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I forgot my knitting!!! In all my years of dance class waiting, I think this is a first! Oh but there's sunshine and green grass. A nap would be the next best thing to knitting, right? 🌞

Well, if I've got to work on a Saturday, it might as well be on a rainy day, in a coffee shop with a giant pot of tea doing work I love, plus a knitting project as motivation. (Though I could do without Journey playing in the background.)

Don't miss the great giveaway from #soulemamasponsor Jane & William Home! On the blog today, link in profile. @janeandwilliam

There goes my baby! 🇫🇷

Ezra has the ultimate fan club - a posse of cousins under the age of seven! Captured by my Dad at Cal's goodbye party last night. Oh my heart. These kids!

Forgive my Instagram and blog silence this week. I hardly know what to say about anything at all. I'm getting my baby/almost adult child ready to head out into the wider world on a three month adventure in Europe by himself. He's going to be more than fine, I have no doubt. I'm sooo excited for him. But still, it's an intense thing for a Mama. (And warrants awkward selfies in public places for which I only get one try.)

Oh spring weekends, I do so love you!

60 degrees calls for the first glass of rose! Watching the kids run barefoot in the mud (and melting snow), contemplating dinner for the next few days (excepting Easter which is well planned out). Feeling a bit kitchen uninspired. Made anything fun for a crowd lately? Do tell! And...cheers to the weekend!

I can't tell you how exciting this view is to me. Yesterday it was still's the day I can finally see the beds and with them, the hope of what's to come! Hooray for spring!

The rainbow scrap blanket complete! Waiting patiently for my little girl's sixth birthday in a few weeks. (More details on the blog today.)

Earlier today. We always love it when Jeff visits. After sap season (which wrapped up last weekend), there really is no surer sign of spring than shearing day!

Oh, these girls! I love them so.

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