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Southard Knives  It's not your grandfathers knife , but it could be. Tag #southardknives with your Southard knives and gear. Tucson, Az USA Info@southardknives.com


What’s better than one @pierson_workholding speed change pallet systems. Two. The answer is two. #piersonworkholding #instamachinist

Last one for TKI. A integral Ollie, simple, clean, streamline. #southardknives #tki2018 #titanium #pocketjewlery #knifemaking

Pretty happy with how this Shelach turned out. Open bid for TKI 2018. #southardknives #tki2018 #carbonfiber #zirconium #timascus #instamachinist #knifemaking #pocketjewelry #luxury

Integral Ollie for TKI. Zirconium pivot with titanium pins, NICHOLS Damascus with an Elmax Core. #southardknives #southardcustom #instamachinist #zirconium #titanium #nicholsdamascus #knives #tki2018


Integral Ollie for TKI, with an homage to Michael Burch photos. I forgot the paper towels taped to the workbench in the background. Next time. #tki2018 #southardknives #titanium #damascus

UPDATE On this broken blade!!! First off let me say. As soon as Damasteel saw this a rep from the company contacted me... which is awesome. It’s gonna be on its way to their engineers to get looked at. You guys speculated a lot on what went wrong. Which is great. But let me say this. I have worked with a lot of steel from at of different manufacturers. Damasteel make the cleanest, purest steel I have worked with. I’m not just saying the cleanest Damascus (although they win that category by a huge landslide). It’s clean... perfect steel over all. I’ve found flaws and inclusions in every brand and maker. I’ve never seen one in a damasteel product. From what I can see under magnification. There is NOT one here. I’m also meticulous about heat treating. It’s a science, and I treat it as such. I also check the Rockwell hardness at each step in heat treat. After hardening, after Cryo and, and after temper. It’s a check and balances system to confirm that everything went well. This blade was spot on at every step. What I think happened. I think it cracked after Cryo when I Rockwell tested, before I tempered it. It was at its hardest and most brittle stage right then. I suspect I tested to close the edge, which had some vertical 6O grit scratches, and it just separated a bit because I applied a heavy load of single point pressure on a very brittle (at that stage in heat treatment) surface. While I’ve never had it happen before... the engineers at Damasteel should be able to tell. Please understand what I’m saying. I DO NOT blame damasteel for this. I shouldn’t have posted that it was damasteel. But that cats outta the bag. I’m sorry @damasteelab I was simply frustrated breaking a super awesome blade a few days before a show. So let me again say. Damasteel is the fantastic material, and I intend to continue to work with it, it’s pretty much my exclusive Stainless Damascus product. Because no one else has come close to makeing such a perfect material with excellent knife properties.

Well this is a frustrating moment. Roughing in a blade for TKI outta damasteel. I look closely at it and notice a scratch that doesn’t follow the lines I’m grinding... well that shouldn’t be there... that’s a fracture... I tap it sideways on my workbench. Blade snaps in half... never seen that before on Damasteel. Not even sure what caused it. #southardknives #showprep #damasteel @damasteelab #tki2018

I got a 3d printer for Christmas, Which has been an absolute blast. After making a heap of silly toys for my son Oliver and a printing a few Parts to improve the 3d printer itself. I figure it’s about time to print something useful. organized my Er collets. Thanks to @johngrimsmoknives for his collet holder design that I resized to fit my er collets. #southardknives #3dprinting #grownuptoys

Think I can safely say ended on the something awesome category. Took 10 times longer to do that I had hoped or estimated. But totally worth it. Long as I don’t screw anything else up. Blade bout to be heat treated. #southardknives #tki2018 #knifemaking #instamachinist #tacticalknifeinvitational #titanium

I’m either about to destroy a whole lot of expensive tooling and giant block of titanium in a hurry or do something awesome. Mini Tolk is just for size reference. #southardknives #instamachinist #titanium #tki2018

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