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SOUND.COM  Tour Sound, Corporate Audio, Global Spectaculars & Televised Audio an Artisan Sound Rental & Services Company based in Mumbai.

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Needless to say that an award winning audio company would buy an award winning sound system! Congratulations! @adamson_systems_engineering for E15 being the best tour sound loudspeaker of 2019 @prosoundweb #livesoundinternationalmagazine Awards. India awaits you hit her shores whilst @sound_com is waiting for you to come to our starship enterprise.

A Very Important Announcement!

SOUND.COM has always been different in everything we have done in our 20-year journey. Never ever idolized anyone or conformed to anybody and never believed in doing things because we had to do it.

We did not need to change our PA system yet we have changed, because we wanted to bring a Seismic Sound System that every Engineer who uses will become an instant fan. We wanted a loudspeaker technology that will bring the artists closer to the audiences and the ergonomics that every show promoter will demand.

We wanted a ‘boutique’ sound system that is not arguably but undisputedly one of the best sounding systems in the global tour sound industry today.
Our dreams are big and so is our investment and commitment to great audio and the one brand that we have conviction that will help us achieve our goals is ADAMSON.

Welcome to our family @SOUND.COM, I promise you an Incredible India. Jai Hind!


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Jubal is a biblical name for the first musician who mastered string instruments and we are happy to have @jubalwilliams a formidable Jedi from the @sound_com @gearhouseindia stables whilst a young padawan he given to us by @clintoncerejo and has lived up to his name as a multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, friend and colleague #humansofsounddotcom

Road Warriors @sound_com

That’s the team running control systems on @indiansuperleague opening ceremonies audio tonight for @showtimeeventsent ! All the best boys

It’s today 4PM

I scalped one, hell yeah! And in immaculate condition with a 32sec memory @tcelectronic 2290 #delay #audio #cult #collector #vintagemodern #artisansound #soundguyforlife

#jedi #knight of @sound_com @raghuramankutty is the 2nd #monitorengineer for #arrahman #band ensuring the critical mix of every musician on stage and we are so #proud that this #padawan has become a #jedi #maytheforcebewithyou #godspeed to the #finalfrontier on our #milleniumfalcon

Proud to be a part of #arrahman #ustour2018

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People ask me all the time how do you do such massive audio productions the answer is simple, 'A Design Education' & Optocore ! #Sane #MadiCAT #FibreOptics #DigitalAudioTransportMechanism #ArtisanSound

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