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Billy Sinkford  Adventure Instigator / Dreamer / Cyclist / Father. Senior Partner: ECHOS Communications. @echos_communications #folksbeingfolks

Wonderfully casual pedals today! Exploring Portland by bike never gets old. #chillestrideever #partybrand

New bike day! Giving the gift of endless joy and limitless adventure is the best!
👉 for more smiles.

“You've never lived until you've almost died. For those who fought for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know.” ...
Having a hard time justifying my service today. The world is on fire with a madman at the helm. My friends died for what now?
To those lost, you are missed and loved. It was an honor and a privilege to fight by your side. I will ride in your honor, and hopefully find a measure of peace.

I took her for a ride in the sunshine, cause rain bikes deserve a little Vitamin D...
. After karate kicking 2 years of chronic back pain, “getting” each of my bikes back is gift I had given up hope of receiving.Thanks @endurancepdx / @afishies for everything!
Custom fender install by @golden_pliers

I have a feeling this one is gonna spark a style discussion. I think people expressing themselves creatively is amazing, regardless of the medium.
👉 over to see more of Luke’s hand painted Crux.

Miss this girl. Easily the best long term loaner ever. Fast, fun and light as a feather! #tbt

Had the pleasure of taking a few shots of Luke’s beautiful hand painted Specialized Crux at @westendbikespdx today. More coming tomorrow...

Wolf Like Me / Commute In Technicolor.

Ride bikes and VOTE please! Also, that fade!!! #govote #vote #votenow #seriouslygovote

Hard to get anything done with this hanging around.

Everybody was all cross, meanwhile the riding in Portland was 💯🔥 this weekend!

Winter Project #1: This @allcitycycles Zona Nature Boy is the only stock bike I own. I LOVE it, but the fork is quite heavy.
@iglebike is building me a matching 853 segmented fork and tapping the bottom bracket for hot T47 action.
Entire bike will be repainted with a few “elegant upgrades”.

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