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Michelle Armor / Soul Purpose  Readings-Energy Work-House Clearings. Individual/couples in Office-Phone, Skype-FaceTime 714-745-5322 (check our store at soulpurpose_thestore).

Samantha is Remote tomorrow from 12 to four PM. If anybody's interested! #BookNow #SheSpecial #TerrellCard #RickyMaster #Medium #SoPerceptiveAndLongBeach #LifeChangingExperience

Featuring the amazing Angelica, world renowned psychic, Intuitive, Sound Healer, and so much! She'll be working remotely tomorrow from 4 to 8 PM. But now has spots go quickly! Text 714-745-5322 for your next life changing experience! #Psychic #Metaphysical #Intuitive #Reader #Author

Reader of the day. Samantha 1-5 pm. Book now! # #Meuser #tarotcards #Medium#intuitive #LongBeach #SoulPurpose

Super excited about my new piece of art that I purchased in San Francisco! And everyone that knows me knows I CANT STAND PINK But when I saw her.... I knew she was mine. Beautiful!!!! #Art #Local #SanFrancisco #Excited #SoulPurpose #Longbeach

Jewelry/books/Kendayl/incense/reading/housecleaning's/Crystal energy work/ tarot readings/Reiki!! @soulPurpose_thestore

Lots of fun new product!!! #checkitout #soulPurpose #LongBeach

Welcome to Soul Purpose @angelicapsychicmedium congrats on your new book. #SoulPurpose #LongBeach #Bestseller #Reader #Medium #Intuitive

Hello everyone! Please welcome one of my dearest friends to Soul Purpose. Angelica read her bio below. InContext 714-745-5322 to book. She will be available this Wednesday remotely via FaceTime/Skype/phone......
Global Intuitive Guide & #1 Best Selling Author Angelica Perman has assisted people around the world as a professional psychic for the past 20 years for empowerment with matters of the heart, relationship coaching, spiritual counseling, leadership, abundance, business, wellness, addiction recovery, and creative self expression. Angelica is a gifted seer, clairvoyant, channel, angel guide, medium, non-denominational reverend, and energy cleaner. Her Reading/Clearing sessions can include Angel Tarot, Past Life Reading, Negative Spirit Removal, Chakra Clearing, and Soul Retrieval. She is certified in Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Theta-Healing. By tuning into your energy and name she reads the akashic records as well as calls in the support & protection of archangels & master guides to receive detailed and highly accurate information to inspire joyful breakthroughs and clarity.
Angelica has shared at world-renowned Passages Addiction Recovery Center, The Malibu Shaman, appeared on hit BBC primetime show Hollywood Me, and regularly offers live readings on popular radio shows.

PLEASE WELCOME our newest reader SEPH! He Will be doing free Q&A next week. However, he will be working this Friday and He is a gifted intuitive (Pisces moon in the tenth house) who uses clairvoyance to work as a channel from stream of consciousness.  Your deepest desires are heaven sent as guidance toward what is meant for you.  Seph works with angel guides to help you identify what is going on around you and how to create the path toward achieving these desires.
Seph teaches and uses tarot, but does not need to use tools in a typical reading.  As an energy healer, Seph also works on an energetic level and most clients report feeling a peaceful or healing presence in the session that brings them to center.  Ultimately many report solutions by way of miracle that occur as a result of the session.

Seph not only teaches and guides others on an energetic level, he also lives by what he teaches.  As a result Seph is also creating success as an actor and filmmaker, and knows how to empower you to aim high in your goals and to succeed.

Whether it is a matter of the heart, business, financial, or spiritual development, Seph has a way of putting you on track to creating the flow that it takes to see results. He is also a hypnotherapist as energy healer. #SoulPurpose #NewestReader #LongBeach #Hypnotist #Clairvoyant #GiveHimATry #StopBy #SoulPurpose_TheStore

I saw this and realized how it reflects my life today. Letting go and letting God! We often don't have the solution for everybody but having faith that God/universe will work it out is all I can ask for. #Bfree #Let'sGo #LetGod #ILoveMyself #Don'tLetOthersHurtYou #SoulPurpose #LongBeach

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