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One of my favourite experiences in Iran was staying at a Caravanserai outside Yazd, in Zein-o-Din.
Caravanserais were traditional resting points on the Silk Road where traders and their horses would rest for the night.
This particular Caravanserai had just been renovated inside and was a great place to stay, including views off into the moubtains from the rooftop and opportunities for stargazing!
Does travelling the Silk Road appeal to you? #soultravelblog #gadv @gadventures

Despite their beauty, it's not all about mosques in Iran. These are the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, just outside of Yazd in southern Iran.
Silence? Silent as the grave actually. These towers in the distance were used as a place for the dead, either as a grave or for carrion birds to feed on the bodies of the dead while the corpses decayed. This Zoroastrian religious practice was outlawed last century as Islam speaks against any burial practice which disfigures the body. Those who still follow the Zoroastrian religion today favour cremation or a more simple burial.
Fortunately, today, there are no decaying corpses, only beautiful stone buildings and wonderful views of Yazd from the top!
#soultravelblog #gadv

One more of #yazd 's beautiful Friday mosque! The mosque's stunning minarets are over 48m high and tower over the old, desert city of Yazd.
At forty-something degrees, summer is not the best time to be sightseeing in Yazd weather-wise, but the advantage was my @gadventures group and I had the city sights to ourselves!
#gadv #soultravelblog #thisisiran

For my first taste of mosques in Iran, I thought it wouldn't get much better than this one - the Jameh (friday) Masjid in #yazd
But the thing is, the mosques have just got more beautiful with each place I've visited in Iran so far.
One thing that has been strangely absent though is hearing the muezzin/call to prayer across cities. Unlike, say, Morocco, the minarets seem to remain relatively silent. Does anyone know why that is?
With @gadventures #soultravelblog

Salām Iran!
You've been one of the most challenging trips to organise (hello red tape) - but you're well worth it!
This is the stunning city of Yazd, where my eyes nearly watered from the stunning green and blue beauty of the Jameh Masjid (friday mosque). So excited to be sharing more photos with you as I explore Iran with @gadventures
Have you been to Iran?

Well London it's time to say goodbye to your beautiful buildings & surprisingly summer-like weather for a few weeks to head to the true heat!
I'm off back to the middle east & Asia for the rest of the summer - first stop: Iran with @gadventures !
I can't wait to explore this country and its culture, it's been sitting at the top of my wishlist for a while.
So... who's got #iran tips for me??

On my tour of "Legal London" with @contexttravel I discovered this beautiful church: it's the Temple Church, home to the Knights Templar (Dan Brown eat your heart out) and was built in the 12th century.
It's one of those hidden treasures of the city of London that you'd be unlikely to stumble upon by yourself. I loved this walk around town learning about London's archaic legal system and getting to go inside the Royal Courts of Justice.
Now... where's my wig?!
#soultravelblog #hosted

Ah London... your skyline has changed a bit (a lot) over the last 10 years, but you're still a pretty great place to be! Thanks to @bermondseysquarehotel I got to enjoy this view from my comfy bed last night!
Where's the best view you've had from a hotel room?
Happy July 4th to everyone on the "other side of the pond" 😊
#soultravelblog #hosted

"The real treasure, that which we all seek, is never very far; there is no real need to seek it in a distant place, for it lies buried within our hearts. And yet, there is this strange and persistent fact, that it is only after a journey in a distant region, in a new land, that the way to that treasure becomes clear". ~Heinrich Zimmer.
I've always loved this quote. I don't know about for you, but for me it's 100% true!
In other news sorry but I'm not revealing my next destination just yet as the visa gods are playing the last minute game... a bit of nail biting going on here 😉#soultravelblog

Some more pretty Dutch #windmills at twilight during my trip back to #holland a few weeks back.
Here in the UK i'm anxiously awaiting my visa for my next trip to arrive, but the country in question likes to keep things last minute! Any guesses? 😉

During my time back in Europe, i've not only been re-discovering London (my hometown), but also Amsterdam, my second home.
Despite 6 years of living in the Netherlands, I never made it to the Zaanse Schans. Until a few weeks ago.
Just 30 minutes away from Amsterdam it's basically the place where all the tour busses go to see Dutch #windmills (no judgement 😊). The thing is... all the tour busses go there in the middle of the day.
So take a train there from Amsterdam on a summer's saturday evening and you'll likely be one of only a handful of people around... 🌅#soultravelblog

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built" ~ Rumi.
Happy #yogaday and Happy #summersolstice everyone here in the northern hemisphere!
It's pretty hot & sticky here in London (just to confuse things - a pic of Amsterdam from a few weeks back) but I did get up to watch the #sunrise this morning to celebrate! #soultravelblog

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