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Soultree  🌴💛 thinker bell ~ music & pun maker ~ singer/emcee ~ poet/writer ~ walang hiya Waray Bisaya Tagalog halo^2 w/ Marshallese & Midwest twist🎋🌊☀️ Chicago

We left 17 years ago this day not knowing what would happen to our country and to ourselves. I am learning so much in the country that has terrorized my homes and I hope to use this knowledge, awareness, and the relationships I have built to create and nurture a world that no longer leaves us behind. It’s sad we often have to leave and lose so much just to move full circle again and accept the reasons or lack of reasons for why. And still we continue & we try & there we find meaning in living through it all. Even as the waters rise and the land sinks further and further I will never leave you behind. 💛💛💛you raised me and you are in my heart. This is where I learned a goodness that America refuses to see and feel. Soon come. 🎼”I wanna go back to the islands.”

How many times have I died just to come back to life? Anything that lives in the darkness still turns into light. We’ll be alright eventually or we could alright right now. I’m retrieving my hopeful from within myself somehow. Revisiting old places and old me’s I’ve met before. I’m grateful for the she so I appreciate them more. I am fluid born to do it. Be it feed it. Before you beat it gotta eat it ~ that’s necessity ~ from the dome all the way to my toes. Intimacy has been hard for me cuz only God knows and it shows. First times were non consensual jumped on my bones I was only 14 and I felt so alone. That ain’t the old me, continuity, I am still here. I’ve learned not to accept fuck shit so I’m speaking it clear ~ these days, the haze I resurface from amidst and a mist of smoke. The only thing that calmed anxiety was a really good toke and so I spoke a word or two then I started to rhyme. E(wo)mancipate myself claim I’m no longer a crime. Fuck your dimes and your nickels too I really do not fuck with you if you can’t see or feel the truth in me and let me be who I wanna be. And that’s Soultree, the only, the one I have been reborn. Surpassing these adversities and letting go of scorn. They say I’m corny Damiana helps me to get back to being horny. All praise for the innocence and love of before me. They’re still there as they’ve always been and is why I live ~ to pass on these memories and lessons I give. #SensualSelfieChallenge “New moon 🌚 new me” ~Gemini Proverb

For day 4. Day n night 4 me. Learning my own sensual n sexuality~ what isn’t pornographized n exoticized. What is an expression that is authentic and true to me? Have I ever asked or been asked? I feel best when I’m just by myself being myself. Sharing that self with the world more n more. #SensualSelfieChallenge

“There’s no one else, but me. So imma do me.” You’ll hear this guest feature one day in your sound waves. •sacred sensuality •self-sexual •sapiosexual •pansexual •#LambingOverLustALLDay •platonic consensual loving touch fan •objectification fighter •bullshit literate
Turned this #sensualselfiechallenge up into a mini vid bc I’m a Libra rising and we don’t like to follow rules or make decisions since we’re in individuals like that. Day tree🌴got me feeling lovely. Day three got me feeling on me.

#sensualselfiechallenge day two/too tired to post yesterday n just wanted to injoy my post work night. A pick from the spring. Looking back at it (😂), I see now clearer n clearer how I’ve had to seriously clear my spaces ~ my body, temple, mind, social media, inboxes, phone of others in order to develop a relationship with myself. I have been told that people miss me and perhaps I’ve come off as selfish or self-interested, but that’s what it takes and has taken for and from me in my own unique and divine journey to build a REALationship with myself.
In 2015, before I returned to my home of origin the Philippines, I had a soul retrieval session with an urban indigenous energy worker I met through the @babaylanstudies symposium. She told me I had a spirit bind with my great grandmother Asuncion Peconada of Pototan Iloilo. The bind was attached to the word “floosie” she had 3 daughters all of different husbands in the very American colonized Philippines of the 40s. 🌺
I have felt shame for my body being raised in Catholic and colonized school in the Marshall Islands and in the Philippine cultural experience. Everything riddled in patriarchy. The other night I had an epiphany of how men love to warn us of their peers rather than go inward and outward and fight those demons themselves bc they sold all of our bodies and spiritualities for power. Patriarchy in seeing the strength of queerness and matrilineal, egalitarian society asserted itself and its dominance, greed, and thirst for material wealth & satisfaction at our expense. Even some of the most “socially conscious” men I’ve met identify with rapists more than those who have been assaulted. Why is that? That is y’alls work to do and yet here we are still supporting you. If that ain’t goddexx’s work, idk what is. 🌱

I free myself of the bind of shaming whore, of feeling whore and sexualized when I’m not even acting on it in the moment (tho I do intentionally & consensually whenever I feel like it), and of letting others dismember and disconnect me from my own loving body, my shelter, my core, and the only one who will truly have my front, back, and side to sides at the start & end of the day.

I’ve had this photo in drafts for a few wks. Grateful for the #sensualselfiechallenge for the chance to share unapologetically. I have felt a shift in how people treat and assume about me since getting married ~ on who this body & time belongs to. Despite being deeply connected n collaborative with my partner, I’m also trying not to be part of toxic heteronormativity and cistemic dynamics. In my work in the service industry the past two years I’ve dealt with a customer kissing me on the cheek non consensually while an entire restaurant including my bosses and a friend said not a damn thing and recently a coworker nonconsensually putting his arm on my shoulder like a fucking resting place and wasn’t even fired for that and other harassing, objectifying, sexist behavior. Then comes the regular judgments by friends and family & the state about who tf this body belongs to. Every day our canvases become a battle ground and constant fight for ownership when we as individuals esp as gendered, immigrant, queer, and melanated people are not even empowered or encouraged to own our (un)damn(ed) selves. It’s fucked up. And every day we must cleanse and reclaim that which is and will always be *ours*. This victory, this vagina, this vivaciousness is mine and I refuse to let anyone dim my shine. All vibrations that are not in alignment be gone. My body is mine even in its nakedness and revealing it does not warrant any non consensual and aggressive behavior. It deserves love as much as the spirit n heart within. ✨💖🌴

Out here just tryin to

Me/we ~ a perfect blend n balance of light n dark

Same. Someone’s ready to fill a bigger pot 🌱🌴

Did you get your #Kultura Tix yet? Claim them now in @filipinokitchen bio or message them to volunteer & we’ll see u Sunday! I’ll be presenting along w/ @exportqualitycollective & @lanewilcken & stage managing for amazing artists @rubyibarra @slayrizz @jofredestilo, but I may be stage mom/hype gxrl/background dancer too if needed haha ! Last time I saw Ruby @elephantrebellion brought her out to the city and she performed at #OpenMicOpenMinds hosted by @jeanandjane420 like two years ago! Love the continuity of our Kultura kollaborazns!😍💛💙❤️🌺it’s amazing cause a lot of these events we hold are often the first time Pilipinx community throughout the Midwest see & feel themselves in ways they haven’t before. Receiving these affirmations from strangers who become friends n fam makes it all worth it. 🎋🎋🎋

Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita, @mixedbydc!!! We’re celebrating one year since our Spirit Ceremony & Love Lituation today! Thank you so much to everyone who came through, showered us w love, & helped out. Special shout out to our family of honor for all they did to help make this happen, @lotuslovehealing for her amazing officiating & love, Shaman Jay & Christina for the sound healing they offered, @inkanor & @bukobomba for the beautiful @kulturafilms video (link in bio), @crichalchemist for letting us use his song “Perfectly Imperfect”, to @nataliawanders & @sarahlynneats who missed our ceremony to help prep our warehouse lituation... thank u so much ates ~ sobra sobra talaga ang pasasalamat namin para sa inyo, @fyusiondining for the amazing food, my @elephantrebellion family who helped with shifting spaces, seats, and sound, @nuface_100 for photographing our night, and for everyone who traveled from the Philippines, south, east, west, and north to share this special day with us, and the house music and djs that permeated the beach and gave us a beautiful crowd to witness and share our deep love (& bass) with. We love you ~ our love grows. It is one born in Chicago & meant to share & expand love. We are so grateful & honored with the love we have been shown in this short time. To so much more we will grow in the future. 🖤❤️💛💚Happy to announce we will be planted in Chicago til Summer 2019! Let’s make more love & moves & grow our plans & plants 🌱 🎋🎍🍀🌿🌴🎄, mga kapwamilya💖💝💓

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