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Noelle Wallwork ☀️  🌻Traveling Yoga Instructor✨ Light Worker✨🌈 🍃Big into meaningful music, uplifting others, and manifesting magic🦋✨ 💚🕉Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bavantu🕉💛


Another night of kissing the sun goodbye and watching the city come alive.✨✌🏼See ya next time Winthrop

•I saw the air holding you gently today, waiting for the right moments and trying to kiss you, but you just looked the other way. •I watched the sun offer you his lunch and the shirt off of his very back, but you ate a pittance off of a shiny gold plate and called it satisfying. •You know the ground sometimes gets very lonely, tired and waiting for you to just lay down with her? All the while you would rather sit in an armchair than be found in bed with her. •This has gone on for too long and I can no longer allow you to act like this. I am now considering an intervention or placing a sincere request in that you see a relationship counselor. •Surely you cannot go on dysfunctionally neglecting the world like this. 💚🌎💜🌍💛🌏💚 •Words from Trying to Kiss You by @jayajii

What a beautiful life, looking through these eyes. What a beautiful life, dreaming with this mind🎶💜✨ Yesterday I taught three classes completely outdoors, played with fifth graders at lunch and caught this gem of a sunset during my break. Life is so good and my heart is bursting with gratitude💚
#OutdoorEducation #HappypeopleareHydratedpeople🤗

What a beautiful reminder from my morning tea. Words like these make me even more grateful to be working with the newest generation of humans, inspiring them to awaken to their own connection to Mother Earth. In innocence we find play, connection, and our Divine Intuition🦋 Happy Tuesday friends💚✨
#OutdoorEducation #ExperientialEducation

Shangri-La. An amazing pop up community of people who are dedicated to seeing, being and CREATING positive change in this world. The musicians, the festival goers, the givers in this space were all so abundantly generous with their love and wisdom and I am so grateful to have been a part of this Co-Creation.
I was blessed with the opportunity to teach at this festival, both a workshop on Deliberately Creating an Intentional Life, as well guiding as a yoga&meditation practice. This was so powerful and such an inspiring reminder for me to continue to use my voice, continue to speak my truth with clarity and trust. And my goodness the LOVE experienced here, under the sacred Live Oaks. It was magic, and the synchronicities that abounded only reminded us of this even more.
We also sent enormous amount of love and protection to Florida, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands focused on the safety and health of all in Irma's path. Continuing to send this love and light to all affected and praying for the quick and smooth recovery💜✨😊🌈🎶 #ShangriLa #ShangriLa2017

I choose to live in a state of gratitude, awe and wonder. I choose to make the conscious decision to not take a single part of this life for granted. I choose to give thanks for my body, for it's ability to grow stronger and healthier. I choose to pull over almost daily to bask in the beauty of the mountains around us. I give thanks for the synchronic magic that fills my life, manifesting itself in the people, the conversations and the experiences that surround me. I choose to see the magic and I choose to send out as much love into this world as I possibly can. In living this way, I choose take contrast in stride, asking how difficult situations can help me grow, rather than make me a victim. I pray the path you walk may be filled with love and light, and may you illuminate others paths a bit brighter too💚✨

Random sunset hikes with friends who are as bright as the moon make my heart all sorts of happy 🌙

I'll be reunited with this beautiful, loving, roasting giggly soul sister in less than one week and my heart is so freaking happy about it💚🌈🦋

No such thing as a no fly zone 🦅

I think one of my favorite parts about driving West for 5 days was the beautiful sunsets we got to see every night. My other favorite part was doing this drive with my dad/my best friend. I am beyond grateful💛
Locations: 1. Los Angeles, CA 2. Arizona 3. Eastern Arizona 4. New Mexico 5. Tallahassee, Fl

"I want to be good, I want to do better. I wanna live long, be strong but I know I won't live forever. So while I'm alive I'm gonna make a spark and I hope that my life will be a light shining bright for those that are lost in the dark"
~Mike Love 💜🎶

While we could only stay a short while in Austin, it sure treated us good while we were there! A delicious vegan breakfast & turmeric tea at a little tea spot called The Steeping Room, followed by an awesome yoga class at @breathandbodyyogaatx ! Just what we needed after a long night of driving and before we got back on the road! It felt so good to get back to my Baptiste(ish) roots in such a welcoming and empowering studio 😊🤸🏼‍♀️

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