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Noelle Wallwork 🌻🕉✨💜⭐  Light Worker✨ Cocreator 🌀 🕉Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bavantu🕉 We have the amazing power to uplift the vibrations of the Universe, start with your own.

"Take a nice picture," they said...
Feeling super duper grateful for all of the adventures I've been paid to have this summer. And I'm even more grateful for the clear skies and amazing views we had today for my final time ziplining this summer. Once again all I heard from the guides: "Tienes buena suerte!" 😏🤗😇
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Look up to the sky, open up your mind, allow yourself to wander and to wonder about how infinitely small we are in this unimaginably vast universe. Give thanks, give praise for where you are in this exact moment. Remember that you don't need to know exactly where you're going, just remember you are right where you need to be. Surrounded by the people, the opportunities, and the experiences that will best serve your growth and the evolution of your consciousness, therefore serving the greater good. When you feel the urge to go look outside, even when you're already all comfy in bed, follow that nudge, listen to your intuition. Twice in one week I was blessed with a glimpse of our Milky Way and a sky peppered with shooting stars. That magic would have happened whether I stayed in bed or came out to witness it. Whether I took the main road or chose to walk on the beach with my eyes turned towards the Cosmos. Magic happens every single day, it's up to us if choose to see it, and more importantly, to FEEL it. ✨💫
Pictures (doing these stars as much justice as a camera can capture) unedited and taken by @jaspn_cr

"Understanding is not knowing the kind of facts that your books and teachers talk about. I can tell you that understanding begins with love and respect. It begins with respect for the Great Spirit, and the Great Spirit is the life that is in all things- all the creatures and the plants and even the rocks and the minerals. All things- and I mean *all* things- have their own will and their own purpose; this is what is to be respected. Such respect is not a feeling or an attitude only. It's a way of life. Such respect means that we never stop realizing and never neglect to carry out our obligation to ourselves and our environment."
-Rolling Thunder 💚🌱🌳🍃

Feeling so very grateful for a morning full of connection and writing. I have a new blog post up on this little word called luck I seem to hear so often. The link is in my bio if you feel like giving it a read.

Tell me something my friend, what is it that makes you strong?
Is it a refusal to feel, to hide back your tears?
Is it your physical body as it moves through your practice?
Does your strength come from within or do you pull it from those around you?
Perhaps, your strength exudes when you let yourself feel.
When you choose to experience all you've been avoiding. •Vulnerability•
That scary little word. What happens if you become vulnerable?
Will it be good? Can you share without that guarantee? Because that, that is true strength.
Opening up, shedding those walls, feel the armor start to melt away.
First, around your outer body, soften like molten lava, gently removing any debris you no longer need.
Then allow that warmth to penetrate your heart, to slowly peel open, to pour light through each crack.
You choose, sweet child, you choose if you wish to flow.
And I think, if so, then you will truly grow.

This was created by one of the students I've had the blessing of working with this past week. I'm not exactly sure what expectations I came into this summer with, but this group has blown any I did have out of the water. This past week has been filled with laughter, learning and inspiring conversations with a fantastic group of 14-18 year olds. Kids who are wanting to learn more about themselves, about this Earth, about each other. Kids who care deeply about protecting Pachamama, our Mother Earth, about building each other up, about being agents of change. I feel honored to have been one of the guides on this trip, working together with 4 amazing and equally inspiring individuals to help facilitate thought provoking conversations, meaningful discussions, and a ton of fun. As this week wraps up way too quickly, I find myself staring out at the beautiful Pacific Ocean with a heart full of gratitude.
Estoy agradezco, siempre.💚🌞🦋🌅🤸🏽‍♀️✨

This year marks my very first Fourth of July not spent with my family in Massachusetts. While I've been having amazing experiences here in Costa Rica, I've also been missing everybody a whole bunch. Taking our students for a walk today to this lighthouse helped to bring a smile to my face and warmth in my heart, feeling my Grampa's love shining just like his lighthouses. Te amo, siempre❤️💙 And to all my friends celebrating in the states- please be safe! Not only should you avoid drinking and driving, or riding with someone who has been drinking, but also do your part to remind your friends or those you are with. Never be afraid to speak up or upset someone, you don't know whose life you could save💙😇

What good is living this life you've been given if all you do is stand in one place? 🎶~Lord Huron 🌊🌈🦋🌄 #RPStafftravels #rpcostarica #liverustic

Solid Sunday reminder with simple smiles and sunshine🌞🦋

Stellar photography by my sister has me missing my boy even more😪 I'm pretty sure the second picture is him trying to come find me. Just look at those eyes. #BusterBrown

During this past month I have experienced such a wide variety of emotions; excitement, frustration, joy, love, disappointment, passion, helplessness, fear and happiness to name a few. Through it all I am so grateful to have such a solid base to come back to. In every moment I am working to feel through these situations, whether they are fun or contrast, I know that I have the power to choose how I respond. Do I choose to get angry and complain, or try to see what lesson I can learn, how I can be more humble, what good can be found here? It turns out, a whole lot. I'm so grateful for all I have learned/remembered about the Law of Attraction thus far, and all of the opportunities I'm given to practice my unconditional vibration.
Also super grateful for stumbling across this book and the people who lent it to me, despite their typical policy.
Much love to you Great Spirit, Source, and all of the magic you sprinkle into our lives.
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For the first time in weeks the ocean and her beautiful breeze played with my hair as the sun kissed my skin (although perhaps a bit aggressively). I returned to our hotel salty, happy, and so grateful for this opportunity. As we sailed across the Gulf of Nicoya we saw three dolphins, reminding us to be light and playful in our journeys. That's a message I am trying to fully embody this summer. Finding the balance between work, growth, and playfulness. I find myself growing as an educator and a leader as I travel around this beautiful country, giving thanks for this job of mine, my students, and my coleaders, all of whom I am learning from in different ways.
My heart is happy and I hope yours is too.
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