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Southard Knives  It's not your grandfathers knife , but it could be. Tag #southardknives with your Southard knives and gear. Tucson, Az USA

For the last time today, I brushed Ranger's dog hair from my black shirt. Never really cared about his hair on my shirt, but I know I'm gonna miss it anyways. I'll miss the many late hours hanging out on the couch with him while I tried to calm my mind and fall asleep from insomnia. I
'll miss the way he so gently and gingerly took treats or snacks, you would only feel the tickles of his whiskers on your hand.
Wish I had just one more day to sneak you food when Katie wasn’t looking.
Ranger passed away this morning from complications of Addisons disease. #rangergram

When I made the Persian Integral for @tzvy before I started cutting into the amazing Timascus billet that became the integral frame for his knife. I knew I needed to test the design and milling beforehand. I made two Titanium frames and this is the only one that survived. Then I was able to make The one for Tzvy. I just got around to completeing that Persian Eims integral flipper. #southard #southardknives #southardcustom #timascus

FOR SALE: Bremont ALT1-C Anthracite. In used, and worn condition, but functions perfectly.  All wear and tear is aesthetic,. watch has been cared for and regularly maintained.  Shoot me a dm if you’re interested.

I love Damasteel. So lovely. #southard #southardminitolk #southardknives #damasteel

Preparing some mini Tolk Damasteel blades for acid etching. Don’t know what your looking at? I bet your wife might. #southardknives #uvcuring #gelnailpoilsh #damasteel

Some of Oliver’s favorite things. Sitting or being on my guitar cases in any fashion and @prometheuslights Alpha Lights

Ive been selling some of my old camera gear to help recoupe the costs for my new one. A guy was asking how well the Marco works on the canon 24-70mm. I found these as I was looking. Not only love the shots, but loved the Knives. #southard #southardknives #macro #canon2470mm #timascus #damasteel

I literally can not wait to pester my kid with dad jokes.

Just love the way the Koa Mini Tolks look. Can’t get over it. #southard #southardknives #southardminitolk #titanium #koa #bonze

I still finish up with traditional paper. But I get here so much faster using the stones least so far... in my less than 24hrs of experience with stones. #southardknives #damasteel #southardcustom #arielposenonguitar #arielposenismyspritanimal

After years of being told about them. I finally got a nice shipment of die and Moldmakers stones today to try them out. I shouldn’t have waiting so long. These are awesome. This video is only sped up a tiny tiny bit. That sound at the beginning is certinaly not my cnc and Aircompressor. That’s the sound of mad speed getting work done. #thatsnottrue #thatsnottrueatall #thisisaknifemakersmanicure #southard #southardknives #southardcustom #instamachinest

Damasteel Mini Tolks in the works. Very rough stage. Holes are spotted but not to spec size yet, and outline is cut oversized at this point. #southardminitolk #southardknives #damasteel

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