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Abdulrahman.B.Muhd.Gusau(GCEC)  I'm a different kinda 'LIT' Entrepreneur, Development Professional, Chairman; Mamas Boys Association. Dream Chaser #MUFC #teambringit #LH44

Time. It is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events. My time is NOW!

Home is where the heart is, where it all began. Thank you for all the brothers you gave me.. #AlmaMata #NMS@63

You need to grab a chair. So I was reminiscing bout my time in #UDUS & I realised that the most fun I had was in my last 2 years with you guys, from my time as Ag president to #CharityWeek our inauguration, to those dinners, to the little we were able to do for Fati, to the Filmshow, the craziest rallies UDUS will ever see & finally #TheEvolution I met some of the craziest & most fun people I know. This might be a little late but heck better late than never right? This post is for y'all!
@adeizammh My brother my friend #TLOMAL @ZeenahtA there's never a dull day when your in the picture @JbAminu my loyalty can never be in doubt sir. @nafiu_jabo @amkhalipha @iam_rozay & @its_harees my #RideorDie Niggas @JbRabi your that extra sister I never wanted @skibobo @elrufai_ti @the_shoemaker @gentlenasme @maymunah_minin Jamilu Abass @iam_baxxer @muubaarak @naseermaigona @fodeedanute @musa_jega @dramabawa & sagaga 🙌 @xchafe & @lanteez when I grow up I want to be like you pipo sir. @barakaaa_ This trio @miss_miss_dizzy @faty_manga & yasmeen.. had this huge crush on one of you. Surajo Bamalli iSwear I been no like you till UG4 @saadslayer @elnaas @Zahrabee @starboizamani this real Nigga!! @yourgirl__ummah & dese lovelies  @yourgirl___peaches @nadia_farouk@mamz_pearl @umarzarah & @fatima_buba @De__general @muhd_manju @muktees @abudialo oga pele @naskt & @rabiusmall @big_abdul05 & @usufhaleems @bilal_mamshe @bashjega @shymusty @c_zarbreezy @siryb_prints@safyzamani @itzdeedart @dpledge20ks @iamphresh_boi @imukky_b @bilbeast @muktar.g @rabiuali @agent_ghost_ & everyone else I couldn't mention so this caption doesn't get any lengthier. Thank you for putting up with me & being part of my story, Y'all are the original script writers to my "crazy" story.
I'm thinking there should be like a reunion or a weekend getaway or something if not for anything for this lengthy caption you had to read. So follow @buenavida_ng coz I'm gonna enlist their help & we're gonna... If there's one thing you shouldn't forget about me, it's that I throw events that keep everyone talking. I hope you get an invite & location but if you don't @iam_rozay or @amkhalipha Slyed you.. #StayTuned

New year but I'm still the same old gee & I'm thankful to be in 2017 #HappyHolidays

Family isn't only those related by blood, it's the folks in your life who want you in theirs just as bad. Their the ones who accept you for who you are, their always willing to go the extra mile for you even if it takes them outta their way. To #Mifamilia best believe I'll go to the end of the world & back for y'all

The next step was left... How a boss comes through.. #ExPresidentVibes just messing with y'all #Tb #BrothersBeyondBorders #TheEvolution #TeamUdusXboys

Helloo IG #LongTimeNoPost Birthday Selfie #TB Birthday Dinner.. Twas craaaaazy #March17

Presentation of Sword #MilitaryWedding #Pharouk&;Munira first insta video @kdfinest HML bro @MIlitary_weddins

@kdfinest wedding

#Day103 Exemplo Ducemus

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