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Soulwhispers  "Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice, "Now I'm opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Goodbye feet!" Visual fieldnotes of Wonderland

Cadushi largo (long cacti) #thebeautifulsoulofflora

Data coding marathon 🌺🌸🌼 I love the feeling of assembly work...just coding the data. Feels like playing! #myresearchlifeinthesun

Friends, and Love

Blues and greens, and whites... and the palmleafs' 'palapa' that honored us with its shade #thebeautifulsoulofflora

Data coding skies... #nadiagazingatthesky

Cup of succulent love (in my coffee cups) #thebeautifulsoulofflora

What a beautiful sunset light glow

'A new philosophy of society' by Manuel DeLanda. It is always the most effective to contemplate matters of ontology early in the cripsy morning #nadialovescoffee #myresearchlifeinthesun #manueldelanda #assamblagetheory #sociology #philosophy

caribbean amulet offerings

A very cozy place to park the fleeting embryotic ideas on the cusp of articulation (but they are not fully there yet). These will be reworked in sentences and paragraphs (so I hope), but for now they just breath in and out in here... #nadialovescoffee #myresearchlifeinthesun

We are rocking this pumpkin soup!

'This is my bed, not your desk'; my cat doesn't want to get off my desk🙈I put him down, and he keeps coming back and ignores me #catsofnadiaanded

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