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Southard Knives  It's not your grandfathers knife , but it could be. Tag #southardknives with your Southard knives and gear. Tucson, Az USA Info@southardknives.com


Lots of Mini Tolk parts going on today. Finishing up nearly completely timascus and damasteel Minis. S110v blades getting their final tumble, laser engraving damasteel blades. Milling the insides of some new mini tolks. It’s crazy around here today. Well this mini Tolk turned out lovely. #southard #southardknives #southardknivesminitolk #southardperformance #knives #knifemaking #instamachinist #titanium #timascus #lasers #damasteel

Well this mini Tolk turned out lovely. Fun seeing some of the combos you guys picked all done. #southard #southardknives #southardknivesminitolk #southardperformance #knives #knifemaking #instamachinist #titanium #timascus #bogoak

The last few months of knifemaking have been full of frustration. Parts not turning out like I want, machines and equipment breaking, things Ive done 100x before not working the same. As well as a fair bit of sickness for my faimly.
Its almost been like Ive been learning knife making all over again bringing these Mini Tolks to market. The initial batch I offered to some folks is very nearly complete, although months behind what I was shooting for.
Bringing a small scale production, made fully in house, has proved to be difficult, and so worth it! I couldnt be happier with how they are turning out. The things you work the hardest for are often the most worth it. These are just a few of the Mini Tolk that have shipped in the last few days. I have 9 left to ship before they are all out the door and I can start really producing them, and taking orders. Super excited. #southard #southardknives #southardknivesminitolk #southardperformance #knives #knifemaking #instamachinist #titanium

26 yr old haas machine still running strong. Making some mini Tolk boxes. Meanwhile I’m busy on my other Haas making micarta inlays for the current batch of mini Tolk orders. #southardknives #southard #instamachinist #haas @haas_automation #minitolk #knifemaking #yesievenmakethecases

I have been working hard on Mini Tolks lately. With little work getting done on Customs. But finished up this Hanan custom today. M390 steel, with zirconium, titanium and a bit of g10. #southardknives #knifemaking #titanium #zirconium #knives #customknives #pocketjewlery #manjewelry #greatforamazonboxes

Mini Tolk I shipped recently. Just one of the variations that you will be able to chose from when ordering opens. #southardknives #southardminitolk #titanium #knives #carbonfiber #knifemaking #pocketjewelry #manjewelry #greatforamazonboxes

Mini Tolk assembly time. This one has timascus backspacer and pivot ring with carbon fiber inlays and a 20cv with satin flats. #southardknives #southardminitolk #knifemaking #knifemaker #instamachinst

Getting so close of this first batch. Locks cut detents set. Just final finishing. Heat coloring timascus bits or polishing copper... or whatever was chosen. Along with some other things... like sharpening #southard #southardknives #southardminitolk #knifemaking

I have made the decision to NOT come to the USN Gathering this year.
It was one of those super hard decisions to make, and the moment I called the Show organizers and canceled, I knew without a doubt that it was the correct one for me at the moment.
Work has been quite stressful, and busy for me lately. Shows always make that %100 worse. I needed to make a choice of focus hard on work, and push through, or be a good father and husband. I choose my Family. Not really a hard decision, I just feel like Im letting some of you down. So I'm sorry.
However this will allow me to focus more on the Orders I already have, the Mini Tolks, the customers who have been patiently waiting for me to make the products they ordered long ago. Something I should be focusing on more than shows at the moment anyways.
Thanks for understanding all, have a great show, and see you next year.

Getting the Mini Tolk grind dialed in. Almost where I want it. Almost. #southardknives #southardminitolk #knifemaking

When no one stocks swamp cooler pads in the size your swamp cooler takes. You have to cut your own. Not gonna lie. Bandsaw worked better than expected.

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