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Billy Sinkford  Adventure Instigator / Dreamer / Cyclist / Father. Senior Partner: ECHOS Communications. @echos_communications #folksbeingfolks

Still on ☁️ 9!!
Getting engaged is easy with a little help from friends. @themisterpaul milled our titanium rings by hand, with love.
Other than love received from family and friends, this is far and away the best physical gift I have ever received.

Air quality in PDX today is threat level extreme. Stay inside they say. I say Stainless, Steel or Ti? You only live once. #outsideisfree #outsideishazy


King x SpurCycle for the win!

The @porcelainrocket handlebar bag is good!!

Some things just feel right. Night rides / sunsets / sexy stainless snobs / mid ride rosè.

First “road ride” in many months took place yesterday and it was damn fun! 700x55 is quite #supple, but 28’s are blazing fast!!

She said yes! You are the one for me!

Took Beth Magee berry picking on her birthday and asked the big question. My children wanted to be involved, and participated handling rings and taking photos. What a day!

All dressed up and ready to party! #luxurygravel is sweet, but I have a penchant 4 pavement. Feels good to be back!

Been a while since we’ve danced, forgive me if I step on your toes. #bespokeballers

Apparently science is not a mystery, it’s all about angles and lasers.
After many month’s of PT, I finally get my bikes back. Thank you so much @afishies and @endurancepdx!! #workthatbooty

Pitch Perfect! Just one of the hundreds of reasons Velo Cult will be missed! ☹️😥