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Alana Warlop  Spiritual Counseling/Transformational Retreats/Kundalini Yoga

We learned how to be family by playing in nature together. Nature became the way we connected to Great Spirit and to each other. .✨
We returned to the place that means the most to our family (as this mountain is where the veil between us and my father’s essence is the thinnest) in order to marry these two! SUCH an honor to hold a ceremonial space for (my real) SISTER. The OG teachings of SISTERHOOD came from this awesome girl @elishwarlop Our family is stronger, deeper and better w/ Ado! #wedding2 #cannonmountain #ceremony #natureismedicine #skifamily

Re-entry...2 Weeks AND 4 States, 6 beds...planes, trains and automobiles.. delays are becoming the norm...3 Phish shows, 2 wedding ceremonies, 1 baby shower...most intense astrological configurations of the year!! PHEW! .
Thank Guru/Goddess for these moments of sanctuary. One of my mottos is “NO ONE F*s WITH MY SELF CARE”. Sometimes we are the only ones that can advocate for ourselves... #kundaliniyoga #breathwork #homeisinmybody #upgradeseason #radientlyalive

Interstellar Goddess GURU JAGET and Cosmic Wizard KAYPACHA!!!

Spending my NYC time in good hands with these two. Stars aligned and I happen to catch this rare appearance. ✨

They call Kundalini a technology and a science because our energy bodies are just as real as our physical body. We have owners manuals for our cars SO why wouldn’t we need one for our bodies!? Sprinkle in some high level astrology guidance and I’m juuuust starting to get a grip on this Eclipse Season! #upgradeseason #kundaliniyoga #pelereport #radientlyalive @gurujagat #kaypacha

I got to see this sky-high, Full Moon Eclipse beauty after a 5 hour delay somewhere in middle America. It was 2am and I was OVER long travel days...I synchronistically fell into a seat that allowed for this EPIC view over the shimmering Great Lakes. All my stress melted away and my body surrendered.
Magic is the ingredient that makes the mundane sing with vibrant spirit. Magic is in every moment if we stop and listen. The Moon whispered to me “Life is MAGIC. Don’t EVER forget it” #gotit #magical #fullmoonceremony #pachamamalove

These two gettin NYC style Muslim Married today ✨❤️✨ Wedding #1 of 4 down. #sweetnessallaround #allreligionsareone #lovewins #newbroter

These smiles are fo real...a synchronistic, star aligned night with my Sister Tribe and Favorite men ✨🐠✨It’s good to be back... #musicbringsustogether #wewantyoutobehappy #phishchicks @jennygo2 @captainfunhog

Tru Luv = When your bestie wants to come see “the Phish” with you just to figure out what the hell you’ve been doing all these years 🌟🐠🌟#phish #billgraham #truefriendlove #heloveditthough #sharinginthegroove

The view from my couch is the most riveting, inspirational, educational show I’ve ever watched...#natureismytv #lastdaysinbali #jungleview #soulvoyage


Sisterhood is everywhere. The more I travel, the more I realize there are different types of Sisterhood. There are the one that you cultivate over time with the beauties that enrich your life. The foundation is built on witnessing one another in the many experiences and vulnerable intimacy that grows as our trust deepens AND there is the kind that you just happen upon ✨ It wasn’t planned, you just meet a Sister and can drop to the depths of your soul in an instant. There is a silent code of love, respect and support that we all understand at a deep level. It’s intrinsic to the feminine essence.
This time in Bali has gifted me Sisterhood in many forms through the magical woman that I have danced with, done ritual with, been on retreat with, lived with or just shared a meal with. So grateful I get to create a program based in the strong foundation of my Tribe while really being surrounded by it. Couldn’t do it alone..nor do I ever want to 🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏾‍♀️ #sisterhood #transformationaltravel #pussypower #quintessence #tribelove #soulvoyage #radientlyalive #sacredsisterhood #bettertogether #ceremony #ritualasawayoflife

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