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Soulwhispers  "Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice, "Now I'm opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Goodbye feet!" Visual fieldnotes of Wonderland


I've made bread, and I'm in love with my sour dough Julius🌟

A room full of silence• In search of profound silence in a very hectic world. I came back to a place I forgot existed but where pieces of a younger 'me& #39; can still be found. A bloom space where I used to dwell, daydream and do my utterbest to study hard ("silencio ta nos garantia" ).

Julius my sour dough• I'm learning to bake sour dough bread. My sister in law -Katrien- is visiting from the Netherlands and she brought me a portion of her (almost 6 years old) sour dough. This portion will live in my house, I've called him Julius (you should name your sour dough, feed him flour and water, and give him love). She is teaching me how to bake artisan sour dough bread (without the usual instant yeast). This is our first bread we made during the weekend, and it was perfect because she is a pro. Tomorrow I will make one on my own and learn the basics, I don't think it will be as beautiful as this one though. I love you Julius!

Red Snapper. My brains are in need of some serious omega 3

Picking up pieces, and Rupi Kaur's work is very helpfull in the process. Her verses carry the wisdom that can only emerge from pain and from being broken. #rupikaur #rupikaurpoetry #nadiaandedeatbooks

Fresh from the press, Ottessa Moshfegh's collection of dark short stories 'Homesick for Another World' , i'm looking forward to start reading it tonight before going to bed. "My Classroom was on the first floor, next to the nuns' lounge. I used their bathroom to puke in the mornings." #ottessamoshfegh #homesickforanotherworld #nadiaandedeatbooks #nadialovestea

Today is World Poetry Day, and I want to honor a favorite Aruban poet @rosabelleilles / This short poem, -her astute aphorism- accurately metaphorically (and literally) describes my actual situation for the last couple of months. "Leaving the house might kill us, so we don't go outside but if today is the day we are going to die, by all means we will die inside" House is ofcourse multilayered, it is an actual house, it is an activity of coming home, finding one's balance, so it is an ongoing process, it is both soul as the process of soulsearching, a sometimes delightful event, but mostly painful, it is finishing something we started, and locking oneself in the house in order to do this, or to do all these things. Finding out what house is. It is slowely recovering or regenerating, or just becoming. I interpret house on a metaphorical level, then again you become very weird when you don't leave the house for a while. #worldpoetryday

Elena Ferrante's 'The Beach at Night' , now Nani the doll (from: Ferrante's 'The Lost Daughter' ) tells her story. (Last sunday read).

Alchemy sky (alchemy=the raising of vibrations). "In all our investigations of nature we must observe what quantities or doses of the body is requisite for a given effect; and must guard ourselves from estimating it at too much or too little." Francis Bacon #nadiagazingatthesky

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