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Sounds True  • Waking Up the World! • Interdependent and Interconnected • Multimedia Publisher | Boulder | 1985


NEW PODCAST ALERT: @GabbyBernstein, speaks with Tami Simon about, 'Exploring Judgment Without Judgment.’⠀
Gabrielle Bernstein is a @nytimes bestselling author of such books as SPIRIT JUNKIE, MIRACLES NOW, and MAY CAUSE MIRACLES. Her newest book is JUDGMENT DETOX: RELEASE THE BELIEFS THAT HOLD YOU BACK FROM LIVING A BETTER LIFE, which details a six-part process for applying spiritual principles to shuck off the toxic ideas holding you back. ⠀
In this episode of Insights at the Edge, Tami Simon speaks with Gabrielle on the principles underlying Judgment Detox and what it means to detach from the "judgment cycle." They speak on the difference between judgment and discernment, and how we can walk the fine line between the two in a culturally challenging era.⠀

Click on our link in bio to listen to!

Dream come true: this book club was started for young girls to gather around books and learn to live bravely from their hearts, and I’m honoured to be their first book! Details and a letter from the founding mama at @practice.you. #repost @elenabrower

Thank you, Dr. King! #remember #honor #mlk

Hello from the recording studio in Boulder! Recording my audiobook and it feels like a surreal dream (and much harder to do than it seems.) Send energy vibes please! #happiernow #gratitude #repost @natalykogan

"We're just a tangle of roots in the vast human garden in which things blossom and bear fruit, break and bend, seed and die."⠀

Excerpted from, THINGS THAT JOIN THE SEA AND THE SKY, by Mark Nepo #breakingtheclearness #soundstrue #wakinguptheworld #oprah #mindfulnessmonday

"How do we unravel our existential fear? How do we fight the urge to withdraw into ourselves to avoid pain? How do we shed what is unnecessary? Drawing from his longtime journal, Nepo riffs on the sublime in the ordinary, always returning to the 'sweet and sudden' ache that lets me know I'm alive." —@OprahMagazine, on @MarkNepo's THINGS THAT JOIN THE SEA AND THE SKY

Are you constantly exhausted? Feeling overwhelmed? @Karen_Brody shows us how to hit the reset button with this powerful, yet simple, practice that helped cure her anxiety and pretty much saved her life in @AskDrNandi's Health Hero Magazine. #DaringToRest #SheRested #SoundsTrue #WakingUpTheWorld

"Hold yourself to a standard of grace, not perfection." - @elenabrower #practiceyou #wakinguptheworld #soundstrue #january

Is 2018 the year of empowerment for you? DARING TO REST is a book + 40-day program for women based on yoga nidra, a meditative practice for entering the deepest states of relaxation possible. It consists of three phases for self-empowerment:⠀

1. Rest: Liberate yourself from physical exhaustion.⠀

2. Release: Let go of emotions and beliefs that have been holding you back. ⠀

3. Rise: Reflect on how to live and lead as a well-rested woman. ⠀

In each phase, you lie down, follow along with a guided audio (accessible via the book), and do nothing more!⠀

As a thank you for purchasing the book, author @karen_brody invites you to practice the 40 days with her guidance and an online sisterhood starting January 8, 2018: bit.ly/2A0z9uz⠀

#Rest #Release #Rise #WellRestedWomen

Here's to whoever you will be in 2018!⠀

Sometimes I'm a cloud.⠀
Sometimes a mountain or a stone. ⠀
Sometimes I've a river, ⠀
a small seed or a great tree. ⠀
But I am always me. ⠀

- BREATHE AND BE: A BOOK OF MINDFULNESS POEMS. Written by Kate Coombs and illustrated by @annaemilialaitinen. ⠀
#SoundsTrueKids #MindfulParenting #BreatheAndBe

Practice in writing doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes process. And if you can get yourself to practice enough, to the point of creating and then engaging in a consistent process, it will turn into a habit, a routine, and then you are on your way to success. #writingasapath #creativity @albert_flynn_desilver

Thank you 2017 for the laughs, love and wisdom you provided! Here’s to 2018! #2017bestnine #2017 #wakinguptheworld #soundstrue #love #light

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