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shanmei 汤善美  Everything good that you see here, is all for and from, His glory. Floored by His love and grace over me. Endless curiosity ☁ Bottomless stomach 🍲


Reminiscing my #taitai week after my first day at work today (was good btw) and realised I had a full week of women hahaha. That makes me so happy! It's been so long since I had tea and girl talk and long lunches and it felt like I was a student all over again.
Thankful for all these power women in my life, both old and new who have spoken destiny into my life and spirit. I treasure these friendships and my life is so richly blessed because of these girls.
Shout out to Dns @miriamoremo you don't know how much you do. So many lives are impacted by your presence alone. You bring a loving presence that is strong yet gentle. Thank you for being love in action and reaching out always. Ministry has been so full of joy because of you. You'll always be my spiritual mommy. I found our first photo tgr by chance and can I say that you look even younger now?! #glorytoglory
#nofilter just #teampixel

Christmas came early with you.

It's finally here, presenting our anniversary 💝🎁 to da world! My multi-talented husband outdid himself again by creating a full site documenting his passion - our smart home and some of our blissful #marriedlife Everything you ever need to know about our famous Alexa, Google Home, Sous Vide machine and Tokyo toilet bidet is fully documented. All photos and text by Philip himself. (Except for this flatlay haha.) Support and subscribe ok! (Yes he created a subscription list so you can get the good stuff on email hahaha)
#enjoythesmartlife #ismyhusbandhuman #iminawe #teachmesenpai #areyouamanorarobot

Happy anniversary, darling. Has it really been a year? Everyone says that it seems really quick, but I actually feel like it's been forever, in the best possible way. I've been enjoying married life to the fullest, so much so that I can't imagine or remember what it used to be like. And for that I'm so thankful to Jesus for making everyday so sweet and happy!
My dear @sozoeay asked me to describe this past year of marriage in 5 words and I said this:
Hahaha. I love it. I'm gonna reflect and vision for every year of marriage.
Thank you my dearest man, Philip, for giving me #thebestlifewithJesus everyday feels like the first day. I couldn't ask for more. Always wondered how people could stay married and not get bored of each other but I've tasted for myself the goodness of God. That He can truly make everyday fun and exciting and turn water into wine always.
Love you, Jesus. Love you, Philip.

My forever #workbae thank you stepping into Germs and literally rescuing me from dying of work overload 3 years ago. Beyond thankful for 3 years of girl talks, IG stories, tears and so much joy.
I will miss 🍇🍓🍈 with you.
May you always be brighter than sunshine 🌞 p.s. Crazy Rich Asians book club soon. I'm saving the 3rd book. LOVE YOU.

My gorgeous girls who will forever be the delight of my heart. Thank you for making my days full of joy. You girls are the reason why I go to work happy each day. Words fail me but I'm so thankful this season of wonderful friendship. You have added so much to my life.
So much love for all of you.

My second home for the last 3 years - thank you for all the memories, the friendships, the exhilaration, the achievements. Was so full of mixed emotions yesterday and totally had to maintain so I don't cry. You guys are the best and I will never need to go to another place to realise that.
Wish I gave a better speech I refuse to watch any of the recorded videos cos I might faint of embarrassment. If there's anything I would like to add on - it would be to always have a good opinion of each other. To keep the peace. At the end of the day work is work and what I'll take away is the relationship and friendship. I won't remember what deadline we were rushing but I'll remember the words exchanged, the laughter and the spirit shared.

Thank you, everyone, for a close to perfect first job. Germs will always hold a very dear place in my heart.
Forever a Germie,
Your Shan

Bracing myself for a wintery year end. I.really.cannot.wait. Never been so excited for Christmas in my life. Bring on the🎄☃️❄ #copenhagen #pscomeawaywithus #thebestlifewithJesus

Counting down to our next Honeymoon @hi.im.philip. USA in exactly 2 months 😍😍😍 Any friends in SF/NY hmu if you wanna hang!

Just realised how sleepy we look then I remembered it was 12am on a weeknight 😴. So proud of you baby Sam for everything that you've gone through, you're such a courageous small girl and you shall surely bloom and shine. Know your heavenly Father's inexhaustible heart for you to supply and bless you with so much good in the days to come. And we like you, Ben! So glad that you've this precious fluffy poodle that you can find home in. You're a blessed man! Starwars to come 🤞. Also ever proud of you my dear bunny for whipping up such a Masterchef meal as always. Didn't manage to take a photo so I went to great lengths to steal Ben's HA. Once again, please be amazed by my husband's talents. 😍 We've something brewing in the digital space so stay tuned for another showcase of my multi-talented hubs. 😉


Finally going back to work tomorrow! Beyond thankful for all the love and care that was showered on me this past week and a half. Big love to all my girls who stopped by just to deliver food, flowers, fantastic reads and fabulous company.
#nofilter cos sunlight is magical except for cutie try who was too sleepy hahaha.

@gilliancjy 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ #blessedshanisblessed

The epitome of my week. It's true that sometimes the hardest thing to do is rest, especially for a typical Singaporean. But I'm thankful to be like David the sheep and rest rest rest this whole week! (David was made by my talented mother in grace who also brought me meals everyday)
Don't you think the cushion covers are just lovely? Go get yours with 'Live The Let Go Life' book purchases! 📷: @sozoeay

#blessedshanisblessed #livetheletgolife

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