthnrail train tracks. [📍Location: a 2hr flight from Sydney to Whyalla in #SouthAustralia, then a 6 hour drive to #Marree ]​

With winter waves looking like this, it’s enough to get you out of bed at first light, right? Well, for @jesse_ehlers it is! Knights Beach is a special place for Jesse because he’s lucky enough to watch the sun rise as he duck-dives through each icy slab. Apparently, ‘it’s been a pretty sick winter…waves nearly every day’. We’ll have to take your word for it Jesse because from beneath the doona we wouldn’t know! Just around the corner from here is Port Elliot, so grab yourself some fish and chips and perch yourself on the beach to watch the sun go DOWN! [📍Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 1.15 hour drive to #FleurieuPeninsula ]​

Good morning from above! Our weekend was spent down by the water because hey, suns out buns out – for the whales anyway! Yes, we spotted some and we did an Instagram live. Did you see it? If not, don’t worry they are still around, but this morning we’re taking a breath of fresh air from the city; with the hills in the east and the coast to the west, Adelaide CBD is somewhere in the middle with parklands on all four sides. We can thank local @badstance for this shot! #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ]

As if the epic @destinationriverland sunsets aren’t enough… these tortured trees still manage to steal the show when the curtain falls over Lake Bonney. This place is the perfect spot to pull up in your campervan and soak up the last rays of the evening. By day, this place is a bustling hive of activity, with swimmers, boaties, windsurfers, canoers, skiers, and anglers all taking full advantage of nature’s playground. When the sun starts to rise, open up your campervan and watch the world wake up with a warm “home” brewed coffee in hand. Thanks to @jessica_grohs_photography for this marvellous capture. [📍Location: just a 2 hr flight from Melbourne to #Sydney in #SouthAustralia, then a 2.5hr drive to #LakeBonney]

17 degrees today, 21 degrees tomorrow. It's time to pack your bags (and binoculars) and road trip to Port Elliot like @jarred.walker did! Whilst you’re there keep an eye out for Free Willy 🐳 – well our version anyway 🐋! 13 Southern Wright Whales have been spotted over the last couple of days frolicking in the bay. With many of the whales teaching their calves how to swim and feed, grab a Nutella donut from the local’s favourite, @portelliotbakery and make an arvo of it! You might be rewarded with a breach like @psycs_pixs did - see our story ⬆️ Pop quiz: what is a group of whales commonly called? There are a few, so ‘pod’ just won't cut it!
[📍Location: just a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 1.15 hour drive to #PortElliot ]​

It’s Foodie Friday, and one things clear - you’ll never go hungry in the Flinders Ranges, as @born_free_photography discovered after tucking into this delicious stingray dish at the legendary @prairiehotel in Parachilna (population: 7)! Famous for its ‘feral food’ menu, this place churns out
spectacular native cuisine for scores of outback travellers - from its renowned ‘Feral Mixed Grill’ - once listed as one of the top 100 gourmet experiences in Australia – and ‘Feral Antipasto’, including kangaroo pastrami, emu pate, camel mettwurst, goats cheese and bush tomato chilli jam. Oh, and of course you don’t ever want to leave without a bowl of the delicious Quandong Crumble Pie! #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 5hr drive to Parachilna ]

It’s not every day you get to see the hills of Sellicks Beach from this vantage point. With the wrinkly hills so lusciously green and picture perfect it’d be pretty easy to forget about falling from the sky at 220km per hour from 5,000 feet, are we right?! Our stunning @officialfleurieupeninsula delivers the goods from not just tantalisingly, world-renowned wine, the scenery and @saskydiving adventures will leave you breathless too! After touchdown, journey down the road to @beresfordwines' cellar door where your heart rate will be nurtured back to normal with their award winning 2013 limited release shiraz. Kudos to @reinhardt93 for photographing this amazing scene 👏🏔️ [📍Location: just a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 1 hour drive to #FleurieuPeninsula ]​

Oh. My. GOODNESS! If this little guy doesn’t give you cuteness overload, we’re not sure what will! According to @quentinchester, “one of the genius features of Seal Bay is the chance to observe our Australian Sea Lions up close and in all sorts of scenarios. Being hair seals, who feel the cold, means during winter they're often high up amid the dune shrubbery - like this youngster.” It’s pretty clear to us that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth - and that’s one very good reason this place is a true highlight of any visit to ‘KI’. Take a guided walk with a @nationalparkssa ranger and you’ll get intimate access to these beauties as they frolic in the surf and wrestle down on the beach. Just pack an extra memory card for your camera. #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 35 minute flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry) to Kangaroo Island ]

Okay, we could go on and ON about how good the beaches are around Adelaide… But in all seriousness, Blowhole Beach in @officialfleurieupeninsula’s Deep Creek National Park is other-worldly, as @dubstamatic will surely attest! With winter almost behind us, spring is in the air - and that means we can expect plenty more days like THIS in the weeks and months ahead... Zoom in closer and you’ll spot two lucky lads taking a dip smack in the middle of this watery utopia – all just a stone’s throw from the CBD! With miles and miles of incredible - and safe - swimming beaches stretching south of the city, picking just one spot to lay down your towel is about the toughest decision you’ll make all day. Even better for our Tassie friends... @jetstaraustralia's new direct flights from Hobart to Adelaide officially kick off on 14 November 2017 – so book today and we'll see you in paradise. #SeeSouthAustralia 🏖✈️ [📍Location: just a 1hr 50min direct flight from Hobart to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 1.5 hour drive to DeepCreek CP ]

Meanwhile, the locals are skipping sunset and heading straight to dinner at Mikkira Station! See what we did just there? All jokes aside… this place is just a stone’s throw from @port_lincoln on @eyrepeninsula and not only home to kangaroos – but loads of koalas too! In fact, it’s not unusual to see around 20 of them at a time in the trees above, and it’s one of the best places to get up close to them in the wild. It’s also a great spot camp in the surrounding bushland, with plenty of space to pitch your tent or roll out your swag - and just one of many easy side trips from town. When you’re done hanging out with our furry mates here, be sure to duck in for some of the freshest, plumpest oysters you’ve ever seen at @coffinbayoysterfarmtours just down the road. Photo: @pmikkonen. #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🙉 [📍Location: 50 minute flight (or 7hr drive) to Port Lincoln from #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ]

Okay, no second guesses as to why this place called @authentickangarooisland! Our friends at @lifetime_private_retreats caught these three amigos grabbing a quick dinner around sunset as they watched the waves roll in at Snellings Beach. If you’re staying here, you’ll not only get access to some of the most spectacular coastal scenery on ‘KI’, you’ll also enjoy some of its most mouth-watering cuisine, from dining in enchanted fig trees and rustic boathouses to a cozy 80-year-old shearing shed. Hop on board @kangarooislandodysseys’ brand new 3-day ‘Sensations of Kangaroo Island’ food and wine tour to take your tastebuds on holiday here this spring/summer! #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🍽🍷 [📍Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 35 minute flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry) to Kangaroo Island ]

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