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shanmei 汤善美  Everything good that you see here, is all for and from, His glory. Floored by His love and grace over me. Endless curiosity ☁ Bottomless stomach 🍲


Had the best fun with the best people today. Thank you Far Easties for such an awesome suggestion and for being the best company with us Central Easties!
Yes, Philip and I did kayak off into the sunset hehe.

Featuring my $28 grilled crab which I ate ALL BY MYSELF.
Also so happy to see my bro so happy 😊
#blessedshanisblessed #trueriches

Just an ordinary day - not an anniversary or a special occasion. But because of you, my everyday has become so rich and so full. Thank you for making ordinary days heaven on earth. And thank you for still being so excited to squish me all the time! God gave me the best when He gave me you. Love you, bunny.
#trueriches #thebestlifewithjesus

#TB to when I was at #AOTY2017 last Friday!! The only time I was at two places at once haha. SO HAPPY WITH OUR GOLD AND TWO LOCAL HEROES! So thankful to be doing great work that gets recognised. Thank you Jesus!
Much love to the best germies for taking me around hahaha. Scroll to the end for major legit-ness. I can't find the photo of me eating the bread!

So thankful for 5 spirit-filled days where I could disconnect to connect. For me, this camp wasn't about the hype and splendour, although it really was majestic! But God was in all the quiet whispers, the real, raw sharings. I love love love experiencing His tangible presence. Always wish I could live permanently in camp instead of having to come back to real life. But I've learnt that just as my honeymoon was all about Philip, so is camp all about Jesus. And Jesus came home with me. :') To my cosiest camp group, thank you for being the best campers to me. And for all the other central easties, we brought your camp expectations along and prayed for them! Missed y'all.

CONGRATULATIONS #BAYMEOW hands down best wedding I've attended of 2017. Amanda, always remembered what you shared that night in tears and now I see how God was so crazy faithful and good to YOU!! The place felt like a wonderland, I was blown away by the amount of time and effort it took with the 100 photos, videos, cinemagraphs, props and everything else. God made it perfect for you my dear!! Declaring His fullness in your marriage!! Photos stolen from everyone and everywhere. Thanks for making it a blast! #bestcompanyever.

#tb to a Saturday where the sun made everyone look glamorous except me. Haha.
Please meet the epitome of #couplegoals - the people who walk the talk and are just so passionate about loving the individual as well as touching the masses.
This man, Pastor Darren, texted us during our honeymoon to say he'll buy us a celebratory meal when we're back. And he made it happen even though his time is probably the most highly demanded I know of. Will always be in awe of the multitude of talents you have, Pastor, and how you have truly revolutionised ministry and made it so irresistible.
Said it before and I'll say it again: when I grow up, I wanna be just like you.
Phyllis, we adore you. You are so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for your quiet wisdom and immense heart (Philip says you remind him of Isaiah 32:17!). With Pastor being so awesome, I've always known that the woman behind him can only be truly so glorious!

Till next time! Always praying for you and your beloved boys. You guys are the best parents ever! Thank you for being our beloved leaders. 🙆🙆🙆 Love always,
Philip + Shan

Blessed Mother's Day to my ever youthful and beautiful mommy! "Do you think you resemble your mom?" We both said no, HA. Was so amused by how your birthday Instagram post changed our answers and perception. Watch the Clarins Mother's day video to understand this haha.
It's my privilege to look like you. Love you and excited to dinner with you tonight 😘😙😚 #justlikemum

Spent this labour day weekend clocking all the exercise I would ever do for 2017. Yes that is me doing step ups cos thank God I'm a girl and I don't have to do those crazy step JUMPS. And YES THAT IS ME DOING BURPEES which includes push ups. Along with 3x 400m run/jog/walk in that order (cos I kennut) and 30 sit ups and 20 push ups. All after a Sunday night cycling.

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF THAT I HAVE TO POST ALL THESE UNGLAMOROUS PHOTOS. I felt genuine fear when I heard the word 400m run.
It's been a decade since track and field days I can't believe I managed to survive those days of hell. Cedar I'm sorry I have failed you.

So thankful for what Jeremy shared on the power of community. All you have to do is just show up, and you'll be able to accomplish the rest with the people who are for your success. #preachit
THANKFUL TO THE BEST GIRLS @SOZOEAY @T.EZER for being the best team!! #popower

Happy #NarwhalDay! (Actually I think it was yesterday) but nevertheless, just look at their magnificent horn. No wonder people believed in unicorns. So majestic!
#statensnaturhistoriskemuseum #Narwhal #pscomeawaywithus

This #Easter, Jesus gave us a extra special gift - an #EasterBunny! We're so happy to welcome Cotton into our home. She's absolutely the most darling bunny and Jesus ensured that she would be perfect for me!! I've always been a dog person and never dreamed I would own a rabbit one day. But how Cotton came to us, is really a testimony of how much God cares and loves to passionately bless us with ALL things great and small. Ask us if you're interested! Just blown away by the goodness of God.
Resurrection Sunday has come and gone and I want to say THANK YOU to the One who paid the hefty price for all my joy today. Marriage has been truly FULLNESS of joy and abundant life. 📸: @clairebeetroot @claragfy

Thank you Dns @annahannah for entrusting us with Cotton!
#ResurrectionSunday #thebestlifewithjesus #cottonisabunny #thankyouJesus #blessedshanisblessed #jubilee

"People who love to eat are always the best people." You go that right #UOBYOLO! Was beyond excited and thankful that Philip won a $200 dining voucher so that we could have such a fabulous feast. 😍 Always wanted to try #OpenDoorPolicy for their #farmtotable eats and it didn't disappoint one bit!! If you don't know where to eat, try out #YOLOEAT on uob.com/yolo and possibly WIN, they're giving out $200 dining vouchers at all these atas restaurants EVERYDAY and you legit have a chance to win k like Philip so happy hehehe.
#theeverydaywithyou #thebestlifewithjesus

Surfing thru life @ #OrangeHealth!

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