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Southard Knives  It's not your grandfathers knife , but it could be. Tag #southardknives with your Southard knives and gear. Tucson, Az USA

Ive been selling some of my old camera gear to help recoupe the costs for my new one. A guy was asking how well the Marco works on the canon 24-70mm. I found these as I was looking. Not only love the shots, but loved the Knives. #southard #southardknives #macro #canon2470mm #timascus #damasteel

I literally can not wait to pester my kid with dad jokes.

Just love the way the Koa Mini Tolks look. Can’t get over it. #southard #southardknives #southardminitolk #titanium #koa #bonze

I still finish up with traditional paper. But I get here so much faster using the stones least so far... in my less than 24hrs of experience with stones. #southardknives #damasteel #southardcustom #arielposenonguitar #arielposenismyspritanimal

After years of being told about them. I finally got a nice shipment of die and Moldmakers stones today to try them out. I shouldn’t have waiting so long. These are awesome. This video is only sped up a tiny tiny bit. That sound at the beginning is certinaly not my cnc and Aircompressor. That’s the sound of mad speed getting work done. #thatsnottrue #thatsnottrueatall #thisisaknifemakersmanicure #southard #southardknives #southardcustom #instamachinest

Damasteel Mini Tolks in the works. Very rough stage. Holes are spotted but not to spec size yet, and outline is cut oversized at this point. #southardminitolk #southardknives #damasteel

Before bladeshow I was experiement with textures on the Mini Tolk. Unfortunately they didn’t quite get done for the show, cause I ran out of hardware, and time. But I wanted to finish them up. Also I’ve been in a rut of Colors for a long time. So I’m trying out some new things. Also played with M4 bladesteel in the bottom two. The top one is S110v. What do you guys think?#southard #southardknives #southardminitolk #southardperformanceseries #titanium

I have a problem with this Pen. I can’t stop playing with it. Just the coolest mechanism ever with fantastic execution. Also I’m just playing with a new camera that I’ve been waiting to come for a few months. If you can name the band you and I can be friends. #grimsmoknives #WriteYourSaga #grimsmosaga #grimsmosagapen @johngrimsmoknives

Bladeshow 2018 completely wipes out my hardware supply for Knives. I used every screw and bearing I had in my shop. So it’s time to make some more. Just finished machining these bearing races and now popping in the ceramic ball bearings. This is what’s in every single Mini Tolk and most of my customs. I like to be able to custom make the bearing I need to fit the knife, that way I can offer the maximum amount of lateral support for the blade as well as off max smoothness. #southardknives #southardminitolk #balls #bearings #ineedtocutmynails #dawes #superexcitedtheyarecomingtotucsoninoctober

Bladeshow Mini Tolks for day 2. Come on by! First come first serve #southardknives #southard

Bladeshow 2018! As I said in my last post, Ibe really been focusing on getting all the Mini Tolk preorders filled before the show. Which I did, however I didn’t get any customs done for the show. Brought a ton of Mini Tolks. Come by booth 948. Sharing with @johngrimsmoknives again like last year. Come check out his new Pen #saga and Norseman as well. #southard #southardminitolk #bladeshow2018

Setting the detents in integral knives is always tricky. #southard #southardknives #knifemaking

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