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And it was all yellow… When @recrio was out strolling the streets of Maylands, just a short drive from downtown Adelaide, she ran into a few traffic stoppers along the way! Whether you’re in the big smoke or the ‘burbs, you’ll find plenty of pit stops around town to feast by the fire or soak in a winter warmer. Only ten-minutes away in the CBD, don’t miss calling into @prohibitionliquor in Gilbert Street, the city’s first cellar door for spirits! Not only is it a prime spot to taste and try their world-famous gin direct from the maker – you’ll also load up on local craft beer and wine, antipasto platters, cheese plates and gourmet sour dough toasties! If you roll in before lunchtime, their mates @tell_henry will also be on hand to pour a nice hot coffee just to kick start your session! Mmmm… coffee + cocktails + carbs… Where do we sign?! #SeeSouthAustralia 💛💛💛 [📍 Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ] #Autumn #Australia #SeeAustralia #Travel

Thought you missed it, right? Just when we thought the colour show might be ending at Mount Lofty @botanicgardenssa, along came our mate @__serio__ to deliver this peachy pie from the sky. Late-#autumn and winter is an incredible time of year to visit @visitadelaidehills, and when you’re not catching the last of the season’s colours, you’ll also find plenty of cozy watering holes tucked away around here. We’d suggest warming up with a big pint of Weissbier and a giant pretzel sandwich at @hahndorfinn before resting up your gloriously full tummy at @hahndorfresort down the road. A firm family favourite, this place also has plenty to keep the little tackers entertained, with mini golf, a jumping cushion, and even a very friendly gaggle of geese! #SeeSouthAustralia 🍁🌿🍂🌳 [📍 Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia then a 25 minute drive to #MountLofty Botanic Garden in #VisitAdelaideHills ] #AdelaideHills #Australia #SeeAustralia #Travel

Diesel and dust, petrol and musk…. Our mates @theblondenomads aren’t the only ones hitting the road to see our incredible pink lakes right now! The road to the legendary @eyrepeninsula surfing mecca of Cactus Beach takes intrepid travellers right past Lake MacDonnell, where Mother Nature’s been spilling her palette of pink and green! This stunning strawberry milkshake - with a twist of lime - is the result of high salinity and a thriving population of ‘halobacteria’ (read: cool little micro-organisms that party in the water). A little further west, Fowlers Bay and Head of Bight are also both preparing to host hundreds of Southern Right Whales (May-Oct), currently making their annual migration here from Antarctica… Drop a line to @epcruises and @chintaair to catch the whale show from above and below - and click our bio link ⬆️ for more on our #PinkLake Bucketlist! 💖💚 🐳 #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 1.5hr flight (or 8.5 hour drive) to @cedunaonline, and a 45min drive to Point Sinclair in #EyrePeninsula ] #SeeAustralia #Australia #SouthAustralia

Are you shivering? Come stand in the Sun for a little bit! When @sjakko8 ventured down to @yorkepeninsula’s Innes National Park recently, he also found just the right spot to catch a few warming late-autumn rays... Deep in the wild scapes of this legendary ‘boot leg’ of the south, this coastline is prime territory for road-trippers and steeped in both surfing and maritime history. Home to dramatic, sweeping beaches at every turn and more wildlife than an Attenborough doco, you’ll also find plenty of spots to camp down by the sand. As the sun disappears and the cool night descends, kick back by the roaring fire at your 'million star hotel' with a hearty pint of @watsacowie’s ‘Ethel Porter’ from Minlaton. #SeeSouthAustralia 🌧☀️🙌 [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 3.5hr drive to #InnesNationalPark ] #YorkePeninsula #SeeAustralia #Australia

And then a Unicorn appeared, and we all drank wine… When @wirrawirrawines looked out over their legendary Scrubby Rise #vineyard the other day, they topped up their glass with this ridiculously good #rainbow from the comfort of their own #wine ‘jetty’! With a philosophy revolving around pure unadulterated fun, plonk yourself at this iconic @mclaren_vale cellar door and you can always expect the unexpected... In fact, once you’ve quaffed your way through their outrageously good wine list and blissed out over lunch in Harry’s Deli, you’ll be encouraged to declare war on your fellow wine-drinkers - hurling watermelons with a giant medieval catapult! Sure, we all know every rainbow has a pot of gold at the end of it… but you didn’t really expect THAT now, did you? 🌈🍷🙌#SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, and a 45 minute drive to #McLarenVale in @officialfleurieupeninsula ] #FleurieuPeninsula #SeeAustralia #Australia

Are your teeth chattering?! It’s an icy cold Foodie Friday so we’re warming up with @callumjackson and these delicious house-made pancakes with berry compote, whipped cream and maple syrup! Can’t really see us moving for a while… Maybe just to the fireplace for a hot chocolate? Twist our arm and we might even roll ourselves down the hill to guzzle boutique wine by the 360-degree open fireplace at @mtloftyvineyard… Actually, we might do lunch there too? How about some Hearth Bakery organic sourdough to start, then a little Cured Port Lincoln Kingfish and the Forest Range Chicken for mains? That should do it. Oh wait, but then there’s dessert… Some spectacular @woodsidecheese artisan goodies should finish the afternoon quite nicely! But first, back to our pancakes… Can you pass us the syrup? #SeeSouthAustralia 🥞☕️ [📍Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 30 minute drive to #VisitAdelaideHills ] #AdelaideHills #RestaurantAustralia #Australia

Weather: cloudy, but FINE… Anyone who makes the trek just 45-minutes south of Adelaide will tell you #SellicksBeach is one sexy beast! With Jurassic cliffs, a beach you can drive right onto and the world-class wines of @mclaren_vale nestled right over those green hills, this is just one of the coastal jewels of @officialfleurieupeninsula. It’s also classic winter walking territory – and a prime spot to stroll off the calories after loading up on hot pies and vino at the @victoryhotel! When it’s time to hang up your boots, kick them off at @mulberrylodge, tucked deep in the vines down the road… Thanks for the snap, @avi_photography! #SeeSouthAustralia 💚⛅️💙 [📍Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 45 minute drive to Sellicks Beach in #FleurieuPeninsula ] McLarenVale #SeeAustralia #Australia

Brrrrrr! It’s hard to get out of bed on these chilly #autumn mornings, isn’t it? Alas, those who rise early will always find a little gold in the #fog, as @didi_photos discovered last week in @visitadelaidehills... After a steaming cup of coffee and a delicious cooked breakfast he took a short stroll from @mountloftyhouse before walking straight into an oil painting! Right now, there’s dewy fields and wooded wonderlands at every fork in the road, and a lazy country drive will soon have you gorging on a treasure-trove of food and drink at the stunning @thelanevineyard in @hahndorf_southaustralia. Soaking in their very best wines with 360-degree views and some of the chef’s finest creations, you’ll also have time to kick back, quaff Coffin Bay oysters and Chardonnay while pondering which fireplace to park your boots at next… Click the link in our bio ☝️☝️☝️ for our toastiest spots in town... ❄️🍷 🔥 [📍Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 30 minute drive to #VisitAdelaideHills ] #AdelaideHills #SeeAustralia #Australia

Wine from Earth, sky from Heaven… The glass is always half-full here in @mybarossa, as our mate @isaakschiller knows all too well. Follow the winding roads around these parts and you’ll not only take in an almost endless array of #sunset - and #sunrise - moments, you’ll also be rolling past some of the most famous wineries in the world – including @ultimatewineries’ newest member @yalumbawine. These guys are not only a household name, but are also Australia’s oldest family-owned winery, established way back in 1849. Be sure to check out their new Signature Tour, beginning in the iconic Yalumba Wine Room, followed by a trip to the Signature vineyard and a private tour through the Hill-Smith family’s museum cellar. See… told you the glass was always half full. Pour us another one, will you? #SeeSouthAustralia 🌅🍷🙌 [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide, #SouthAustralia then a 1 hour and 15 minute drive to #MyBarossa ] #Barossa #SeeAustralia #Australia #Wine

If you go out in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise... That’s exactly what was on @__serio__’s mind as he soared over the colourful canvas at Mount Lofty @botanicgardenssa the other day! With the weather getting cooler, and #winter not far off, we’re still seeing plenty of late #autumn colour here in @visitadelaidehills - and whether you’ve packed a picnic rug or your hiking boots, there’s loads of snug little nooks and crannies to explore (or settle into) here in wonderland. Once you’ve braved the elements, it’s hard to resist cozying up by @mountloftyhouse’s roaring fireplace with a pre or post dinner vino, soaking up the history and romance of one of #VisitAdelaideHills’ most iconic properties. Oh, just be sure to grab some of their complimentary marshmallows and roasting sticks! Click our bio link ☝️☝️☝️ for more toasty tips on where to warm up this winter! #SeeSouthAustralia 🌳🍁🍂 [📍 Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia then a 25 minute drive to Mount Lofty Botanic Garden in the #AdelaideHills ] #Australia #SeeAustralia #Travel

“Is there something stuck in my hair?” You know that day you first headed off to school, clinging onto Mum’s dress as you walked through the front gates? This little guy just couldn’t let go as he walked straight into Eucalyptus Primary School, and luckily @samscapephotography was there to capture this moment for the family album! Late autumn is a beautiful time to be on @authentickangarooisland, and with low winds and clear skies you’ll not only see #koalas dozing in trees but plenty more wildlife over the cooler months, including Kangaroos and Tammar Wallabies with young in the pouch – just look for bulges in their Mothers’ tummies! On that note, we’re wishing all the #Mums out there a very Happy #MothersDay, Just remember…. Be good to your Mum! 🐨 💗😘 #SeeSouthAustralia [📍Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia – then a 35 minute flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry) to #KangarooIsland ] #Koala #AuthenticKangarooIsland #SeeAustralia #Australia

Game boots ON, Adelaide! Tonight #Showdown no. 44 kicks off at @adelaideoval and we’re ready to rumble in another bone-crunching contest between our cross-town @afl rivals @pafc and @adelaide_fc! No matter who’s side you’re on, if you can’t get enough game day atmosphere at this bubbling cauldron of sport (hey, we’ll call it the Portress - just for tonight) then try throwing on your favourite party tunes and strapping in for a night climb with @roofclimb_adelaideoval… Lifting off every Friday and Saturday (excluding major events), you’ll even finish up with a celebratory beer or vino once you’re back on terra firma! But back to the game… Who’s going to win, and by how much? #SeeSouthAustralia 🏉🌆 [📍 Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia ] #AdelaideOval #AFLPowerCrows #WeArePortAdelaide #AdelaideCrows #WeFlyAsOne #PortAdelaide #AdelaideCrows #afl

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