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beya likhari  ‘the inbetween part one’ out now!

mood until further notice...


footwork update. #gurveena

three’s a party...


when it’s wedding season & you take a page out of Alice’s book... #inspo

a favorite... #impossibleproject

so, I decided to interview myself & share some thoughts/reflections on the inbetween part one, the writing process, album artwork, and how I feel about the blog world. want to make sure that I set this storyline up for you as best as I can before part two drops. can’t thank you enough for the love you’ve been showing!! I have been teary eyed all week. full interview at:

i want to know how many of you have nerdy girl stuck in your head because.... 🖖

aaaaah it’s finally here! very excited to announce my EP the inbetween, part one. BIG shoutout to ALL of you for the support & love! part one is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all other streaming platforms! go go gooo link in bio!


always had a thing for puzzles and riddles... put together a little word search / fill in the blank obstacle course that unlocks a secret portal on my site (oooh) showing some of my thoughts behind the artwork + storyline for my upcoming EP the inbetween. go to: & tap “between” to check it out. send me a screenshot when you get through!

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