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Sounds True  • Interdependent and Interconnected • Multimedia Publisher | Boulder | 1985

"After reading this soulful and mind-expanding philosophical work, you will join us in our admiration for Ricard, Andre, and Jollien as "seed persons" whose quests have the power and vision to transform our lives." Excellent review of In Search of Wisdom (by @Matthieu_Ricard , #AlexandreJollien , and #ChristopheAndré ) on @spiritualityandpractice . The book is out tomorrow! Read the review in the link in bio!

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We are all mystics and can all carry the divine with us. Whatever it means to you and wherever you go, carry the grateful heart with you.

Brother David's new gratitude journal, May Cause Happiness is an inspiration! Get a copy and start your gratitude practice today (link in bio)! #gratitude #brotherdavid #practice #journal #maycausehappiness

🔉TAP to hear a sneak peek from our recording session with @gurujagat as she explains one of the 10 bodies of #kundaliniyoga from her upcoming audio program, Invincible Living: Kundalini Technology. ✨

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Being human is a wound and a trauma we all share.
And yet, it is by embodying our soul and thereby becoming fully human
that we can help heal ourselves and this planet.

Embodying our soul involves purposefully entering our wounds
and facing, feeling, and embracing all parts of ourselves
as well as the dark luminosity of Life.

Embodying our soul entails valiantly wrestling
our divinity to the ground
and spreading our humanity all over the place.

It ain’t easy.
Incarnation takes work.

It takes blood, sweat, and tears;
a wicked sense of humor;
outrageous courage;
and a heaping dose of devotion
to Something
our minds might not ever understand. —From REDVELATIONS by @sera_beak.
With her free companion guide to the book, Sera invites you to tune into the voice of your own soul. TAP on the LINK in our BIO to download.
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📚We've returned from the @bookexpo refreshed and inspired! ☺️ Check out one of our favorite exhibits, 'Share The Book That Changed Your Life' wall by @macmillanusa - love it! Thank you BookExpo America for throwing a wonderful event.
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We're inviting you to dive deep into your personal practice this month with these two new releases: MINDFUL OF RACE: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out, a book unlike any other by Insight Meditation teacher Ruth King; and IN SEARCH OF WISDOM: A Monk, a Philosopher, and a Psychiatrist on What Matters Most, with @Matthieu_Ricard, Alexandre Jollien and Christophe André. We hope this wisdom can guide and enhance your practice on and off the meditation cushion everyday! 🙏

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"Begin to notice your personal style around parenting. When difficult moments arise, pay attention to thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. Then notice tendencies toward grasping, aversion, feeling overwhelmed, restlessness, or self-doubt.
When you catch yourself, name what you see, and steer yourself elsewhere if needed. In each instance where something isn’t working well, investigate with compassion and awareness.
Maybe new limits are called for as your child grows up. Maybe you made a choice that hasn’t worked out and you need to adjust.
Or maybe, when you pause to reflect, you’ll see that despite your fears, everything is fine as is." —From “See a Habit to Break a Habit” by Mark Bertin, MD on @psych_today.

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DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR KIDS ❤️ People need to know what is happening beneath the surface, beyond their awareness — in detention centers, county jails, juvenile institutions, and prisons. Behind closed doors, in church meeting rooms, in treatment centers and homeless shelters. These are not just other people’s children. They are OUR children, OUR neighbors’ children, OUR teachers’ children, OUR ministers’ children, OUR children’s friends and fellow classmates. They are not “losers” or “lost causes.” They have taken a wrong turn, and they need our help to find their way back.

I remember what Matthew, age seventeen, said in group: “Don’t look at kids and say they’re bad. Everyone is a good person. They’re just lost. They’ve taken a detour.” “Yeah,” Evian, age fifteen, added. “Don’t give up on your kids. Never give up.” This excerpt is from the inspirational memoir, The Only Life I Could Save, by Katherine Ketcham. Read this beautiful story of family, addiction, and recovery today, tap the link in our bio.

JUNE | AMUSEMENT: A Practice in Writing About Your Muse
In our culture, the traditional #muse is often portrayed in movies as some beautiful young woman who drives a young man mad with lusty #creativity. In actuality, a muse can exist as any person (living or dead) who inspires you to sit down and do the hard work of writing. Evoke your muse today and #write for 10 minutes on that person, place, or thing!

Find more writing exercises and creativity meditations in @Albert_Flynn_Desilver 's book Writing as a Path to Awakening. Read it in the link in bio!

For our CA followers, he will be doing a writing retreat at @1440multiversity in two weeks! There is still time to sign up!
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Edward Espe Brown, author of NO RECIPE, asks us to let go of the need to achieve perfection in cooking (and in life), and instead, find joy in the process. Check out this enlightening article on @Quartzy!

Brother David is perhaps the best teacher to help you start a gratitude practice. You can be grateful for all the big AND little things. The opportunities to express gratitude are endless.

We are loving these little nuggets of inspiration in the new #gratitude #journal, May Cause Happiness! Start your gratitude practice here at the link in bio and at @gratefulness_org

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“Encouraging nothing more than good-old fashioned play is where it starts,” shares developmental pediatrician Mark Bertin in his new book HOW CHILDREN THRIVE. “What children have traditionally done—unplugged play—often sets them up for success more than anything else.” 💛

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